Thursday 16 June 2011


These are my weekly thoughts, for this week:

1) The X-Men frenzy continues. I was reading this post at The Film Experience, and it reminded me of this crazy idea I had a few weeks back. Remember how Darren Aronofsky had been selected to direct the new reboot/prequel/sequel/pre-sequel/whatever Wolverine film, but then he stepped down, and there have been talks about other directors being considered for the post like Doug Liman and Mark Romanek. I personally don't really care. I like Wolverine and I like Hugh Jackman, but the Origins film was one of the worst movie-going experiences I've ever had. Still people only seem to be interested in Wolverine, while I think one of the most interesting superheroes ever is Rogue. I don't read comic books as such, and whatever knowledge I have is off a cartoon show- Rogue is beyond cool. I liked what Anna Paquin brought to the role, but she was wayyy too dainty. So anyways the thought was- how about Aronofsky directing an Origins story for Rogue? It's a more crazy character and he can do wonders! Paquin could play the older Rogue...I mean she's kick-ass in True Blood, but Aronofsky would be brilliance for this thing. For time being, he's making the Noah flick, with a Mr. Christian Bale apparently in talks to play the savior of the world and stuff. Excited!

2) The Tony Awards happened. I saw the Neil Patrick Harris opening number and his duet with Wolverine himself. It was lovely! Anyways last week there was this article in the local tabloid about this Indian person who had never cared for Harry Potter and by extension, Daniel Radcliffe and then he/she saw him in the musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. I shall quote what he/she thought of Mr. Radcliffe- "after watching the boy on stage, one feels that he is slated to go the Leo Di Caprio and Ryan Gosling way- pin-up boys of beauty who go on to become solid practitioners of the craft of acting." Okay maybe this is just some random person, but it made me feel like a proud momma. I have always loved Radcliffe, and have hoped that the Harry Potter troupe do end up becoming brilliant actors or whatever else.

3) I had the QT Week this week, which went well, I think. So I was thinking about maybe doing something similar with other filmmakers. Maybe one filmmaker a month, whose filmography I have finished or do finish in the allotted time. For logical reasons, I think I should go in a reverse-chronological order. Newer filmmakers have obviously made lesser films, and the lesser the number of films, the quicker will I finish their filmographies. I have finished filmographies of people like Sofia Coppola and Edgar Wright and have one-one film left for directors like David Fincher and Tim Burton. Like that it goes on. I am yet to make a dent in the filmographies of masters like Pedro Almodovar and Werner Herzog. Yes I know...I should go jump in a well before boasting about film knowledge again blah blah blah, but a gal's gotta start somewhere.

4) Speaking of trying to finish filmographies...I saw Boogie Nights this week. It was nothing that I expected it to be, which by the way, is something I'm starting to expect out of P.T. Anderson films. Very interesting ending. Anyhow, this little screencap from Gilmore Girls caught my attention with respect to Boogie Nights-

Fucking Falling Frogs.

Your thoughts now.

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