Saturday 20 April 2013


Helloo people! Here are my thoughts for you-

1) First of all, OMG YOU GUYZ! 
I kind of half-expected this to happen. I honestly thought they would leave the Fields of Trenzalore part for when Matt Smith actually ends his run as the Doctor since it's supposed to be the "fall of the Eleventh" and all. Now I don't think they will actually reveal his name. I have been trying to think of what the Doctor's name could be and I can either imagine it being something very large and unpronounceable like HUHGUBHIHCINAGHXYGFUMIOKJQOWOJFIGU or something like, well... Tom. The best theory I have found on Tumblr so far though is-
BBC: OMG the episode is called "The Name of The Doctor". Are we really going to reveal the most important secret in the history of the show?
Moffat: Of course we're not.
BBC: But the poster said...
Moffat: Nothing, I have a reputation to uphold.

Anyways, it will probably be the Doctor telling only River Song his name, who will be back as we can see on the poster. I have an inkling that this might be the last River episode as this probably will lead to the events of "Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead". Still, can't wait to see her interact with Clara. Also, for all the people crying out in anger, even if Moffat magically makes up a name, it is a perfectly good point to do it as this episode will set in motion the events to be shown in the 50th Anniversary. Speaking of-

2) Oh MTV Movie Awards happened. Can I just say I love most of the winners? I mean The Avengers, Loki, Rebel Wilson, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook getting Best Kiss and not Twilight, and Leonardo DiCaprio was also nominated. Of course my favourite moments out of the very few that I saw were purely eye candy related- scruffy Chris Pine and suited-up Tom Hiddleston. And when the first gave an award to the other, my ovaries died.

3) The official selection list of Cannes 2013 is out. The Great Gatsby will open the festival. There are a lot of films in the line up that I haven't heard of, but hopefully we see a lot of big winners this year. The films I am really excited about are The Bling Ring, Inside Llewyn Davis, The Past, Behind the Candelbra, Venus in Fur, and most of all Only God Forgives. Nicolas Winding Refn won Best Director for Drive two years ago and Only God Forgives is looking really fantastic so far.

4) Guillermo Del Toro's next film, Crimson Peak, is getting quite the cast. Emma Stone, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jessica Chastain and Charlie Hunnam. My first thought of course was "REDHEAD HEAVEN!!" but of course then I remembered that Stone isn't a real ginger. Still, talent and beauty and one totally old school horror film sounds rather brilliant.

5) In other Emma Stone news, her film with Cameron Crowe and Bradley Cooper now has Rachel McAdams too. This is one charismatic crowd. Also, she is set to star in Alejandro González Iñárritu's next film Birdman that has one helluva cast including Edward Norton, Andrea Riseborough, Zach Galifianakis, Naomi Watts and Michael Keaton.

6) Gahh Hollywood!- They're going to remake Point Break. Next they're asking Seth MacFarlane to host the Oscars again? What? Was I the only one who saw him sing "We Saw Your Boobs"? And then apparently Michael Bay will let some reality show decide the Asian cast of Transformers 4. He's so funny. Also the Hercules movie will star Kellan Lutz and look at all the fucks I don't give.

7) David O' Russell's next movie has a name now- American Hustle. I am loving the wacko looks of its stars Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams. Excited to say the least.

8) PostersThor the Dark World has Thor and his hammer... yeah...  The Bling Ring looks like fun. I love the materialism in Sofia Coppola's movies. There are loads of pictures that have been released too. Finally, Only God Forgives has a hot French poster (hot because of the Gos, duh) and a ridiculously awesome neon poster out.

9) The final ballot of LAMMY 2013 is open and many of my favourite blogs have been nominated so yaay! I haven't voted yet but I will do so soon.

10) Trailers- Since Only God Forgives has pretty much dominated this post, let's start with its 2 new trailers. I don't think it's sane to be this turned on by trailers, but hey, here I am! Also Kristin Scott Thomas is fabulous. Star Trek Into Darkness's final trailer is the awesomest one yet and I really cannot wait to watch this film. The Kings of Summer looks really fun and gotta love Nick Offerman. Steven Soderbergh's final film Behind the Candelbra looks pretty good. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire's trailer is interesting because it shows President Snow's, played to perfect eerieness by Donald Sutherland, evil workings. Also yaay Philip Seymour Hoffman! There is yet another Romeo and Juliet film, this time starring Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld as the star-crossed lovers. Wasn't this supposed to be from the point of view of Rosaline? Anyways, it looks very dull except for all the Damian Lewis parts where I laughed out loud inexplicably. Elysium, though it seems to have a very worn-out concept at its core, looks like it is going to do something very different with it which is what I expect out of the makers of District 9Man of Steel finally has my attention as its latest trailer lets go of all the Batman-y Malick-ness and looks all kinds of epic. Plus Amy Adams and Michael Shannon, woo hoo! Lastly, one of my most favourite trailers this week has been that of Filth's. I don't know what James McAvoy has done to himself, but god, it is amazingness itself.

Bye all!


  1. I saw the trailer for Behind the Candelbra before Game of Thrones on HBO last Sunday and it looks pretty amazing. God, if MacFarlane is hosting again I'm NOT watching.

    1. It does. I know I will watch but I won't be very happy about it :/

  2. I have been streaming the hell out of those Dr. Who episodes and watching them all with my boy. He is really into the show which is great for me as well.

    They are shooting that new David O Russell film in Worcester MA, I went to school and lived there for several years post college. It's a run down old gritty mill city with a lot of hard drinking hard working blue collar types.

    1. Ooo I wish I would have seen Doctor Who as a child. Have fun :D

      Wow. You should go back and like get autographs.

  3. I wish I could attend Cannes. SO many films I want to see there.

    McAvoy looks great in Filth. Can't wait to see what he does with a role like that.

    1. *Sigh* I know!

      He looks unbelievable. I am so excited.

  4. Iñarritu and Emma Stone! That's so cool, I can't wait to see how that works out.
    I don't think they'll reveal the name of the Doctor in the last episode, really don't think so... but if they do that's ok, it just has to special. It could be something like an (American) Indian name, like Man Who Dances With Daleks or something ;).
    I also loved the Behind the Candelbra trailer, and I can't believe that the big studios rejected it for being too gay. I mean seriously, how stupid is Hollywood?
    And finally: James McAvoy!!!

    1. I know! I haven't seen any of his stuff completely, but gosh it sounds like an interesting pair.

      Hahaha that'll be an awesome name.

      As I said, gahhh Hollywood!

      I KNOWWWW!!