Sunday 24 February 2013

"I like the way you die, boy."- MY FAVOURITE FILMS OF 2012

        Oscars is tomorrow/today people (depends on your time zone)! What better time to finally post my list of favourite 2012 films? Enjoy.

Honourable mentions- Frankenweenie for showing us the awesomeness that Tim Burton is still capable of, Your Sister's Sister for being just so simple and lovely, Killer Joe for being just the opposite in all its perfect creepiness.

The Dark Knight Rises (Dir: Christopher Nolan)

I have my issues with this film, but it is still one helluva action bonanza with a lot of things to say. The cast is excellent, and this is probably the best ending to the Dark Knight trilogy one could ask for.

Beasts of the Southern Wild (Dir: Behn Zeitlin)

After having watched this film, I just was at a loss of words. Not so much as just being blown away but because I had nothing to compare it to. I have never seen anything of this sort. It's a modern fairytale. It's a commentary. It kind of glorifies poverty. All I know was that I loved whatever had transpired and that Quvénzhane Wallis is a tiny goddess.

Looper (Dir: Rian Johnson)

One of my best experiences in the cinemas all year. I could feel myself gaping at moments. Takes the used-up time-travel plot and twists it to give us something new and memorable. Great performances as well.

Talaash (Dir: Reema Kagti)

The big secret at the end had already been spoiled for me when I went to watch it. Still, I was quite surprised at it and how well-handled it was. It might not work for everyone, but the shady 70s thriller feel, a social commentary on prostitution in big cities and one gorgeous performance by Kareena Kapoor makes it a winner in my eyes.

The Deep Blue Sea (Dir: Terence Davies)

This film haunts you with its melancholic beauty. As much as I love the period settings and the cinematography, it is the cast of actors led by Rachel Weisz that really seals the deal for me.

Les Misérables (Dir: Tom Hooper)

I did not want to like this film, but I did. A lot. I loved most of the singing (ugh Russell Crowe!) and the settings and the story. The performances by Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway too were excellent. It's just a very pretty film.

The Cabin in the Woods (Dir: Drew Goddard)

What an awesome, crazy film. One of the funniest, most original movies of the year that both mocks and embraces the horror genre. Has some of the greatest scenes and characters too.

Brave (Dir: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, Steve Purcell)

Pixar is back on form with this completely unique princess tale that most magically focuses on the relationship between a girl and her mother and is not about some silly prince or glass slippers or anything of that sort. Princess Merida is too awesome for that. Also, absolutely gorgeous animation.

Holy Motors (Dir: Leos Carax)

I desperately need to rewatch this film to fully form some opinion on what the hell this film is about. In spite of that, I had just such a great time watching all of the mysterious Mr. Oscar's adventures and Denis Lavant's performance is fantastic.

Magic Mike (Dir: Steven Soderbergh)

OBJECTIFY ALL MEN! Also, thank you Mr. Soderbergh. More films like this should be made, and not just for all that. Could not stop smiling throughout its running time though.

Bachelorette (Dir: Leslye Headland)

It's just one of those films that I end up loving more than others. I thought it was really smart and bitchy and was a very interesting insight into the lives and minds of these women. Brilliant cast!

Moonrise Kingdom (Dir: Wes Anderson)

I have to find some other word to describe it other than 'magical' but I always end up with it or synonyms thereof. It is stunningly shot and designed, has a story about the magic of growing up and that first love, and it's just so funny and sweet.

Argo (Dir: Ben Affleck)

Definitely the best made movie of the year. It is entertaining, smart, thrilling, uplifting. A cool period piece that is more about a situation than any political stands. I would be very happy if this won Best Film at the Oscars.

English Vinglish (Dir: Gauri Shinde)

I was so blown away by the simplicity and the brilliance of this film. A film that I personally relate to being an Indian girl. It is incredibly well-made and balanced and I love all the messages that this film gives. I wish all Indian films could be as smart and socially aware and well-acted as this.

Ruby Sparks (Dir: Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris)

An adorable romcom that is also about the creative process and the inner workings of a male mind. It also breaks open the "manic pixie girl" mould. And I love Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Dir: Steven Chbosky)

I don't think any film this year has made me so simultaneously happy and sad. I turned 20 last year and I have been feeling so lousy about my life so far and here comes a movie about beautiful young people and feeling infinite and whatnot. Just makes me wish I could go back to being 16 and really do it right this time round.

Skyfall (Dir: Sam Mendes)

Oh gorgeousity! I could have never fathomed being this in love with an action film's look, but here we are. It is also a fantastically made film with a great story line and very memorable performances. Bond has never been better in my eyes.

Django Unchained (Dir: Quentin Tarantino)

It's not flawless, but it is very close to being so. Tarantino tackling slavery seems like such an absurd idea, but god, did he pull it off! It's brutal, it's honest, it's spectacular to look at. Added to that the quintessential Tarantino elements of killer dialogues, magnificent violence and unforgettable characters.

Cloud Atlas (Dir: The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer)

Pure entertainment and ambition. All the stories, all the lives, all the genres- it is just marvelous. It should have been impossible to pull off, but with a running time that clocks to nearly three hours, it is one of the most engaging and inspiring films of the year.

The Avengers (Dir: Joss Whedon) and Silver Linings Playbook (Dir: David O. Russell)

Speaking of impossible stuff, I just could not choose between the two. While I am a bigger fan of The Avengers, a film I have been raving about ever since I saw it, the Bollywood spirit in me cannot allow a romcom like Silver Linings Playbook, that is about real people and ends with a dance number, to place anywhere but at the top. I have enjoyed and loved these two movies. The characters, the chemistry, the performances, the highly unlikely chances of either being this fucking good(!), and the final acts, all have led to me choosing both The Avengers and Silver Linings Playbook as my number 1 movies of the year.

       So there you have it. These are all my end-of-year lists.

       What did you think?


  1. Yay! We both have Cloud Atlas at #2. :) And Holy Motors and Les Miserables made the top 15! Love it.

  2. Cool list! I really have to see Avengers again, it's such a fun movie and I last saw it back when it premiered, which was what? 10 months ago? Damn! I hope Thor sequel and Iron Man 3 will be good. I'd love to see separate Black Widow movie too.

    1. Thanks! I hope the second phase of The Avengers is great too.

  3. This is a BITCHIN’ list. Holy Motors, Deep Blue Sea, Magic fuckin’ Mike, love your picks. Also an interesting juxtaposition for your two number one films. Very different movies, but it’s great to see that you love them the same.

    1. BITCHIN!!
      Thank you!
      I just really adored both of these films and they are totally my type.

  4. I am waiting till March to my lists but Love this list !! We have 5 in common including English Vinglish. :)

    1. Can't wait for yours! Yaay English Vinglish :)

  5. So glad to see Perks so high on your list! It made me so nostalgic, and was so well put together. Amazing cast too <3

    And SLP was also my #1. I've seen it 5 times now (excessive, I know), and I find something new to appreciate every time I watch it!

    1. I adored Perks. It was almost there in my best cast list.

      I could easily watch SLP 5 times, dw :P