Thursday 23 June 2011


This is a whole blob of thoughts and feelings-

        I finally got into college. Woo-hoo! Okay not the college of my dreams, but I will have a lot of free time in which I can do a bazillion things like learn to drive or bake or tap-dance. I can also start feeling literate again by some point...going back to the wondrous world of books (oh Mr. Dahl is going to be so happy!). I will even squeeze in 500 movies or so (I dunno where to set my target at actually). So anyways, I've been super-lazy this week. I saw some pretty spectacular films: Double Indemnity-sexy film noir, Fish Tank- rather Fass-tastic, or fass-Fass-tic (on a side note, which sounds lamer, 'cuz my best friend refuses to "put up with this idiocy"?), Monty Python and the Holy Grail- and my life just seems a little more complete now. I saw Sherlock Holmes for the second time finally, and it was so brilliant this time! Still I just could not get myself to write a word on any of them.

        On movie news, the world has been torn apart by Keira Knightley's ridiculous Russian accent in the much anticipated A Dangerous Method's first trailer. The story looks great, the casting otherwise is a dream- Fassy, Viggo and Cassel. But only Joe Wright ever manages to make Knightley slightly bearable. And does anyone else feel concerned by how much thinner she looks in this? It might be for the role, but something tells me she will remain like that forever- I dunno...emaciated people just freak me out. Next, Burberry model Douglas Booth has been cast as Romeo, opposite Hailee Steinfeld. On the basis of just looks, and the romance of it all, I like it. But Baz Luhrmann's Romeo+Juliet has only grown stronger and stronger for me. As long as this isn't a lame remake or something, I guess it will be fine. Also I have officially lost all interest in the animated films of this year. I slept in Cars, and Cars 2 doesn't seem like anything better. And as much as I love Antonio Banderas and Puss in Boots, his eponymous film does nothing for me. There's Tintin, but never liked the books (something about his hair just didn't click with me). Lastly there is still no buzz about Super 8 in India, and I am getting closer and closer in desperation to go to the dark side- the much-detested, yet highly-convenient online movie-watching world.

        I have a couple of review planned, and Saving Private Ryan is coming on the telly...but I think I'm gonna go sleep now.

PS. I didn't look for this. It came on my Tumblr dashboard.

G'night now.


  1. Congratulations into getting into college!
    Gosh, I still need to learn how to drive. I've had my learners license for 10 months, and I still can't drive. Me and Mums manual car have a few problems :(

    Knightley looks odd in A Dangerous Method. In fact, that was an awful trailer, but I think that the movie will be somewhat better. Viggo, Fassy and Cassel with totally own anyway!

  2. @Stevee- Thank you so much :)
    My father doesn't believe in cars, so you can imagine...You have the horse..who gives a fuck about driving, yes?!