Thursday 15 December 2011

I'm sorry Globes...

but the Driver is not impressed-

 It would have been the perfect ending to the Year of the Gos, but alas both of Ryan Gosling's other performances from this year have gotten nominations and this beautiful silent visceral one, which is not only his best this year but probably of his entire career thus far, got snubbed.

Well atleast he'll look super faiiinnnneee in one of his sexy suits on Jan 15th, 2012. You lose some, you get some I suppose.


  1. The second I read "sexy suits", I decided that I had to comment. :D <3

    - Chandni

  2. At least, Ryan got two nods... Wait, at least? But I agree that one of them should have been for Drive!

  3. It's weird that he got two nominations, but not one for Drive (which I heard was his best). Anyway, I can't wait to see his sexy suit on Jan 15th!

  4. It seems really, really odd that they preferred to nominate Ides of March performance over Drive. At least he's nominated.
    And JGL got nominated too! Woohoo! We get to see the Gos and JGL in sexy suits :)

  5. These voters hate them R-rated movies! His performance in Drive is better than his in either The Ides of March or Crazy Stupid Love!!!

  6. @Lesya- He is a bit like this year's Johnny Depp though both the performances were lightyears ahead of that of Depp's. But yeah, no Drive-love :(

    @Stevee- It really was his best. Ides of March is just more user-friendly :/
    Them suits *le drool*

    @Ruth- Yeah I know. He might even extend this to Oscars, but he won't win, of that I'm sure. Yaay for JGL also! He's so cute.
    Sexy Suits FTW!

    @Castor- Exactly! Silly voters -.-