Monday 20 February 2012

"What kind of a name is 'Stove' anyway? What are you, like a kitchen appliance or something?" - MY FAVOURITE SCENES OF 2011

       My end-of-year lists continue with my favourite scenes of the year. I hope you like them :-)

Honourable Mentions: The "That's Not My Name" scene in Horrible Bosses, the dance in The Artist, Elle Fanning's rehearsal before the train crash in Super 8, Charles and Erik recruiting mutants in X-Men: First Class, the transformation in Captain America.

10) The opening sequence of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- Okay I know that "technically" this isn't really a scene in the film, but screw you, this is AWESOME! It's disturbing and dark and cool, and has that incredible Immigrant Song cover by Karen O which makes me want to rewatch this film everytime I hear it.

9) The Burj Khalifa sequence in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol- I guess the Burj is an action film maker’s wet dream, but ex-Pixar director Brad Bird become the first to cash in on its amazing height and look. With the 3D cameras, it is a scene you have to watch with bated breaths because it really is that spectacular. And Tom Cruise does make it all so very believable.

8) The airplane scene in Bridesmaids- So I am not the biggest fan of this film, but even I cannot deny the brilliance of this scene. Kristen Wiig at her funniest, drunk and battling for the rights of all us poor people who have to fly coach, with a guy named Stove/Steve.

7) The creation of the universe in The Tree of Life- I actually prefer the family part of the film, and think that this scene is a little out of place in the grand scheme of the film. However in the grand scheme of everything that ever was, this scene is just so breathtaking and beautiful. There is a Doctor Who quote that comes to mind whenever I see this whole sequence, which is “Everywhere we look, the complex magic of nature blazes before our eyes.” Perfect.

6) The chase in Bagghar in The Adventures of Tintin- Oh so much fun! This whole film was a delightful ride, but this scene was probably the best part. I think Steven Spielberg must have been dying to make a scene like this for ages. Because though it has all the regular elements of the action sequences from films like Indiana Jones, it also has the immense power of animation that makes the whole scene possible.

5) Harry’s walk to death in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2- The Snape’s memories scene just before this is really lovely too, but it is when the realization hits Harry on what he is supposed to do and his final good bye to his friends and family is the really poignant and beautiful part.

4) The photoshopped scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love- As I have said before, I really love romcoms, and I genuinely respect the modern ones that make an effort to keep the genre fresh. This scene is a prime example on how to do things a bit differently. Hanna and Jacob little foreplay-y tryst is beyond cute and sexy at the same time. Also Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are a most enigmatic and endearing pair.

3) The Super 8 memories in Submarine- Oliver Tate’s and Jordana Bevan’s fortnight of atavistic lovemaking saved in his memory as a Super 8 movie. Just the whole concept gives me so much joy. This one little scene captures the essence of young love arguably better than entire films that make it all so sappy. With Alex Turner’s Hiding Tonight as the soundtrack to this little memory film, and the super adorable Craig Roberts and Yasmin Paige, this scene is unforgettable.

2) The birth of cinema in Hugo- Hugo is a gift to all us cinephiles. Can you imagine being there when it all started? The magic of cinema and that wonder it fills people with, but for the very first time. Through Hugo and Isabelle, we get a glimpse of this enchanted, dream land that we love so much, but it is so inherent in us that we can never imagine a world before it. And Hugo shows us this world and how cinema changed everything. This is the scene I 
probably cried most in all year, and it is because while it fills me with a bit of longing for such a time and place, ultimately I am just bubbling with happiness to know that I am blessed to be able to enjoy this magnificent art form in all its glory.

1) The elevator scene in Drive- You know what I just said about cinema being a magnificent art form? Well, this scene is experiencing it in all its glory. Years will go by, but this scene will continue to amaze us. It is why we will thank the invention of cinema, without which such a thing would have never been possible. Starting with the mind-blowing kiss (yes I am foreshadowing), in which the light dims in the way probably only dirty romance novels can describe, to that completely unexpected violent turn within seconds, and a regretful good bye to finish, this scene really is quite something else.


  1. Oh gosh, I love all of these scenes! Apart from the Mission Impossible one, since I haven't seen that movie. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's opening scene and Drive's elevator scene are two of my absolute favourites from last year!

    1. Yes they are all brilliant. MI4 is loads of fun, see it when you can.

  2. Great scenes, I especially like the ones from Bridesmaids, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Crazy,Stupid,Love, and Drive. Oh, and the dance scene with "That's not my name" in Horribe Bosses is cool, Charlie Day rocked it

    1. Thanks. I know right- that scene was almost in my top 10 (I had forgotten about Tintin originally). I can see it on loop and laugh hysterically everytime.

  3. I love the new header from Social Network ^^
    That scene in Drive was amazing, the whole movie was filled with so many wonderful sequences. Nice choice for number 1!

    1. Thanks :)
      Yep. Drive is a marvelous film with some great scenes.