Friday 30 December 2011


1) Last Weekly Thoughts post of 2011, and as luck would have it, it's going to be a rather short one. The most important thing released all of this week has been the poster of the 84th Academy Awards. O.o Sparkly. I've seen 6 out of the 8 films on it; will see the others at some point. February 26 will be interesting. I hope they at least invite the Harry Potter cast- they did invite Robert Pattinson when Twilight became the "worldwide sensation" it is.

2) Speaking of Harry Potter- Daniel Radcliffe is going to host Saturday Night Live in January! Wooo hooo!! Good on him- I'm pretty excited as he is my favourite person in the world :D

3) I forgot to talk about the "award-worthy" films I saw last week. I saw Senna, which has unfortunately not qualified for the Best Documentary Oscar. It was pretty good, and I hope gets considered for Best Editing as that film is nothing without the editing. Which gets me to thinking, which films are being awarded for Editing? I think Hugo is somewhere there, along with Senna. I saw Contagion yesterday, and felt the editing was rather decent. I haven't seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yet, but Fincher flicks are right at the top with the editing. The other films that I saw this week are The Skin I Live In and A Separation, both of which are foreign language films. The former is not being considered or something, so that is a shame. It was creepy, but I liked it all the same. The latter is the front-runner in the Best Foreign Film category, which is freaking fantastic as I could not agree more. In all honesty, I did not want to like this film because I am weird like that, but my god- I think it is the closest thing to The Social Network I have seen all this year in terms of the perfection. Yes TSN was all hip and greedy, filled with the brilliant music and the one-liners, and A Separation is a drama of a world that many of us are not very familiar with, having themes like divorce, parenthood, class, morality, religion, but it is equally well-executed and flawless. It was very interesting- the world depicted in it is not all that foreign to me as it would be to some viewers, I guess, so I could understand it pretty well, but at the same time it also challenged some of the things I thought I knew. Excellent film.

4) I was going to write a major 2011 mini reviews post, but I think I'll cover some of the things in my unofficial top 10, so it will just be like repeating stuff. Don't you love my reasoning when it comes to actually working instead of being super-lazy? (I see a new year resolution here somewhere).

5) Some of my friends today were discussing the whole "world ending in 2012" thing, but all of us decided we cannot die before watching The Hobbit. Ah Martin *heart*! Also, Sherlock season 2 starts on 1st January, so yesssss!

6) Finally, the Year of the Gos is ending. Here's to Year of the Gos 2.0 with this video and this absolute gem of a photo-
Ah, my man.
Ah, my man.
Oops I did it again.

See you on the other side folks! Byeee :D


  1. Still have to see both Senna and A Separation. Definitely looking forward to those but it doesn't look that they are going to hit DVD anytime soon...

    And as the year of the Gos is coming to an end, I must randomly say that I miss the days of McGosling!

    Looking forward to your top 10 :)

  2. Wait why is Senna not in DVD for you? Maybe it's a regional thing...
    Watch it, and definitely watch A Separation.
    McGosling was cute and all, but man The Notebook is one of the most loathsome films ever made.
    My top 10 is up!