Thursday 30 June 2011


July arrives...

1) Okay, so I had been talking about going all tear-jerky and sentimental and awesome for the end of the Harry Potter movie series for ages now. But honestly, I'm at a loss. I don't know what to do. I've been brainstorming for like a month now, and nothing. I had been all like July will be my HP month, except my college starts tomorrow. I have to return to the world of studies soon, and I just can't think of anything HP-related. The only thing I've done so far is make Harry Potter banners. Help, anyone?

2) This week was a great week for trailers. Steven Spielberg's Warhorse, Tomas Alfredson's Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy and my newest favourite thing in the whole wide world, Pixar's Brave- all released teaser trailers this week. I'm in love with Princess Merida...she's even my Facebook profile pic. The story though looks more Dreamworks-y than Pixar-y. Dreamworks' animated films are larger than life, while Pixar's are about extraordinary things in the seemingly ordinary. I think only The Incredibles was the exception, but Brave looks epic. Warhorse looks very beautiful, and though I am not a fan of animal-films (Black Beauty, with the horse talking...I had nightmares) I think this might just be good. Also I am so in love with Emily Blunt post-Breaking the Waves! And Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy looks super-cool. I have a lot of faith in Alfredson; he single-handedly made me proud of being a vampire-fan-person. Let's hope the fantastic Gary Oldman FINALLY gets the Oscar attention he deserves with this.

3) June was officially the month in which I blogged the most. I just hope to keep getting more prolific at this. I had a weird confused start, and didn't know about film blogs till about a year after I had started this blog. I am glad to call myself, with much humility and gratitude, a part of the film blogging community now. It is fun and oh so very educational.

4) Finally, I found the COOLEST THING EVERRRRRRRR on my Tumblr the other day. I would totally pay money to watch a film about the creation of this.

"Flip your Goddamn hair"- Alex, Charlie's Angels (2000)



  1. I can't believe Harry Potter is nearly over!! This is almost as big as the Return of the King for me! :'( We need a new franchise to focus on, haha.

  2. THE HOBBIT!!! But nothing will be like Harry Potter for me. It's my childhood. As much as I love LOTR and think that they are the much better films, my heart belongs to HP.

  3. ahaha you are overthinking this. Just let it come and see how you feel then ;)