Wednesday 7 December 2011

Evil is as Evil does

Video- Cinematic Villains

NYTimes did the classic silent movie types last year, and this year they are back with Touch of Evil, showing the 13 actors who have given some of the best performances of 2011 as famous cinematic villain types. I love this! Seeing that one of the biggest films this year has ended up being The Artist, maybe unintentionally this will start some sort of trend. And this would be very cool because I adore villains (MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAA). So as my limited film knowledge is failing me yet again (I haven't even seen Touch of Evil), like last year, I will just give my thoughts on the actors and their little skits-

* The ones who I don't know.

1) Brad Pitt- Henry Spencer in Eraserhead (he sort of looks like Gollum in the end) .
2) Rooney Mara-Alex Delarge in A Clockwork Orange (gorgeousity).
3) Gary Oldman- Fats in Magic (He disturbingly resembles one very famous Indian actor-director Raj Kapoor in this. Good).
4) Mia Wasikowska*- The Homewrecker (plain love... kind of reminds me of Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity.)
5) Ryan Gosling- The Invisible Man (ugh, he should totally play this...).
6) George Clooney- Captain Bligh in Mutiny on the Bounty (I'm sorry, but bahaha for the eyebrows).
7) Viola Davis- Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (scary idea where the bugs came from).
8) Kirsten Dunst- Carol in Repulsion (there's a reason why she sort of invented the manic pixie girl ideal... so much allure, and then just stuff of nightmares).
9) Michael Shannon- Gordon Gekko from Wall Street (the papers were too distracting and unnatural).
10) Jessica Chastain*- The Firestarter (and this is why the whole world wants her- superb).
11) Jean Dujardin*- It's apparently from Green Street Hooligans (very energetic... not that malevolent).
12) Adepero Oduye- Bonnie Parker from Bonnie and Clyde (how is this villainous? It's sad, and melodramatic like Jennifer Lawrence last year).
13) Glenn Close*- The Vamp (sort of in the style of Norma Desmond... her icy cold eyes that have made her so famous help her immensely).

My favourites- women rule with Mara, Wasikowska, Dunst, Davis, Chastain and Close all being absolutely spot on. In the men, it's the Year of the Goz, so how can he not be bloody brilliant? I sort of liked the minimalistic monochrome of last year's better, but with ones like Gosling's, Mara's, Wasikowska's and Chastain's, it sort of makes sense why they went for the spectacular sets and effects. 

Enjoy :D


  1. It's nice to know I'm not alone with Clooney's eyebrows. Almost didn't recognize him.

  2. I really liked Brad Pitt, Rooney Mara, Mia W, Viola Davis (creepy), Shannon and Jessica Chastain!
    p.s. Great song today- Bobby Long Dead&Done blues

  3. @Anna- Haha, I know right. So weird.

    @Aziza- Yes Pitt was good too, but man Shannon's flying papers were weird :P
    That's a good song. You're welcome :)

  4. These are awesome! Especially Mia, Rooney and Jessica. And the Gos, of course! is Rooney Mara even human? She is so, so, so beautiful.

  5. She is, but how is the Gos real? How?? He's too perfect for words.

  6. Totally awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  7. They really are :D You're welcome.