Thursday 15 December 2011


1) So first of all, I didn't write any posts this week because I have been down with, quite expectedly, what I call the Super Winter Lethargy which happens, you guessed it, every winter and basically consists of me not wanting to leave my cosy bed and doing anything that requires brains, which includes writing for this blog. This coincided with my college exams (I had four between the last Thoughts post and this one) and all that just got magnified. I am truly sorry. I can't promise next week to be any different, but that's mainly because I'll be travelling and meeting all my old school friends. YAAAAY! So excited :D

2) The big news this week has been the SAG nominations. Everyone is pretty pissed about things like snubs for Shame, Corey Stoll, Parks and Recreations etc. I don't really care yet. I do like how haphazardly, somewhat, the awards season is going, but personally, I'm not getting as blazed up about things like how I was last year. I have a feeling that The Social Network used up all the award-crazy flair in me, and now I might be beyond caring when it comes to these prizes. Odd. Also, I read somewhere about someone actually thinking that Daniel Radcliffe will get an Oscar nomination. I used to be like that 3 years ago. O children...

3) I'm skipping trailers this week, mostly. There was something about a musical starring Tom Cruise and Sacha Baron Cohen being something ridiculous. Oh and MIB3, of whose existence I was not aware of. I only saw the last one because I just cannot be deigned to watch the others, and it gave me No Country for Old Men flashbacks. And also how does Will Smith look so young? He's such a pageant mum; I wish he'd do more for his career.

4) There were two teaser posters this week- The Amazing Spiderman and Prometheus. I like the Spidey one, but it's trying to hard to look like a Nolan-esque Batman film. Speaking of, there was also the The Dark Knight Rises teaser poster last week. I think the rain is a bit excessive, but I do admire the awesome albeit insane idea of Batman dying. I like the Batman villains way more than the caped crusader, but then again, why must Bane be the one to do it? Sure he sounds horrific, but I don't really like someone as brawny as Bane to be the one to do the deed over someone as brilliant and brainy as the Joker. Personal preference of villains, people... About Prometheus, I dunno what it signifies as such. I really must watch the Alien movies. Also, pictures from The Great Gatsby have been released. I especially like this one because Leo, who was my first love à la Jack Dawson in Titanic, is looking like his handsome dreamy self again. I have no doubt that the film will look gorgeous, but I have doubts about Baz Luhrmann making it too much about the looks (don't forget the cursed 3D) and not enough about the beloved story. I still think someone like Sofia Coppola, would have a much more interesting take on it because she's so feminine. It would have been a different perspective, and would have looked brilliant too.

4) What Sofia Coppola is doing, according to TMZ (I'm not sure how reliable this is), is making a film on some group of thieves called the Burglar Bunch, who stole from Hollywood it seems. It sounds interesting, however novel when compared to her filmography. But she should do other kinds of projects. I am still hoping for her to make a horror film. Also, and I forgot to write about this earlier, a third part to the incredible Before Sunrise-Before Sunset films is apparently being made. I just hope it does justice to the other two. I will reserve judgements on that, unlike what I feel for the "modern" remake of American Psycho. WHY HOLLYWOOD WHY?! There are no videotapes around, no business cards around, no nothing like that around, hell noone like "Hip to be Square" Christian Bale around! I actually tried brainstorming for a present day equivalent for the business cards (videotape = Netfilx, except "I'm going to go check my Netflix" doesn't sound so impressive...) but the only thing people care about enough these days is like their IPhones and a new model comes out every year or so, and the whole reason why the business cards were so impactful were because they were so mundane and it was just outrageous to go psycho-murderer because of them. Not going to work Hollywood... go occupy something else.

5) Regarding awards and me: I saw Hugo this week. I loved it so freaking much! I think it has become my favourite film of this year, even though I do not think it is the best film of the year... this is going to create problems in my top 20 films list, whenever the hell I get to make it. Hugo was flawed, no doubt about it, but it was also very special. I am writing the review, promise. As far as its awards chances go, I think it'll get nominated for Best Picture, and maybe even Director, but it will win neither.

6) Finally, this mere mortals, THIS-

No words.



  1. Loved TDKR poster. Love sacha Baron cohen but that trailer isn't very promising.

  2. I need a new Sofia Coppola movie! That is all.

    Okay, it's not. I just wanna say that Leo looks really young in those Great Gatsby photos. It's going to be so preeeeeeeeetty. Still don't know why it's going to be in 3D (because I don't know about you, but the book doesn't really scream MAKE ME IN 3D!), but I love Baz Luhrmann.

    Okay, that is all.

  3. I saw a cam recorded video of the TDKR prologue and shockingly, I really didn't like it, especially the Bane part!
    Oh, the last gif just made my day! I love Jimmy Fallon, can't wait to see him on SNL this Saturday!
    I understand the lack of energy to write on the blog, it's normal this time of year, especially if you plans with your friends. Have fun!

  4. @Pete- Agreed on both accounts. However, I liked the previous TDKR poster better.

    @Stevee- I know right. I love Sofia Coppola!
    Leo looks super-pretty in Gatsby. No the book didn't scream 3D to me either... I mean, will the parties look more real? What's the point?!

    @Aziza- :O Really? Maybe Nolan is using some strategy. I highly doubt it will be able to top TDK, but it must still be awesome.
    I know right- Jimmy Fallon is adorable.
    Thank you!!

  5. Speaking of Jimmy Fallon, you should totes watch the video where he and Ralph Fiennes play pictionary. It is hilarious. Especially because Ralph doesn't know how to play!

  6. @Stevee- I'm on it. I love Pictionary, but I love Ralph more!