Thursday 9 June 2011


These are my film/life related thoughts of this week-

1) Since possibly its release, I saw Gladiator for the first time three days ago. This is because as pointed out earlier, I hate Russel Crowe. But nothing was really coming on the telly, and I was in no mood to stare at my laptop for 3 hours, and I thought what the hell! I was convinced that the combined brilliance of Joaquin Phoenix and Djimon Hounsou (so gorgeous!) would reduce whatever negative effect Crowe has on me. Alas, the next day I found myself with a very high fever. Buuut, having said that, I am still glad I watched it. It is an incredible film, and the performances- even Crowe's- are great (his is pretty good). Also, this officially proves my long-standing suspicion that I am indeed allergic to Russel Crowe.

2) Oh the blogosphere was buzzing with the disastrous MTV Movie Awards. I did actually watch it, and just found it very funny. I should be infuriated with the Twilight Saga: Eclipse sweep, but the fact is that often other awards shows cause a much stronger negative reaction from me. So I didn't really care that Kristen Stewart won the popcorn. I'll tell what I did like- the JT- Mila Kunis "performance", the little Andrew Garfield shots, Emma Watson's dress, Robert Pattinson's tribute to Reese Witherspoon- I had actually thought of the mother-fucker connection when I first heard of the Water for Elephants casting, and obviously Emma Stone. I just have two suggestions for the people in charge of the show: a) really truly show the statistics behind the voters- their age-groups, employment-status, their state of minds, their Renfield-connections etc.; b) and most importantly, why don't they just cover the whole stage with Rob Pattinson's pictures?? He was on the stage more than Jason Sudekis, the host. "My wiener says Edward, but my balls are indifferent."

3) So the Fassy Fever continues. Now I want to review X-Men: First Class, but in a different, highly girlie way. I'm sorry... I know the story was good and the action was fun and the message was deep, but this film is like porn-substitute for girls. Too Much Information?? Try Too Much To Handle! Anyways, I have been among those seekers-of-diamonds-in-the-rough-people since Inglorious Basterds came out, praying that Fassbender becomes the next Bond. But I was thinking... especially post the Erik Lehnsherr experience, that if he does become 007 and they will obviously revamp the series (as they always do for everything), they should set it in the 50s or 60s. Fassy has that old-school classy look to him..he makes me often think of the phrase- "They don't make men like that anymore." Besides it will be fun... going back to basics- super cool basics that is.

4) Also a Very Happy Birthday to Mr. Johnny Depp!

FINALLY- the only thing better than Fassy and Depp... a Sexgod Wizard who can control metals.



  1. I get the actors allergy, I have some myself, and also the other awards being more annoying. I didn't watch this year's MTV Movie Awards, but I did catch a couple of minutes of it this morning on MTV Portugal - the Breaking Dawn trailer part. And the only irritating thing about this award show is the teenage girls screaming. Because everything else is what it's supposed to be, the jokes and even the winners - no matter how lame it may be, it is the people's choice, so it's more truthful than other award shows.

    And I never thought of Fassbender as James Bond, but how great! AND, that picture - I've seen it before and absolutely loved it, McKellen is so awesome!

    One last thing: some great tunes you got here! I had never heard the Arctic Monkeys cover of You Know I'm No Good.

  2. Thank you so much...I happened to come across it randomly. I like their Diamonds are Forever cover too.

  3. Ahahah well glad that you gave Gladiator a chance. It's a great movie indeed, one I must have seen 30 times by now.