Wednesday 21 December 2011

My Favourite and Least Favourite LoTR Characters

        In celebration of the release of the first The Hobbit trailer this morning, this list seems only apt. Also I recently finished watching the extended versions of The Lord of the Rings films. So basically I'm on a Middle Earth-high, and currently want to marry Martin Freeman. I mean seriously, move over Andrew Garfield! This man is a book-lover's wet dream (yes I know he's probably already married but I refuse to check). I'm Mrs. Dent Watson Baggins Freeman from now! Yaayy!!

         Anyways, this list is based on the films and not the books, which I read in 7th grade and that also only the first one and half of the second. I do so love the films, and I like almost all the characters in it save a few. These are my least favourite and favourite characters from The Lord of the Rings movies.

My least favourite characters-

5) Grima Wormtongue (played by Brad Dourif)-
Grima is just creepy. He takes over poor Theoden's mind and rules his kingdom following Saruman's orders, and fancies the pretty Eowyn. He just reminds me of tentacles. Ew.

4) Saruman (played by Christopher Lee)-
I didn't like Saruman because I felt nothing for him. He was not the least bit scary in the film. He was just there. This much indifference, for a character as powerful as him, is never a good thing.

3) Denethor (played by John Noble)-
He was just so repulsive a character. A man driven mad by power, and clearly one of the worst fictional fathers of all time. He is just horrible.

2) Orcs (played by men who don't mind looking like that)-
I saw my first LoTR film, The Two Towers, when I was in fourth grade and I was genuinely terrified of them (though I got more freaked out by the Aragorn-Arwen kisses then :P). Orcs are just the grossest, scariest, most inhumane race ever.

1) Frodo Baggins (played by Elijah Wood)-
I'm sorry, but Frodo just annoys the hell out of me. He's such a whiny little bitch. Okay yes he has the One Ring around his neck blah blah blah, but it's not my fault that his irritating and stupid side is the one I am subjected to. I really would fast-forward all his scenes were it not for Sam and Gollum and the others.

And now my favourite characters-

Honourable mentions- Theoden, Gimli, Elrond, Éomer, Treebeard.

10) Galadriel (played by Cate Blanchett)-
I just love her. I am probably as taken aback as Gimli is with her, The narration, the crazy power thing in The Fellowship of the Ring, the peaceful look on her face always... I would follow her everywhere, definitely.

9) Faramir (played by David Wenham)-
I absolutely adore Faramir. He was so unloved and unrewarded, but he went past all that and became a great soldier, and certainly a fantastic man.

8) The One Ring/ Sauron-
I so want one (minus the Dark Lord influences). I love the simplicity of the look of the ring, and all the darkness it just brings with it. Every scene with the ring in it, is always dominated by it.

7) Gandalf (played by Sexgod Sir Ian McKellen)-
Isn't he just the best?! He's brave and kind and funny and quirky, and so so powerful. He would be just the most brilliant mentor.

6) Samwise Gamgee (played by Sean Astin)-
The bestest friend of them all. Though there are theories of homosexuality here (and I do agree with them till an extent), the basic fact is that Sam is the kind of friend that one can only pray for. He will never leave your side, and always help you and make you laugh and protect you. Frodo was sooo lucky Sam put up with his shit.

5) Aragorn (played by Viggo Mortensen)-
He is one of my most favourite literary kings ever. A true underdog in the world of men, with all of the power and responsibility and possible doom thrust upon him, who really rose to the occasion when required. A mighty warrior and a fine friend. Thank god Mortensen was finally cast for this... noone can open doors quite like he does *wink*.

4) Gollum (played by Andy Serkis)-
Serkis and Peter Jackson together brought a revolution in modern cinema with Gollum. He was just so amazingly made. I think Gollum is one of the most tragic characters in literature and film. I do feel sorry for all that he endured, and he really tries to be saved. 
I will even go as for to say that this is the best performance of the entire series of the films.

3) Merry and Pippin (played Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd respectively)-
I love Merry and Pippin! I think of all the characters, I am most like Pippin. I cannot think of them separately, though they each bring something different to the stories. Merry is the more sensible one, who unfortunately always gets left behind but shows great valour on the battlefield. Pippin is the honest fool, as Gandalf said, and does get into a lot of trouble, but only because of his curiosity. He has a pure heart and always helps in his own way.
Both of them together have some of the best lines in the films.

2) Éowyn (played by Miranda Otto)-
With the whole series revolving around the bravery and the hunger for power of men, this one woman steals the show for me. She is beautiful and humble and kind and so very brave. Éowyn is a role model. She needs independence even at the time of battle and distress and hates that her gender comes in the way. Still, she does prove herself more than worthy on the battlefield.
The scene when she kills the Witch-King, with the whole "I am no man" is a huge favourite of mine, one which always results in me screaming "GIRL POWER YESSSS!" She really is the best of the human race.

1) Legolas (played by Orlando Bloom)-
I could not help this. I really wanted to give the top spot to Sam for his undying friendship or Aragorn for his bravery or Gollum for his tragedy or Éowyn for all the girl power, or anyone for any "proper" emotional impact, but Legolas is just so freaking coooool!! I go crazy in all of his scenes. I cheer. I clap. I scream.
Still, he is a great elf and an incredible archer. He is there in all the battles and really plays pivotal roles. He is  one part of  the Man-Elf-Dwarf trio. Also, that elephant scene in The Return of the King is my favouritest, because again, it's so freaking coooool!!
I even once wanted to name my future child Legolas. You cannot question my devotion... I am gaga for this elf.

Hope you liked it. Cannot wait for The Hobbit!
- Mrs. Dent Watson Baggins Freeman.


  1. Haha, it's a good list! I don't find Frodo annoying personally, but I can see how you can find him annoying!
    Legolas used to be my favourite elf! That honour goes to Haldir now, but he was killed off by PJ at Helm's Deep - it didn't happen in the book, and it's the one thing about the films I would change, but maybe I'm a fangirl? haha.
    I love how the One Ring is in your top ten!

  2. My LOTR fan-ness is coming out here, now!

    For me, my favourite characters would be Aragorn, Sam, Gandalf, Arwen (I loved her, and still do), Faramir and Boromir

    Idk about Leoglas, man, I've never got that guy - and he doesn't really do anything in the films apart from cool tricks and stuff, which are, at first AMAZING, but then the minute you know they've happened, it's like 'Oh, he's doing that again...'

    Agreeing with Ruth, though. I don't find Frodo annoying. But without Sam, he would be nowhere.

  3. Oh I just saw The Hobbit's trailer earlier today, I'm geeking out so much! I can't believe it's a year away.

    But about the characters, I agree with pretty much everything, except Frodo, he's not that bad... but yes, there are certain things about him that can be extremely annoying. he just cries too much, but it seems to me that, besides the ring's effect on him, that's a hobbit thing, so it's just his nature, poor thing. However I couldn't agree more about the worst characters, mostly because I just don't "care" for them. And the Orcs are truly disgusting.

    As for the favorite ones, I too think Faramir was unappreciated, but for the top spot I would choose Aragorn... or Merry and Pippin. the first one is quite epic, and the other two are just adorable and hilarious.

  4. Gimli is a better character in the book, mainly because he isn't used for comic relief. I like the little bearded dude.

    Glad to see Faramir make the top 10, though.

  5. @Ruth- Yeah I don't think most people find Frodo as annoying as I do, but I cannot help it. I have a friend who loves Haldir, but he is barely there in the films. Legolas is just too cool.
    How can the One Ring not be in the top 10? All the films are about it.

    @Cherokee- Bring out the LOTR fan-ness! Arwen also is barely there in the films. I like her a lot though.
    There is nothing to get about Legolas... I have nothing to explain this devotion except the fact that he's so cool. I'm shallow I guess :/
    Yeah Frodo is nothing without Sam.

    @Sofia- I'm geeking out too! It's ahmazing! I agree with everything you say. I think based on whatever I read in the books, Aragorn would have been my number one in the books. Merry and Pippin are just adorable. I love all of them!

    @SJHoneywell- Gimli's awesome. He was in the top 10, but then I kicked him out to fit in the One Ring :P
    Faramir's brilliant. I really feel for him.

  6. Good idea for a post Nikhat! Interesting that you like Gollum, I always find him to be really obnoxious (in an awesome way). So much I want to strangle him ahah. I probably would have Faramir higher because I feel he is one of the more interesting character.

  7. I just needed to comment this somewhere ... but your sidebar full of the things you love ... is so brilliant.

    Keep up the great work.

  8. @Castor- Thanks! I really feel bad for Gollum. Like I wish he would have been saved, but then it was cool how he died.
    Faramir is interesting. As I said, I love like all these characters... top 10s can be hard :P

    @Sam- Thank you so much!!

  9. Conversely I find Samwise just exasperating. Other than him giving one of my favourite lines "I was dropping no eaves..." he annoys me.

    And, hey, what gives no Arwen? I completely appreciate the beefing up of Arwen's role in the film as much as the love the books.

  10. Really? I thought everyone liked Sam. That is a good line.
    Arwen was supposed to be in my honourable mentions. I like her, but not as much as the others.

  11. AnonymousJune 12, 2016

    Such a sad shame that you decided to taint a fine list with allusions and references to homosexuality. What a sad time we live in when friendship that is loyal, stalwart, and unyielding (especially in the worst possible times and circumstances) is mistakenly associated with (homo-) sexual love and not that which is patently plutonic in nature. The same has been wrongly said of the likes of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. The men who fought in the two Great Wars of the 20th Century became inseparable brothers in arms who shared everything between one another and became forever bonded to each other more than their own blood and families. It is a shame that modern attitudes towards friendship conflates deep male bonding and plutonic love for one another as something sexual. Also, Tolkien was a devout Roman Catholic who wouldn't have approved of the homosexual lifestyle and certainly wouldn't have authored any such idea or connection. He simply wanted to demonstrate how strong asexual friendship can be. And for me Samwise Gamgee is the true unsung hero of the Lord of the Rings, as encapsulates everything noble and virtuous quality of a man and loyal friend and companion.