Sunday 2 December 2012

The Month that was- November

       Well, November was shit! I don't know what I was doing. Yes I had exams and I traveled and my laptop got a magical ailment which it cured itself and I rediscovered the joys of reading, but that's no excuse. I can see my resolution of watching 300 new-to-me films this year failing. However, I can safely say that I saw a number of really important films this month, some which may have even become life-time favourites. Also that I went for my very first film festival, the Kolkata International Film Festival.

1) Manhattan Murder Mystery- Don't you just love Woody Allen and Diane Keaton together? This might be the funniest Woody film I have seen yet.
2) Interiors- Shattered by this film, really. Oh Woody...
3) Ted- Hahaahahaha this was funny... NOT! Childhood memories scarred forever.
4) Cries and Whispers- Very affecting, and very striking to look at.
5) Michael Clayton- Tilda deserved that Oscar for some other performance. Good film though.
6) Seven Psychopaths- Might go down as the biggest disappointment of 2012.
7) Argo- All the buzz is true- this film is fantastic! I don't think we'll see a better-made film this year.
8) Vamps- Aww this was adorable. Happy vampires!!
9) Total Recall- In-flight movie. Meh.
10) The Hunt- Pretty unsettling and frustrating, but quite excellent too. Mads Mikkelsen is wonderful in it. Saw it in KIFF.
11) Beasts of the Southern Wild- I have nothing to compare this film with. Quvenzhané Wallis is a mini-supernova of talent. KIFF film.
12) Rust and Bone- Not what I was expecting. I liked it, but didn't love it. KIFF film.
13) Night and Fog- Not sure whether to count this as a short or not. Eitherways, after listening to Michael Haneke's praises about it, I watched it and was blown away. It is so honest and so scary.
14) Jab Tak Hai Jaan- You know, I would have liked it if Katrina Kaif wasn't there. Some Bollywood movies can get away with being ridiculous, but the terrible chemistry between Kaif and SRK just ruined it.
15) Holy Motors- I have nothing to compare this with either. I usually despise confusing films, and this has plenty to boggle your mind, but I felt oddly happy watching it. I don't know why.
16) Three Kings- This was weird and interesting and never seen a war film like it before.
17) Sherlock Jr.- Brilliant! How did Buster Keaton come up with such gags?
18) Casino- Quite good and didn't feel so long either. Really liked Sharon Stone in it.
19) Life of Pi- One of the best uses of 3D ever and the ambition is enormous. The story was a bit of a letdown though.
20) The Blues Brothers- One of those movies for which you need to be from a certain kind of background, or even have a good idea about it. I'm not, and hence it didn't work for me as well as I guess it should have.
21) The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari- Saw it in film studies. Pretty cool.
22) La Dolce Vita- I don't know why it took me so long to watch this. It is fantastic and Marcello Mastroianni is sexy.

1) Manhattan- This might be Woody's most romantic film, yes?
2) The Purple Rose of Cairo- This film is so close to my heart. I think I would be Cecilia if my life was a movie.
3) Up in the Air- I saw it the day before my flight. Seemed apt.
4) La Luna- This wondrous short is finally on Youtube. Pixar magic!

TV shows:
1) Breaking Bad, Seasons 1-3- What a crazy, awesome show! I can see what all the fuss is about now. Love Bryan Cranston as Walter White, but my favourite has to be Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman... BITCH!
2) QI, Series 1- The only reason I stayed awake to study for my exams. So funny and smart and if anyone finds a younger version of Alan Davies- that is my soulmate, right there!

Perks of Being a Wallflower by Steven Chbosky- Since the film refuses to release here, I thought why not read the book instead. I really liked the story and the characters, but had problems with the epistolary style of writing.

Final tally:
                                 Firsts- 259                        Rewatched- 117               Shorts- 17
                                                                                Total- 393

December is here! It's time for the end of the world, The Hobbit, Christmas and Django Unchained!! 


  1. I felt so happy watching Holy Motors as well - I left with a big smile on my face! And ERMAHGERD Argo was so intense! Brilliant stuff! Sadly, I have to wait ages for Life of Pi :'( Until January. And finally - Buster Keaton is so funny! I've only seen a couple, but Sherlock Jr was one of them!
    Man, I really need to watch Breaking Bad...

    1. Good to know I wasn't the only one.
      I've seen a couple of Keaton films as well.
      Breaking Bad is badass.

  2. I really need to see Argo. I really do. It has been out here for over a month but I wanted to go and see Skyfall more. I'm just hoping that Argo will be on the plane or something when I go to Japan.

    Night and Fog is pretty brutal, isn't it? I still haven't recovered from it, and I saw it in July last year.

    OMG I really want to see Vamps. Just for my darling Dan Stevens <3<3<3

    1. You really do. Here's hoping!

      So brutal. I don't think I will recover from it either.

      Haha he was cute in it.

  3. Can't wait for you to see season 4 of Breaking Bad, for me this is one of the most amazing - if not the best - seasons of TV series ever.

    I really need to give Holy Motors a shot, though there are so many movies, this included, that though I'm curious about I don't feel the overwhelming urge to see them.

    1. Ooooh exctied!

      It's different. Will be curious to see how you feel about it.

  4. You just have to see Perks of Being a Wallflower, I know you'll love the movie!
    Also: I don't think your month was bad. At least you've seen more old Woody Allen's than I've ever done in my life... really need to catch up on that.
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan... oh well... I didn't love the trailer anyhow.

    Night and Fog is pretty scary, like you thought you knew everything about WW2 and then you see the pictures and you know you'll never be able to imagine all of that.

    1. So do I!

      Yes watch more Woody!

      Exactly! People are just the worst.

  5. There are so many great movies on this list !!

    I just so Rust and Bone yesterday and Life of Pi today. So, yeah I agree on both. Last 15 minutes of Rust and Bone made it better for me and I had problems with Pi since I read the book but otherwise, I do not have anything against it.

    I think I will so both Beasts and Holy Motors this week. Let us see how that goes. :)

    1. Thanks man.

      Haha I had problems with Rust and Bone's ending actually.

      Hope you like them!

  6. Nice month of films.

    Ooh, I love all of those Woody Allen movies. :)

    Holy Motors has quickly become my most anticipated film of the year. I've been dying to see it for weeks now!

  7. Great list of films! I really like Cries & Whispers and Michael Clayton, and I remember liking The Purple Rose of Cairo -- I need to rewatch it, as it's been a LONG time. Adding La Dolce Vita to my list.

    1. Thanks!

      Yes rewatch it! Ooo La Dolce Vita is fun.