Friday 22 February 2013

"Calm down, crazy."- MY FAVOURITE EVERYTHING ELSE OF 2012

         I kind of went on a list-making frenzy when I started with my end-of-year lists. These are the ones I won't be making separate posts for because of time constraint, but they are awesome nonetheless. Also, my favourite performances and films will be up soon.

  • Silva, Skyfall- A Bond film is only as good as its villain, and my god, I loved both of them.
  • Bane, The Dark Knight Rises- Not easy following Heath Ledger's footsteps, but Tom Hardy did a great, powerful job.
  • People, The Cabin in the Woods/ Paranorman/ The Hunt- People suck.
  • Joe, Looper- Love the concept of your older self being the baddie. Bruce Willis was super cool.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man- For being a shit, unnecessary film and wasting Emma Stone.
  • Old Age, Amour- We are all going to die.
  • Hugo Weaving characters, Cloud Atlas- Weaving is one of my favourite villain-playing actors and here, he goes from being an oppressive nurse to an assassin to the devil himself.
  • Joe, Killer Joe- Oh Matthew McConaughey, you creepy, creepy man. Never set foot in KFC.
  • Stephen, Django Unchained- I found him so much more villainous than his master Candie. A total bastard.
Biggest Villain of 2012- Loki, The Avengers
As I had written in my review, it isn't easy for a relative newcomer like Tom Hiddleston to hold his own against so many big actors playing such super persons, but he does it with a lot of snarkiness and aplomb. 

  • Hushpuppy. Beasts of the Southern Wild- Brave, wild, amazing.
  • Hulk, The Avengers- Mark Ruffalo and Joss Whedon have made me a fan of the big, green, rage monster. Smash all the aliens! And Thor! And Loki!
  • Patrick, The Perks of Being a Wallfower- Oh god, I want a best friend like him!
  • Selina Kyle, The Dark Knight Rises- Best part of the film by a batmile.
  • Fat Amy, Pitch Perfect- Aca-awesome.
  • James Bond, Skyfall- A human Bond is just that much cooler.
  • Richard Parker, Life of Pi- Magnificent.
  • Princess Merida, Brave- Pixar has given us a great first heroine.
  • Tiffany, Silver Linings Playbook/ Weird Girl, Frankenweenie- Because they're both weird and awesome and are going to become my role models (hey, this is my list!).
Best Character of 2012- Marty, The Cabin in the Woods
A prophet and a badass? He is going to become a cult god. Great work by Fran Kranz.

  • Cloud Atlas- Just look at all the actors and ALL the characters they portray.
  • Django Unchained- Tarantino might just have outdid himself with this cast.
  • Skyfall- Craig, Dench, Fiennes, Bardem, Whishaw. Stellar.
  • Silver Linings Playbook- There is a reason why this is the first film in 31 years to get nominations in all four acting categories. Love the other supporting actors too, most notably, Anupam Kher.
  • The Dark Knight Rises- I don't care about Batman half as much as I do about Alfred, Gordon and Fox. And in this we get Selina and Blake too. Plus, love it when Cillian Murphy shows up.
Best Ensemble of 2012- The Avengers

  • Everything Suzy Bishop, Moonrise Kingdom- Another memorable Wes Anderson female character with a penchant for individualistic fashion.
  • The surgery machine, Prometheus- When I was sick last year, I kept wishing for this machine so that I could get cured in jiffy. Mighty useful it would be.
  • Joe's gun, Looper- Uber awesome.
  • Shawarma, The Avengers- I, for one, am very happy that Shawarmas are getting the respect and love they deserve.
  • Kirsten Dunst's bitchface, Bachelorette- To master that would be a dream.
  • The Aston Martin, Skyfall- Try and tell me that your heart didn't skip a beat when this first appeared in the movie.
  • The time machine, Safety Not Guaranteed- Because I need one. Woodstock is waiting for me!
  • Bong cup, The Cabin in the Woods- Do I need to explain myself?
  • The Bat, The Dark Knight Rises- Do I need to explain myself again?
Coolest Object of 2012- Princess Merida's Hair, Brave
I made this list so that I can have Merida's wondrous, fiery tresses topping a list. I can build an altar to them.

Favourite Quotes of 2012-
(in descending order)


  1. What a great, great post! Big thumbs up for Marty from Cabin in the Woods. And his bong cup. :-)

    1. Thank you! Haha Marty and his bong cup are brilliance.

  2. Really cool, love the objects! I disliked Moonrise Kingdom but Suzy's fashion and her things were great. I liked the bug earrings too.

    "The Amazing Spider-Man- For being a shit, unnecessary film and wasting Emma Stone." - I completely agree, such a crappy movie.

    1. Thanks. I liked the big earrings as well.
      Good to know you agree about Amazing Shitman.

  3. Excellent list! I especially love the quote. Hushpuppy's "I hope you die" quote cracks me up every time...was NOT expecting that to come out of her mouth at that scene!

    1. Thanks! Me neither. It was so brilliant and mean at the same time.

  4. Very cool list. I like the characters of TIffany in SLP and Selina Kyle was just a hair above Pffifer's Catwoman. Fat Amy was good in Pitch Perfect but the best character from that movie was that quiet asian girl who said all the weird sayings.

    Sorry Old age is not a villian. In that same vein it was sleep that killed all those kids in Elm Street and not Krugger

    1. Thank you. Okay nothing compares to Pfeiffer's Catwoman for me.
      The quiet Asian girl was funny, but Fat Amy made me want to be her.

      I have a fear of growing old. Old age probably the biggest villain ever.

  5. this is a perfect post, great choices! oh how I laughed when Hulk beat the hell out of Loki.

  6. Nice choices. It's awesome to see Fat Amy, Selina Kyle and Hushpuppy in the same category! Love the quotes too. :)