Friday 25 January 2013


       Hello my lovelies. I haven't blogged in a while and that is because I have been really uninspired and the cold makes me super lazy. This is the first weekly thoughts post of 2013 actually, and here are my thoughts-

1) Sundance Film Festival is go! I have actually been avoiding any and all reviews. Stoker isn't being received very well, which is a shame because it looks pretty awesome. Daniel Radcliffe is apparently really good in Kill Your Darlings, so yaay! And then there is Before Midnight, whose every mention makes my heart race. Apparently, it's the best in the series so far. I don't know if that is even remotely possible, and I am going to continue to be skeptical and totally blind about this movie, because I don't want hype or spoilers ruining it for me.

2) J.J. Abrams is making Star Wars Episode VII. I like Abrams, and I'm neutral towards Star Wars (except when it comes to Han Solo of course- so hot!) so we will see how it goes. 

3) Leo DiCaprio, who is the star of my new banner, is taking a long break from films. Honestly, I don't blame him. The man tries and he tries and he tries and nothing. Boo you whore (all of the awards).

4) I saw Gangster Squad. What a waste! The only thing worth watching in that film is Ryan Gosling, in his impeccable suits. And the cinema hall I went to did something to his voice which made him sound like a whiny, little girl so they ruined that as well.

5) Emma Stone will be starring in Guillermo Del Toro's horror flick Crimson Peak. I think most actresses do a horror movie at some point, but if you have to do it, Del Toro is definitely the way to go. And with Stone's ginormous eyes, it will be even more believable. Charlie Hunnam will also be starring.

6)  Trance has a super trippy poster out. And of course trippy and Danny Boyle makes me think of Trainspotting, so this film is going to be gooooooood.

7) Trailers- Mud, which looks very good actually. Take Shelter was an amazing film, even if too slow at parts and this looks more thrilling. The trailer says that it has Matthew McConaughey's best performance, which after 2012, is something to get excited about. I am not a big Coen brothers fan, but I am actually looking forward to Inside Llewyn Davis. The cat and Carey Mulligan have made me excited. Spring Breakers looks crazy but it might be a good kind of crazy, we'll see. Also, how fucked up do those Disney tween stars turn out at the end? Trance looks great. Love the cast, love Boyle, love McAvoy's pretty blues. I think this film is going to be epic. Finally, the 20 second teaser of Only God Forgives came out and holy hell, does it look freaking brilliant! Ryan Gosling in suits, beating up people with his bare fists- yes, please.

8) This-
I always liked her. Always.

9) Finally, since we are on the subject of the Gos-

When I was a kid my Dad came upon a truckload of cellophane and he wanted me to help him sell it. So I was taking it to the kids at school, trying to sell it to my teachers. I went and stood in front of the supermarket. I had a fantasy that one day someone would buy all of it. That some guy would just come along and be like ‘I’ll take em all’ It never happened. So I was walking out of Ralph’s one day and I saw these kids trying to sell these cookies and I was like yeah, I’ll take them all. So I bought hundreds and hundreds of boxes. I didn’t realize how many boxes I was going to have. I had a car full of them. I didn’t know what to do so I started just like throwing them out the window to people on the street.

Ryan Gosling- part superhero, part Santa, Total God.



  1. It wasn't the cinema - he chose to sound this way, he was speaking like this on purpose. Don't know how it sounds since I haven't seen the film, but he did said he spoke in different voice in one of the interviews.

    I don't know where the rumor about Stoker not being well received started, it's 100% fresh on rtomatoes and all reviews I saw were positive.

    1. I thought so! Someone said he sounded the same and I thought it must have been the cinema's fault because that has happened before. It sounded terrible.


  2. If I can avoid it, I don't even think I'll watch the trailer for Before Midnight. I want to go in blind as well.

    Keeping my expectations low for Star Wars, but I'm interested to see how it turns out.

    1. I will watch the first trailer of it since there is no way I can control myself that much, but nothing else.

      I am interested as well.

  3. Creepy Cookie Guy ... hah! That is too funny.

    Kill Your Darlings ... I am definitely not a fan of Daniel Radcliffe, but I'll try to keep an open mind. :-) I am definitely intrigued by Before Midnight. Like Josh I want to avoid even seeing the trailer.

    1. The guy was probably awe-struck at Gosling's beauty.

      Daniel Radcliffe is my favourite person in the world :O

  4. I'm pretty excited to see what comes out of Sundance...especially Kill Your Darlings!

    All animated gifs featuring the Gos are pure gold, btw.

  5. If Gosling isn't careful, he's going to turn himself into a parody. I mean, I really dig the dude's acting, but that Gangster Squad voice was absurd. Yikes.

    Also, how can you not love Elle Fanning? She's just darling.

    1. He *does* have at least 2 pretty amazing films coming out this year, so I won't start to worry yet. And he was still the best part of Gangster Squad.

      She really is.