Friday 1 February 2013

The Month that was- January

     I don't even know where this month went. It was like a bad hangover except nothing of that or well, any sort happened. I am currently on rocky grounds with movies- I can't seem to watch or write about them. It maybe the pressure of finishing 300 new-to-me films at the end of last year and all the awards talk and whatnot, but yes, it is pretty bad. January started out fine; for a while I even thought that I will be able to continue my streak of averaging 1-2 movies per day. However it was not meant to be because then I fell in love with Noel Fielding and everything went downhill. Sort of. I literally want to sit and watch his stuff all the time now, it's so weird. I started a lot of posts as well, but currently they are rotting in my drafts folder. Anyways, here are the things I saw in January.

1) Zero Dark Thirty- I liked it more than The Hurt Locker (which isn't saying much) and the second-half of the film was pretty good, but it has completely vanished from my memory already.
2) Woody Allen: A Documentary- Though this wasn't the director's cut, I loved every second of it. Woody Allen is my favourite person in the world.
3) Django Unchained- FUCKING AWESOME!!!!
4) Anna Karenina- I thought it was just so gorgeous. I really enjoyed it.
5) The Imposter- So, so creepy. I prefer my film-world, thanks.
6) Paranorman- It was pretty good, and the last act really elevated it.
7) Celeste and Jesse Forever- I thought it was really sweet and smart.
8) Gangster Squad- So Gosling *did* fuck up his voice for this. Still, the best thing about this v. v. mediocre movie.
9) Les Miserables- I liked it a lot, very surprisingly. Might have even loved it were it not for Russell Crowe's "singing".
10) Silver Linings Playbook- Absolutely loved it. Wasn't expecting to. Must rewatch. JLaw for all of the awards!
11) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel- I really liked it. It captured many elements of India really well, probably better than any other non-Indian film I have seen. The cast was lovely as well.
12) Cache- Successfully unsettled. Are you happy now, Michael Haneke?
13) The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie- I was a bit baffled while watching it, but looking back on it, I did enjoy it.
14) Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola- A number of surprising concepts in the film, though not executed as well as it could have been. Still, I love Anushka Sharma so much!
15) Oslo, August 31st- It was very beautiful and very sad. The scene where the picture given above is taken from is one I am not going to forget any time soon.
16) English Vinglish- Excellent film. Easily the best Indian film of last year. I recommend it to everyone.
17) The Sessions- Quite good, story and performance wise.
18) Dhobi Ghat- Pretty spectacular. Saw it in film studies and fell in love.

1) The Boat that Rocked- Last film of 2012 and first film of 2013. I regret nothing.
2) Breathless- In film studies. Jean Paul Belmondo is a sexy beast.
3) Bachelorette- I heart this film so much.
4) Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist- I heart this film so much more.
5) Skyfall- I needed everyone I know to have watched this.
6) The Cabin in the Woods- Man, that homicidal unicorn!
7) The Perks of Being a Wallflower- This film kills me.
8) The 400 Blows- Rewatched it after a very long time in film studies. God, it is stunning!
9) Les Miserables- Cosette sucks.
10) Django Unchained- Loved Django so much more this time around.

Paperman- Disney's Oscar nominated short is one for the ages. So adorable, simple and complex at the same time and with loads of heart.

TV shows:
1) Breaking Bad, season 4- Holy shit, what is this show?! Blown away. Gus :O :O
2) Homeland, season 1- I quite liked it, but then again, not that much.
3) The Hour, series 1 & 2- Ben Whishaw, you beauty! It's pretty good, especially the second series, but bloody cliffhangers. *shakes fist* BRITISH TELEVISION!
4) American Horror Story: Asylum- I absolutely loved this season. It was batshit crazy and so much fun, and extremely cinematic. There were Nazis, aliens, nuns, serial killers, Anne Frank, Satan and even a bit of breast feeding (eugh). a) Favourite episode- "Unholy Night" and "Split Milk". The former for all the Christmassy madness and the latter because of Lana and how freaking amazing it looked. b) MVP- Sarah Paulson as Lana Winters and Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice. Lana is one of the most badass female characters I have seen in television. This series could not have had a better hero. And Sister Satan is so cool and evil. That dance scene! c) Favourite quotes- Sister Mary Eunice's always affable humour, "Did you celebrate Christmas in your Nazi household?" And the moment I truly fell for Lana, "One day, I’ll bury you."
5) The Mighty Boosh, series 1 & 2- This is such a weird show, but also  incredibly funny. I'm so in love with Vince Noir, even though I think I am a lot like Howard Moon (maybe that's why). Noel Fielding is very pretty.
6) All the Never Mind the Buzzcocks episodes feat. Noel Fielding- Yeah... It's fun. He's pretty.

Final tally:
                        First- 18                        Rewatched- 10                         Shorts- 1
                                                                  Total- 29

         With February comes Oscars and exams. I don't think I will be watching many films (I better not), but I need to rewatch certain favourites of the year and some nominated films. I will hopefully publish some of the posts that I started this month and also come out with my best of 2012 lists. Let's do this!


  1. That Paperman short is amazing. I think it's one of the best things Disney has put out.

  2. Dude, You finally saw English Vinglish !! Yup, Best Hindi movie of the year, BY FAR.

    Great month otherwise. I saw The Sessions and The Imposter too and loved them both. They will be very high up in my Top 10. I had a very similar experience with Discreet Charm. I had no idea what the hell was happening but somewhere around the end, I realised and it all made so much more sense.

    1. I DID!! IT IS!!

      Neither of them will be in my top 10, but I did really like them. Glad to know I wasn't alone in regards to Discreet Charm.

  3. I really want to see Oslo, August 31st, it's been on my list for along time, and I probably will, soon!
    I loved Paperman, one of the sweetest things I have seen in a long time!

  4. Glad you like Breaking Bad and AHS so much! I really need to start Breaking bad rewatch soon. Season 4 was amazing.

    1. They are fantastic shows. Season 4 was beyond brilliant.

  5. Such a great, great month... where do I start?
    Woody Allen - One of my favourite directors too, I just love that guy.
    Django Unchained - Awesome indeed, though not just as awesome as his other movies.
    Silver Linings - Same as you, didn't expect much and it became one of my 2012 favourites.
    Dhobi Ghat - Yeah! This movie is so uh-mazing!
    The Boat that Rocked - Didn't know anybody else in the world likes this movie!
    Breathless - Rawwrrrr...
    Perks - I can't wait for the DVD to re-watch it!

  6. Excellent post, I really need to see Django now.

  7. Yay! You liked Oslo, August 31st and Cache! :) I really need to see The Boat That Rocked. Never got around to it for some reason.

    1. I won't say that I liked Cache. I respected it.

      You should, it's loads of fun.