Tuesday 7 February 2012

Ooh it's Awards Time for me as well!

The fantastic Diana from Aziza's Picks has honoured this wee blog of mine with the Liebster Blog Award, which is given by fellow bloggers to certain noteworthy blogs that do not have 200 followers yet. I think it's an excellent way to promote blogs one likes and thinks deserve more recognition.

So for me to be a proper recipient, I have to
1) Thank the award-giver- thank you Diana again. You are awesome :D
2) Put the Liebster Blog Logo on their post- done.
3) Pay it forward as it were to 5 other blogs I think deserve this award. So here it goes-

a) Stevee from Cinematic Paradox who is ab fab and her blog is ahmazing, especially with the new look.
b) Andy from Andy Buckle's Film Emporium whose reviews are always excellent.
c) Mette from Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions who loves Bollywood more than most Indian people I know.
d) M. Hufstader from The Smoking Pen and Feed Me A Stray Cat! both which are brilliant blogs- one full of badassery and the other with every thing else.
e) Lesya from Eternity of Dream whose blog is just beautiful to look at and her posts are always great.

Who needs the Oscars eh? This makes me happy :)


  1. Oh, thank you for this :) I am an award winner!

  2. Congrats on your Liebster Award Nikhat! I'll be your 13th follower :D

  3. Why haven't I seen this one yet?? Thank you! I'll definitely got on this pronto!

    1. It's okay. Looking forward to your post :)