Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Month that was- January

        One of my many new year resolutions (won't be able to tell you even 5 of them if you ask me now) was to start keeping track of how many films I see every year. So with this in mind, I will do a monthly round-up of all the films I see every month on the last day of that month itself, or on the first day of the next month. I will also mention any TV shows that I have seen or any books that I have read.


1) Giant- As beautiful as Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean were, this film is just too long and forgive me for using the phrase, too American. I couldn't care less about the beginning of oil mining in southern states of US (with the exception of Daniel Plainview's tale duh).
2) Young Adult- Oh Mavis Gary, you are my role model. I am going to be her when I grow up, or sort of grow up.
3) Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy- Amazing looking film with subtle yet brilliant performances especially from now Oscar-nominated actor Gary Oldman. A bit slow and distant, but I think I need to watch it again.
4) Carnage- Hilarious, rude, uncomfortable and also great ensemble piece though I loved how wicked Christoph Waltz was.
5) War Horse- Ugh. Sap sap sap. Whoever voted for this in the Oscars, may the John Williams' score haunt you forever.
6) Brokeback Mountain- I've been meaning to see this since it released, and it just became one of those unfortunate cases when I kept postponing it. But god has the wait been worth it! Amazing love story.
7) Love and Other Drugs- Little Jake Gyllenhaal marathon I had after watching Brokeback. Stupid, confused film but man did he and Anne Hathaway look faaaiiinneee...
8) The Descendants- Nice enough, though not as memorable or impactful as some of the other films this year. Loved Shailene Woodley.
9) Moneyball- Again, too American. Also too sports-y. I tried caring, but couldn't.
10) Horrible Bosses- Funny. I can watch the "That's Not My Name" scene on loop till the end of time.
11) Christopher and His Kind- BBC film about author Christopher Isherwood starring the Doctor and my soulmate though he doesn't know it yet, Matt Smith. It was okay and Smith was quite good.
12) The Artist- Oh this was all kinds of loveliness. So impressed with Dujardin and Bejo.
13) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (twice)- O David Fincher, how I love thee. Loved it. Screw everything else. Also get me that t-shirt.
14) City of God- So that's what all the fuss was about... One of the scariest and most unforgettable films I have seen.
15) Bringing Up Baby- How adorable were Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn? It would have been absolutely perfect if the ending had been a bit longer.
16) It Happened One Night- The first films to win the Big 5 at the Oscars, and with good reason. Fantastic film.
17) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- Robert Downey Jr. has to be the most charming snob ever. I loved him in this.
18) Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope- Finally started on this legendary trilogy. Quite liked it. Han Solo is hot.
19) Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strike Back- Definitely the best of the bunch. Han Solo is super hot and of course Leia loves him.
20) Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi- The least impressive of the three, but still quite good and a nice ending. I don't understand the episode business. Also, I love Han Solo.
21) We'll Take Manhattan- BBC film about photographer David Bailey and his first muse Jean Shrimpton and how they started the youth culture in the 60s. I'm partial because I bloody adore the 60s. I am becomign a fan of Helen McCrory. Karen Gillan is very pretty but my goodness Anuerin Barnard is gorgeous!


1) Midnight in Paris- My first film of 2012, and a brilliant way to start the new year. 
2) Ratatouille- My favourite Pixar film ever. Paris and food go together so well.
3) Hugo- And yet another film set in magnificent Paris. Cried a lot this time too, and was blown away by the 3D.
4) Zodiac- Part of my Jake Gyllenhaal mini-marathon. None can do a modern thriller like Fincher.
5) Shaun of the Dead- After finishing Black Books, I needed more Dylan Moran. Oh this film will never get old.
6) Submarine- I need to reevaluate my top films of the year. I can predict this getting quite a high rank, because it really was one the best of the year. So sweet, so beautiful and so funny.
7) The Social Network- My idea of a perfect film. Curse them Oscars, they can never touch its brilliance. Also, I noticed a lot of little things this time 'round that I had never seen.
8) Super 8- Again, this too will have to go in my top films list. Watching this again, I realise how superb the cast was- so many kids and all of them hit the mark, but none more than the heartrendingly sincere Joel Courtney.


Hotel Chevalier- After Moonrise Kingdom's awesome trailer, I needed me some Wes Anderson. It's a bit mundane, a bit romantic, a bit sad and very colourful. Prime example of the modern auteur's work.

TV Shows:

1) Season 2 of Sherlock- I will write something on this, I promise. So very good, and ugh I want someone to love me just how Sherlock and John love each other. I'm a Freeman Fangirl and I want to marry and have babies with Benedict Cumberbatch's voice. Also, I regret nothing.
2) Season 1 of Mad Men- I have to finish this show. Really entertaining, and quite scandalous. Don and Betty Draper are impossibly good-looking. No one could ever look that good.
3) Series 2, 3 and 4 of Doctor Who- The famed David Tennant series. It's clear why he was so adored as The Doctor; Tennant's portrayal of the 900 year old time-travelling alien is the most human one of the modern series. And I loved Donna Noble to bits.
4) Black Books- Saw all the 3 series, and may I just say THAT WAS TOO BLOODY LESS!! Oh Bernard Black, marry me please. So fuckin' epic and it didn't even end. Plus I feel I am remarkably like Fran.


1) The Hours by Michael Cunningham- I had been looking for this one for ages because its movie adaptation is one of my most favourite films ever. Very beautifully written, even though I feel it left me a bit underwhelmed as the film is actually a tad better..
2) The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein- No I had not read this. After reading it, I realise what an incredible piece of inspired casting it was when they made Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins. No one else can do the character justice. I found it really funny and enjoyed it immensely, till about the last part which I felt was anti-climactic. It was actually a very LoTR sort of ending, but I don't know... I was expecting something else. Anyhow, can't wait for the movie even more now!

Final tally- 
Firsts- 21     Rewatched- 9 (including TGWTDT)      Short-
Total- 31

So there you have it.


  1. Yaaay for Black Books! It's one of my favourites! Up with this I will not put!

    1. "I will drink heavily and SHOUT AT YOU!"- Oh Bernard <3
      You have excellent taste.

  2. I also watched 31 films in January - but I watched Hugo, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo twice each. Great line-up. Ratatouille, Zodiac and The Social Network in the re-watch list. Very strong.

    1. I saw Hugo twice too, but the first time was in December. Ugh I want to watch TGWTDT every time I listen to Karen O's cover of Immigrant Song, which is like all the time.
      Thanks :)

  3. How many times have you seen The Social Network (or around about)? I wonder if you've beaten me, haha.

    1. I haven't counted though in the beginning I saw it like every week. Then I couldn't watch it 'cuz I had seen it so much, but I'm going back to once a month thing.

  4. Glad you enjoyed Young Adult. I also find TTSS to require more than one viewing, there are so many hints and implications hidden in this film.

    1. I really liked it, and I lurved Theron in it. Yes I will see if I can catch TTSS again for a better understanding.

  5. Bunch of good movies you saw this past month Nikhat! Glad you rewatched Midnight in Paris. It got even better on multiple viewings for me :)

    Agree with you on The Descendants. Good movie but not as memorable as all the hype might make you think.

    1. Thank you! Rewatching MiP was the perfect way to start the new year, in my opinion. I will only see it for a hundred times more now.
      Yeah. It's good, not great or memorable.

  6. Man, it always surprises me when I come across someone that hasn't seen Star Wars (or the first episodes at least). Glad that you got round to watching them, though - they area amazing!

    1. Hehe. Well, I was never attracted to it. They were quite good, though I didn't exactly love them (loved Han!).