Thursday 30 August 2012



1) BEST MOVIE NEWS EVER, OF THE WEEK- Stop the presses people, Ryan Gosling is directing a movie! With friggin' Christina Hendricks in it! And it's a fantasy noir! I mean not only is he going to become the sexiest director EVER, he is making someone like Hendricks, who ought to be a much bigger star already, his lead and the synopsis of the film is ahmazing-
"How To Catch a Monster weaves elements of fantasy noir, and suspense into a modern day fairytale. Set against the surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city, Billy, a single mother of two, is swept into a macabre and dark fantasy underworld while her teenage son discovers a secret road leading to an underwater town. Both Billy and Bones must dive deep into the mystery, if their family is to survive."

Like I didn't think it was possible for me to be more crazy about him, but the Gos is a gift that just keeps on giving. Can't fucking wait!!

2) So I directed my first proper play couple of weeks back... and it was a total disaster. One of the leads fell really sick on the main day but insisted on doing her part, only to mix up her lines whilst on stage, confusing all the other actors and causing everyone to forget their lines. Props were put in the wrong place, people with single lines didn't get a chance to say even those due to all the commotion and the very scant audience did not laugh a lot, unlike what had happened during the rehearsals. Still, we managed to bag the technical award which came as a total surprise. On the whole, it was a lot of fun but I wish I hadn't felt like Ed Wood by the end of it. Although the celebratory chocolate cake was a welcome sight.

3) Lynne Ramsay, who made last year's very creepy We Need to Talk About Kevin is going to helm the western Jane Got a Gun, with Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender. It's about a woman whose outlaw husband returns home wounded after being betrayed by his gang and she has to take help from her ex-lover to protect her farm and her family from the gang. I like the idea of it and the leads are brilliant. I hope there's a lot of red in this film too :D

4) Posters- Lincoln, which has Daniel Day-Lewis on it, as it should. It's not very innovative or anything, but apt. Life of Pi makes me love the tiger even more, though it's a meh poster. I actually really like the Killing Them Softly poster. I don't know why though- maybe the shotgun or the font or just how clean-cut it is. Also the posters of the other four Eleven/Pond episodes in the upcoming Doctor Who series. I just like the fact that each episode gets a cool-ish poster.

5) Links- Being a Teenager Through the Eyes of Stevee, keep voting in Andrew's Essential Performances of the 90s Tournament, and read Anna's latest pitch.

6) Trailers- The final trailer to P.T. Anderson's weird and awesome-looking The Master. Some breathtaking performances to look forward to in this film. American Horror Story Season 2 is coming and clues are being released to tease us with what to expect from it. See the latest and super eerie one. Also HBO's The Girl, which is about the making of Alfred Hitchcock's Birds has two teasers, (1) and (2) out and it looks quite impressive and intriguing. Finally, the latest trailer of Django Unchained that needs to be watched only for Leo tapping his fingers on a skull at the end.

7) Random question: The Breakfast Club is a coming-of-age film- yay or nay?

8) Finally, this-



  1. Me heart stopped for a few seconds when you said Christina Hendricks ought to be bigger.... then I realised you said " a bigger STAR"... ;P

    You know how your play could have been better right? Rehearse every single scene a MINIMUM of 170 times ala David Fincher.

    Breakfast Club is a coming-of-age film, especially for Ally Sheedy as we can see her physical transformation at the end.

    1. Bahahaha.

      I will do this next time.

      Good perspective.

  2. Gosling sure is ambitious, he has chosen great muse too :)

    That movie with Portman and Fassbender sounds awesome, Fassy in cowboy hat being bad ass, my God that will be something :)

    1. Yes he is, and yes he has.

      That will be something!

  3. Aw, thanks for the link. I'm not sure if there's anyone as enthusiastic for it as you are, but who knows?

    1. You are welcome. You know what, I don't think anyone could be *as* enthusiastic as I am, but I'm sure they're pretty interested :)

  4. So pumped for the Gosling and Ramsay films.

    Yay on The Breakfast Club being a coming-of-age film. It's an ensemble film, but still a coming-of-age one.

    Chuck Norris! :D

    1. ME TOO!

      But isn't it about clique-barrier breaking? And youth, in all its facets? Thanks anyways :)

      No one crosses him. Period.

  5. Fan of Ryan Gosling are you?

  6. Exciting news! Especially from Gosling and Ramsay. So sorry to hear about your play! Bloody hell that sounds like it could have gone better! Still, congrats on the award!

    1. I know right!
      Oh man, the play :( Thanks!

  7. Seriously, the Gosling news is the best news ever ever ever. I'm beyond excited. The fact that he chose Christina Hendricks is amazing.

    Sorry about your play, but hey, congrats on the award! I think it could have been worse...I've had to sing all of Audrey's parts at the Little Shop rehearsals this week. I don't sing in public, ahaha. Yay for chocolate cake!

    And yeah, I'd say that The Breakfast Club is a coming-of-age film.

    Thanks for the link :)

    1. Isn't it just? He's the best.

      Yaay for chocolate cake!!

      You are welcome :)