Thursday 24 November 2011


And it's time to flex my brain muscles again (are there muscles in the brain? Idk)! Woo hoo! Which is great because they seem to have died in my attempts to study for my upcoming exams next week. WOO HOO!!

1) This week I saw When Harry Left Hogwarts, i.e., the documentary made about the filming of the last two Harry Potter films. It was so sad. I have been obsessing about how my life has ended with the end of the film series, but there were so many people whose lives actually and completely depended on it. As much as I was the kid cast to succeed, I really hope all of the enormous cast and crew get jobs too. One of my favourite parts in the documentary was about all the dwarves who played the goblins, and one of them was an original Oompa Loompa, and how Warwick Davis's kids too got to be a part of it. The fears of the kid cast, especially the trio, as voiced by them and the other cast members, was scary. As such, it was a slightly random documentary, but still necessary. Needless to say, I wept a lot in the end, especially when they showed Daniel Radcliffe crying so much. Then I read my own tribute and sobbed even more. If I may say so myself, I am quite proud of it.

2) I did not know that this was happening- Wes Anderson's next, Moonrise Kingdom, has THE MOST AHMAZING CAST ASSEMBLED EVER! Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman, Frances McDormand and Harvey Keitel. NIFNVHLIJHLKMCFEXBHJBNKXIMDIO!!!!!! So much brilliance! I could die. I can not wait for this enough. Another amazing cast is that of Ridley Scott's Prometheus- Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace, Tom Hardy and Fassy himself. Sexy. It is the prequel to Aliens, so I must watch all the Alien movies before watching this, as I have been planning to do for a while now. Still, Accio 2012!!

3) I really want to write something about Woody Allen for LAMBS in the Director's Chair this week, but as expected, I am drawing a total blank. The exams are to blame, and my braindead-ness. *Sigh*

4) Trailers- Woody Harrelson's new drama Rampart has a trailer out. I think it looks very good, and again, brilliant cast. I have seen parts of The Messenger, and I can just imagine how fantastic Harrelson will be. Also, the music is cool. I'm quite looking forward to it. Beauty and the Beast 3D is being released, following the success of The Lion King 3D, which I did not watch unfortunately. I love the original, but it's not exactly the thrilling 3D tale, unlike in the case of The Lion King. Still Belle is my original Disney princess (though I already love Merida the most). The Woman in Black has released a third trailer, and this one too is pretty good. I hope they aren't showing all the good scares in the spooky-licious trailers.

5) Awards season is here and people are starting to put up their prediction charts. As I haven't seen many of the films yet, I am not doing any such thing for now. What I will do is talk about whatever "Oscar buzz-worthy" films I see and what I think of their chances. This week I saw 50/50 and Albert Nobbs. The first was quite good, and I would love to see JGL get nominated for his role, but this is one heavy year in the Best Actor category :-(. His future is bright though, and this is only the beginning for him. I do think he'll get Golden Globe attention, like his much-deserved nomination for (500) Days of Summer. Now Albert Nobbs was tricky. The only thing good about it was Glenn Close, and she was very good, but I think the lack of appeal in the film will hurt her cause. Also it's a Streep year, so Best Actress can go any which way. Mia Wasikowska and Janet McTeer were nice, though I highly doubt they will get any recognition whatsoever. I saw Like Crazy the week before. Felicity Jones was very good but I think the AMPAs will fill the young actress spot with the more daring performances by Rooney Mara and/or Elizabeth Olsen this year. For Anton Yelchin's chances, well if they think about him, they really must think about JGL first.

6)Two Harry Potter related posts, 'cuz the men of Potter are fabulous-
(Aww. C'est la vie Tom. Ryan Gosling just spreads disappointment all around).

(DanRad is my dancing queen).



  1. Prometheus MUST be amazing! Looking forward to seeing 50/50 and just been enjoying listening to The Pixies thanks to your page!

  2. Oh! This is exciting! I need to watch more Woody Allen and Wes Anderson films myself! We should create a club on facebook where we watch Woody Allen and Wes Anderson films and write reviews on them! And we can also write reviews on F.Scott Fitzgerald short stories and different kinds of teas, yes!

  3. @Pete- Yes. I am looking forward to it. 50/50 is very nice. I love dramedies. Haha, no problem :)

    @Iliana- Helloo again. Yes, to everything! I would love to try out different kinds of teas, but my maid has a knack for ruining them.

  4. Uuuh, that's disappointing about Albert Noobs I keep reading it's not very good and I really hoped it will be:/ I have to watch that HP documentary, although I still have not brought myself to watch DH:p2 again, because it's too many emotions for me :)

  5. Even I expected Albert Nobbs to be very good, as the trailer did look promising. There are still some people who liked it, so maybe you will be one of them.
    Oh watch it! Even I've seen it. I saw the film thrice in the theatre. It's worth it. I need to buy the box-set but then WB have done the whole limited edition thing and I don't know if and when it will be released in India.

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog and found it very interesting. From the other comments I am not sure if you too are Scott Fitzgerald fan, but if you are you should pop over and check out

  7. Oh hello to Being Norma Jeane :) I am a F. Scott Fitzgerald fan, definitely, but I don't read nowadays the way I used to before.
    I really like your blog. The Fitzgeralds were all kinds of awesome.
    Thanks for commenting.