Monday 1 April 2013

The Month that was- March

       March has been just hot so far, and alas, it will get hotter. Gah, I hate summers! I suspect my movie watching is going to take a dip in the next few months because I REALLY REALLY need to concentrate on my studies, which is something wayyyy easier said than done.

1) Awara- This is one of the Indian classics proper, and it was very good indeed. I can't remember the last time I saw a surreal dream sequence in a Bollywood film.
2) The Crow- This film felt like a really long 90s music video, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but I would very much like a more "filmy" film made on the subject which I thought was v. interesting.
3) His Girl Friday- Wish I could talk this fast, and coherently at that.
4) La Haine- Mindblown. Also, officially one of my favourite looking films now.
5) Jack the Giant Slayer- Oh the things I watch for actors I find attractive...
6) Thirst- Everything a modern vampire movie should be.
7) Labyrinth- Bowie is awesome, "Magic Dance" is now one of my most-played songs, but the film hasn't aged that well.
8) Oz the Great and Powerful- I did a podcast on it! I had fun while watching it, but quite an unnecessary film really.
9) Out of Sight- Has Clooney ever been sexier? I think not.
10) Les Diaboliques- Quite brilliant.
11) The Devil's Backbone- Poignant and creepy at the same time.
12) The Full Monty- Fucking brilliant. "I Believe In Miracles" is on repeat as well.
13) Shallow Grave- Very disturbing and rather fun. Ewan McGregor 4eva.
14) Witness for Prosecution- So freaking amazing. Marlene Dietrich was such a goddess.
15) The Hunger- I miss vampires being sexy in films. Too much slo-mo though. It became distracting.
16) Mere Dad ki Maruti- The excrement that my father makes me watch. Such films almost make me lose faith in cinema.
17) Special 26- Pretty good though no where close to the brilliance of A Wednesday.
18) Tokyo Story- I thought it will be really depressing, but I loved how realistically poignant it was.
19) Chungking Express- Just amazing. Brigitte Lin's character's look is to die for.
20) Tape- Quite uncomfortable and good.
21) Shadows and Fog- Woody was trying to do a tad too much. Looked great though. 

1) Sin City- Thought I would give it another chance, but barring its look, it really does nothing for me. Will watch the sequel for Fassy though. Oh the things I watch for actors I find attractive...
2) The Virgin Suicides- Always enchanting and baffling. Watched it after the release of the teaser of Bling Ring.
3) Enchanted- Amy Adams and James Marsden are the best!
4) Star Trek- One of the most entertaining films I have ever seen. The sequel cannot come fast enough. 
5) American Psycho- What a wonderful, twisted film! Still my favourite Bale performance.
6) Sleepless in Seattle- I watched that ending at least 15 times, I kid you not. Loveliness itself.
7) Django Unchained- Rewatched it in the theatre just in time for QT's 50th. Glorious blood.
8) Scott Pilgrim vs the World- Just needed some epic epicness in my life.
9) Captain America: The First Avenger- After watching Scott Pilgrim, I suddenly started craving Chris Evans. This film has Jenna-Louise Coleman, Richard Armitage and Natalie Dormer in it and I only noticed that this time around.
10) Moonrise Kingdom- The beauty of this film *sigh*.

TV Shows:
Girls, season 2- The first half of this season was really, really good and then it just went a bit nuts even though it did end with, thankfully, a happy finale. a) Favourite episode- "One Man's Trash". This has to be one of my favourite episodes of any show ever. It was like a perfect dream and then what happens when it ends. b) MVP- Adam Driver as Adam Sackler. He's such a weird character, though oddly endearing. Him in the season finale was just... wow. c) Favourite quotes
Elijah: What the fuck are you wearing?
Marnie: My uniform.
Elijah: You look like a slutty Von Trapp child.

Stardust by Neil Gaiman- Is it horrible that I like the film more? Or maybe because I am so used to it. Still, a pretty fantastic book.

Final tally:
                                    Firsts- 44               Rewatched- 24                 Shorts-
                                                                        Total- 69

      I will hopefully post a few reviews in April. We shall see. Doctor Who madness continues, obviously.


  1. So glad you liked Thirst! It's one of my all time favorites. I hope they never remake it but if they do, I'd love to see Fass as the priest :)

    1. Oo Fassy would be great as the priest. I can see Juno Temple being the girl.

  2. Great month of films here. Glad you dug His Girl Friday, La Haine, Out of Sight, The Full Monty, Witness for the Prosecution, and Tape.

    I started reading Stardust years ago and never finished it. LOVE the film though.

    1. Thanks.
      The film's great, isn't it?

  3. FYI, if you don't know already, that dream sequence in Awara. That's the First Ever in Hindi Films.

    Amy Adams in that photo up there. It is making me want to watch The Enchanted again. Its been too long. :/

    1. I thought so, but has it been done ever since?
      WATCH IT!

  4. Nice month!

    Thirst: I agree!
    Out of Sight: “You really wear that suit.”
    Tape: Oh yes, indeed.
    Shadows and Fog: Completely agree.

    Girls: Love all of your comments. Sorry the second half of the season got a little too nuts for you. I completely loved it. All of it except “Video Games,” where Hannah and Jessa visit Jessa’s dad. I thought that was easily the weakest episode of the series so far. But oh well. Still love the hell out of it!

    1. Thanks!
      Shadows and Fog was slightly sad.

      I really hated the penultimate episode. I was properly saddened by everyone's situation. Plus the earbud thing :/
      I love it too.

  5. Great going... that's some serious movie viewing!!! Btw, just had the privilege of becoming your blog's 100th follower... crawled over from Shantanu's blog. It's always a pleasure to meet a fellow cinephile. Btw, please take some time out to visit my film blog. Here's the link:

    1. Thanks, and thanks for becoming my (2nd) 100th follower!

  6. I wish we had some hotness around here... there are still small spots of snow around!
    Anyway, cool month for you... lots of movies I haven't seen!

    1. Is there anyone truly happy with the weather of the place they are in?
      I definitely recommend things like La Haine and Chungking Express, especially seeing how you are such an In the Mood for Love fan.