Sunday 30 December 2012


       The last thoughts post of this year folks! The world is still here, and 2013 (and impending 21-dom) is fast approaching. Here are some final 2012 musings-

1) So my last thoughts post was before the Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globes nominations were announced. If you don't know them yet, check out Stevee's Annual Awards Nerdism. All I'm going to say is that I wish The Perks of Being a Wallflower was getting awards attention. Happy about the Django Unchained and Skyfall love and I hate The Amazing Spider-Man with a burning passion. TV-wise, someone give Benedict Cumberbatch an award.

2) Generally, I wouldn't talk about this, but Kate Winslet got married to someone named Ned Rocknroll (I know, right?) and Leonardo DiCaprio gave her away. WHAT?! HAVE THEY NOT WATCHED TITANIC?! Ugh this sucks. I really think someone should tell Leo that the key to winning his Oscar is marrying Kate first. Please.

3) Posters and pictures- Side Effects has a really cool poster out, which captures the concept of the film well. The Place Beyond the Pines has a hilarious poster. I hate babies too, Ryan Gosling (and I lurve youuu). Even though I usually don't like character posters much, I am loving The Great Gatsby onesIsla Fisher's in particular is very gorgeous. And there is the first picture from The World's End, which is awesome 'cuz this film will be awesomeness itself!

4) Hello again, brilliant Tim Burton!

5) Trailers- Even though I love Guillermo Del Toro, I am not all that psyched about Pacific Rim except for the Idris Elba-presence. Hopefully the film will be much better than the trailer. Quite conversely, I am dying to watch Star Trek Into Darkness which has a proper trailer out. It has a darker tone and Mr. Cumberbatch looks especially faaaaiiinnneee. This Is The End has a truly hilarious trailer out, in spite of the pee bit at the end (Pee = not funny). "Michael Cera is dead" already made me laugh more than a lot of movies this year. The Great Gatsby has another trailer out. While I liked the earlier one better, this introduces the characters more. Also, I guess we will have Romeo+Juliet-esque modern soundtrack in this. The Place Beyond the Pines, which has wayyy too less Ryan Gosling, imo. Still it starts with this, so points for that. Pain and Gain looks like serious fun, so good for Michael Bay. And the final trailer of 2012, is a Bollywood one. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a biopic about Milkha Singh and though the trailer isn't all that brilliant, I love the people involved.

6) How do you like the banner? 2012 favs.

7) Finally, how freaking awesome was the Doctor Who Christmas special? Okay not so much plot-wise, but I'm already loving Jenna Louise-Coleman as the impossible girl, Clara Oswin Oswald and her chemistry with Matt Smith. Speaking of whom-
Does anyone have the devil's number so that I can sell him my soul to make this happen to me?

See you next year people!


  1. Glad you find the Pines poster hilarious too, Gosling is like Mavis Gary there :D

    Loving the banner, that picture of Anne is one of my favorites!

    If you get the devil's number sent it to me - him and I need to talk :D

    1. Hahaha. He should totes play a male version of Mavis Gary.

      That picture is gorgeous. Thanks!

      Will do, sista!

  2. Nice!

    How do you like this? It's for something that's like a Harry Potter/Twilight mashup:

    Just wanted to get a measure for your teen-angst love =p

    If it's available where you are, try Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. It's a gem...

    Happy New Year!

    1. PS, it's a lovely banner, but I only recognize Skyfall! =( I've been mediocre when it comes to new releases...

    2. Hey, it looks better than Twilight, but it's nooo Harry Potter. Although it does have the guy who played young Grndelwald and is marrying Ginny Weasley in real life :)

      You too!
      Thanks about the banner. It is more to do with the people. There's Ezra Miller, Anne Hathaway, Hiddles, Charlize Theron, Craig and Logan Lerman.

  3. Hahaha - I was watching that episode of the Graham Norton show. Matt Smith is adorable.
    BUT CUMBERBATCH IS PLAYING THE BAD GUY! I don't care how faine he looks, if he's the bad guy, and the bad guy everyone thinks he's going to be, I will not like him. I boo all the bad guys in Star Trek!
    Rocknroll can't be his real name, hahaha. I thought it was sweet that Leo gave her away :)
    I cannot WAIT to figure out the Clara mystery. Shaping up to be a fine season!
    And it's a great banner :)

    1. He really is.
      I love a villain. I hope he's an awesome villain.
      It was sweet, but also tragic.
      It is shaping up to be a great season.

  4. Graham Norton is truly one of my favourite talkshows. Crazy silly or just outrageous things always ALWAYS go down there and everyone is always so relaxed and earnest. It's always fun to watch.

    1. I don't like him but as a show, it is really excellent. He gets all the good guests.

  5. Can't wait for Star Trek Into Darkness.

    Love the banner as well.

    Haha. That gif reminds me that I need to catch up on this season of Graham Norton. :)

    1. Me neither!!


      I don't like Norton, but he gets awesome guests.