Monday 31 December 2012

My Top 10 Films of 2012, Somewhat

     Here it is, my annual incomplete list of favourite films belonging to that year. And what a wonderful tradition it is. Incomplete because I still have a number of 2012 films to watch before I make my final set of lists, that should come out in late January-early February, that is if the film gods are kind enough.

Magic Mike

I had the stupidest grin on my face while watching this film. It is just so much fun! It's like a sports movie without the sports, and male stripping in its place. And it embraces my ideology of "Objectify All Men". Plus what a year Matthew McConaughey has had. In a just world, he will get an Oscar nomination for this role.

Holy Motors

The film that has baffled me beyond belief. And I loved that! I usually hate films which I can't make the head or tail of, but this crazy, wonderful whatever, has some of the most brilliant scenes I have ever seen on film. And god, Denis Lavant is a genius!

Your Sister's Sister

This film is like a lesson in good story-telling and acting. You don't need fancy sets or big budgets. This film is so sweet and funny and warm, and shows the importance of friendship and family. Lovely.

Moonrise Kingdom

Oh to live in a place and a time like Moonrise Kingdom! Wes Anderson-land has never been dreamier and so full of wonder.


Even though I haven't seen many films of the year, I doubt I will see one as well-made as Argo was. Ben Affleck has totally won me over with this tale of espionage and film-fantasy.

Perks of Being a Wallflower

Because it is so relateable, despite not having a life at all like the characters in it. It's funny and poignant, and Ezra Miller and Logan Lerman are just beautiful. Great soundtrack too.


I have not seen a prettier action movie in my life. Roger Deakins's work, along with a totally unexpected turn from Sam Mendes gives us what might be one of the greatest Bond movies of all time. And I love Daniel Craig, Judy Dench and Javier Bardem so much!

Ruby Sparks

Going to quote a friend after she saw it on my suggestion- "Ruby Sparks is one of the most lovely films I've seen in sooooo long. I've not had this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and depression at the same time, since I saw Amelie. Love is an understatement."

Cloud Atlas

The most entertaining film I have seen all year. There's something for everyone- comedy, adventure, sci-fi, thriller, and of course romance. I will have to watch it again to make more sense of it, but all the stories and the people and the lives are interlinked so excellently. And love the cast with Ben Whishaw, Jim Broadbent and Hugo Weaving taking top spots.

The Avengers

Seriously, it is so fucking awesome! The best "superhero" superhero film ever. It's funny and smart and the action is fantastic. And then there is the ensemble cast of superheroes, something I would have never thought possible until I saw this. Joss Whedon is the man and HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!

There you have it.



  1. Argo! "Argo fuck yourself" - possibly the line I have quoted the most from any film this year? So good! And hooray for Holy Motors and Perks and Avengers and Skyfall!
    I'm really gonna have to see Your Sister's Sister soon, I've heard a lot of good things from you and Stevee and the like :) Happy New Year!

  2. I have even more films to watch from 2012 than you! It's terrible! But I love the ones I know: objectify all men indeed, Magic Mike was brilliant! I still laugh at the thought of those dance numbers, hilarious.

    Oh I'm still dazed because of skyfall... so, so gorgeous and love their strategy of making Bond human, it works so well. It felt like the bond from Casino Royale was back. And what a theme song, I'm not much of an Adele fan but by god Skyfall gave me chills!

    Happy New Year, Nikhat!

    1. Aww we'll get there! Those dance numbers were awesome.

      Absolutely agree with everything you said about Skyfall.

  3. Top ten lists always remind me that I did not see enough new films this year. Well I saw 45 of them but that is still not enough as I have not seen 5 of your top 10. Enjoyed checking out your list :-)

  4. Still need to see about half of these. Great to see Your Sister's Sister on here. Took me by surprise that one!

    1. Oh well watch them soon :) Loved Your Sister's Sister. Took me by surprise as well.

  5. Great to see Cloud Atlas, Skyfall, and Perks so high. Thrilled that Holy Motors made it too!

    Happy New Year! :)

    1. They were all awesome and happy 2013 to you too :)

  6. Awesome stuff! I get to see Perks next week, I'm so excited. And yay for Your Sister's Sister!

    1. Yaaaaaayy! I know you will love Perks, I know it.