Wednesday 15 June 2011

What lifts you up where you belong?

We all have our blue days. I had an exceptionally bad one today, and like everything else, the only way I cope with it is by watching a film. Sometimes I watch comedies, like for instance The Hangover before my Mathematics exams. Other times I watch films which make me feel good about my life, like Igby Goes Down. Today I watched both kinds- Hot Fuzz, but that was before the depressing thing actually occurred, and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly after. I thought the latter would act like a catharsis, but it just made me feel more guilty. Ah well, c'est la vie.

What films do you watch when you want to feel better?


  1. I usually watch Finding Neverland, which may seem counterproductive, because it's so sad, but somehow it does make me feel better. Not exactly scream with joy, I guess it's more like a hopeful feeling, that basically in there throughout the whole film, along with really sweet moments. Only the end is truly devastating, but I suppose it acts as some kind of relief, a confirmation that we can get pass one of the most painful things there is.

    But well, I hope tomorrow is a better day for you :)

  2. One movie that I like to watch when I'm feeling down is An Education. Sure, it's not the happiest of movies, but I love the way that Jenny redeems herself in the end. And I usually always want to study/do well at school straight after seeing it.

    Anyway, I hope everything gets better for you :D

  3. I always feel like I am left out in the lurch with this one, because I actually don't have films that I watch when I am feeling down. In fact, since most of the films I seem to gravitate towards are ridiculously depressing or just down-right crazy, I think it would worsen my mood if I ended up watching something like Grave of the Fireflies which would have me in floos of endless tears.

    Come to think of it, Van Helsing might be a good one. It kind of cheers me up whenever it is on. Yes, a strange choice indeed.

    It's never nice to hear someone has had a bad day, so even though I haven't spoken to you via your blog, I still have to say "I hope you feel better soon."

  4. @ Maria- that is a good film for this kind of thing. It's really sweet. It is better, thank you :)

    @Stevee- I actually am not a big fan of An Education. I love Carey Mulliagan in it, but I somehow don't like the ending. I understand why it happens, but the Romantic in me feels kinda bad. Thank you so much.

    @Cherokee- Bahaha- Van Helsing! It is a strange choice, but it's good timepass I suppose. And thank you for replying. I do feel better :)

  5. I understand that probably the world and it's mother hates Van Helsing, but hey, you just can't help what you like. You just end up liking what you do.

    And it's good to hear you feel better!

  6. Just films that I love. Even if they are dramas. For instance, if I watch The Dark Knight, I feel better, just because I love this movie so much. What I think is that any good movie is a great remedy.

  7. @Lesya- That is also true. But seriously I cannot watch something like Never Let Me Go when I'm depressed...the crying will never stop.