Saturday 12 November 2011

It's Ryan Gosling's Birthday!!

"I’m not that good looking. I’m a pretty weird looking guy. I know that but that’s the magic of movies. If you play somebody who’s the romantic lead, it casts that spell and people believe that about you but it’s not true. Every role I got up until The Notebook was the weirdo freak psychopath nerd outsider character guy. I was playing Neo Nazis and gay football players and doing a bunch of weird kids’ TV."
Lies. He's so pretty. I know I should talk about what a great actor he is, which he is, but man this-

What sort of question is that?

Live long and prosper Mr. Gosling. Always be this sexy, do wonders with your career as you are a fantastic actor, and just be my earthquake man forever.


  1. and he is such a good singer, gosh! there must be something seriously wrong with him.

  2. Yes, Ryan, we all find you attractive, haha

  3. @Sofia- No don't say that. He must the like the prototype created for human perfection or something. About the singing- have you seen the videos from the Mickey Mouse Club days? Epic!

    @Ruth- How can we not?

  4. Haha I love Ryan Gosling, I think he is one of few young actors who make the future of cinema brighter!

    Btw, thanks for following me! I am following you now!

  5. This is true. He has got such a great career ahead of him.
    You're welcome and thanks! Great blog btw :D