Friday 23 December 2011


A bit late, sorry. Here are the thoughts-

1) Let's start with trailers because it was THE BEST WEEK OF TRAILERS EVER!! I mean Wrath of the Titans people- Yaaaaayy!! No I'm kidding ofcourse, because that film is a joke. First up, we have the last part of Christopher Nolan's epic Batman trilogy The Dark Knight Rises. OMG it's awesome!! So I had been dying to get a glimpse of Catwoman because I am just the biggest fan of her portrayal by Michele Pfeiffer, and Anne Hathaway looks and sounds brilliant! Yes, it's a bit too much like Batman Returns, with the ball and all, but who cares? And I like Bane finally. People have issues with the voice, but I thought it was fine and like seriously, Nolan has toppled over cities in his films; he can handle voice issues pretty adeptly, I am sure. Then there is the trailer to Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey- OMFG it's awesomer!! Martin Freeman looks spot on fantastic as Bilbo Baggins, and it's great seeing old favourites like Gandalf, Galadriel, Gollum and the One Ring. I've missed Middle Earth, though it will take a whole year till we go there properly. These two are among my most anticipated films of next year. There were other trailers too- Bel Ami, which is Robert Pattinson's next. It looks okay-ish. I like onscreen playboys, so it will probably become a guilty pleasure. Lastly, there's the teaser to Ridley Scott's Prometheus. I've started watching the Alien films, and I do not think this film will be my cup of tea due to my wuss-nature. However, my Fassy fever knows no bounds and I'll probably still watch it.

2) Okay it's a bit late to have this outburst, but WHY THE FUCK WAS HARRY POTTER NOT NOMINATED FOR BEST ENSEMBLE IN SAG AWARDS?! There was Prof McBadass brilliance in this also :'( Stupid award voters and their low opinion of children movies. It is because they are all dead inside and their soul is as shriveled up as an ugly raisin.

3) Couple of days back I saw Juno and Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. Does anyone else miss Michael Cera? I dooo. I also want him to re-team with Edgar Wright. Can't there be more Scott Pilgrim films? I mean 2011 was a good year film-wise, but there was nothing like Scott Pilgrim, so that's a big fat fail.

4) Stevee Taylor of Cinematic Paradox got me on a Harry Potter high again, with her Harry Potter marathon. It'll be weird seeing all the films over the course of like a week. I cannot imagine it. I'm going to be doing a somewhat similar thing next year, when I see all the original Star Wars movies. I have a good feeling I'll hate them and not really understand them, but I look forward to be proven wrong (hopefully).

5) Are there other series like these that I need to watch? I'll be dabbling in Westerns also. And I have to see the 1939 films. Help all ye more knowledgeable folk!!

6) Finally- this is the best Christmas tree ever-
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Be good kids :D

Byeeee. Falalalala.


  1. I hope you have a good Christmas! And you totes read my mind...I was going to do a Star Wars marathon next year, too! And like you, I'm scared that I won't understand them and stuffs. Oh well, we can only but try...

  2. You too. Ahaha.. great minds man :P