Friday 11 November 2011


Yes...thoughts and big announcements:

1) So Brett Ratner resigns from his producer job at the Oscars, then Eddie Murphy steps down, and here I am thinking about Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris, or even Ricky Gervais after this year's fiasco at the Oscars, but my chain of thought hasn't yet gotten over when it is announced that Billy Crystal will be hosting it. Now I love Billy, really do, and he has done it 8 times before, but I thought this was such an opportune time for someone like Ricky Gervais as anything, even his brand of insults, will seem brilliant after the Franco-fiasco (I am holding Anna Hathaway blameless- she really tried, and looked very pretty). Also, this might be the big Harry Potter year.

2) Speaking of, those FYC booklets do appear a bit daft, but man, I really need the film to get a Best Picture nomination. I only just realised that the Academy's new rule regarding the BP nominees will prove most fatal to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. If the 10 nominations rule still applied, it had such a good chance. I am just praying that the Academy voters are all fan-girls and fan-boys even though in my head they somewhat resemble those evil priest people in 300. I don't care if it is a pity vote, my childhood and those of millions around the world deserve this!!

3) No trailers this week except the supremely awesome one of Snow White and the Huntsman or as I like to call it- Charlize Theron's Supremely Epic Portrayal Of The Evil Queen Movie. This looks so good... inconceivable! Theron does have that old school va-va-voom thing about her, and I love how she's using it here. I always thought Snow White, and her name, was idiotic, so the fact that Kristen Stewart is playing her and is "destined" to surpass Theron's beauty does not seem all that incredulous. Oh I am such an Alvey Singer in all my love for the Evil Queen. But it's hard not to love her. Chris Hemswort is being a big burly man again, and Cheekbones, or Sam Claflin from Pirates of Caribbean 4, is the prince. The other Snow White film with Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen looks much more whimsical, and she has the Red Queen shades about her. We shall see who will be cooler (I vote for Charlize).

4) Since there are no trailers to show, I will show a Bollywood trailer of this film called Rockstar which releases today. I can't find one with English subtitles, but if you can then please watch. It stars Ranbir Kapoor, who is one of the best young talents in Bollywood right now, and is directed by Imtiaz Ali, who was responsible for the always entertaining, and quite lovely Jab We Met. I don't exactly understand as to how such a premise is set in India. I don't think the whole mass fan-base thing is very innate to Indians, except in the case of religious gurus and political leaders. And such madness for one person is not even that prevalent in the world anymore, save if you are someone from Twilight or Justin Beiber. Oscar-winner A. R. Rahman is the one doing the music, and the songs do sound as rock-ish as I would expect an Indian rock song to sound like. I might see this now, or wait for it to come on the telly in like 2 months. This week is Tintin week!

5) I have done it- yesterday I got an impulse for making a top 100 films list, and very uncharacteristically, I have followed through and wasted a perfectly good holiday. Being impulsive does not work for me. I will probably make another one beginning of next year when I have finished watching some more of the films in my list, but this is it for now. I hope you like it, and you are totally free to not read any of the crap I have written under the titles as they were written between the hours of 12 to 3 in the morning.

6) I was reading this post by Stevee Taylor of Cinematic Paradox, and one of her answers gave me an impulse (again with these impulses!) to create an ecard from someecards. This is for her, and me, and for any man or woman who has loved, and quite rightly so, the marvel that is Ralph Fiennes.



  1. I thought they could have got someone more exciting for the Oscars this year. But I guess they're going for tried-and-true formula. If only Hugh Jackman could host again. I would love to see another opening number from him!

    Your top 100 is really good! I've actually seen most of the films, which is good because usually I look at some people's lists and I haven't even heard of half of the films. You and I have very similar taste! And I love that Fight Club is number one!

    And thanks for the E-Card! I'm so gonna put that up on my wall at home now. I always go on about his name to my friends...I actually named a little teddy I got for my birthday after him. I call him Twistleton for short, haha.

  2. I know right, though Billy Crystal is famous for his BP Nominees songs. Hugh Jackman was the best!

    Thank you!! I know what you mean. I see those lists too and then just feel stupid and ignorant. I love your list as well. I cannot see Fight Club anywhere else!

    Haha, you are welcome:D His name is brilliance. I name things really randomly. I once had this porcelain doll with a mohawk and I named it Bernard Bing-Bong. Twistleton is epic.

  3. Billy Crystal is very good, just go on youtube and look up a segment he did in the 2000s and 2004 called I know what people are thinking right now or something like that!It's hilarious! I think we are going to be fine!

    Oh, and the card is adorable! love it!

  4. I agree. It's just very obvious that he would be the one. I really hope we are fine!

    Haha, thanks. It was one of the more brilliant ideas I have had lately :P

  5. Your top 100 are absolutely great!
    I'm still working on mine, and at first I wanted to put Indian films and others together, but you inspired me to make two lists, too... Thanks!

  6. Thank you so much.
    Yeah I thought it will be easier with a separate Bollywood list. I don't think it'll be a top 100 obviously, but yes, when my Bollywood month, which I have been planning to have for ages but college is a pain, will happen, I shall make it. No problem :)

  7. Okay, now that I'm thinking about it, I might include the Indian films in my top 100... I'm not completely sure. Creating a top 100 is insane! There are so many films I don't remember how much I liked... :(

  8. Haha- do whatever you like. Top 100 is a pain. I'm kind of glad I cheated a bit :P

  9. Oh, I hope that Harry Potter will get nomination too! But I hope even more for Rickman getting in - I see you watched Blow Dry, by any chance are you fellow fan?:)

    Great blog, I'm adding it to the blogs I follow!

  10. Rickman is highly doubtful. I think maybe, like a tiny bit, there is a chance for BP and everything else is the technical stuff, though I love what Desplat did with the score.
    I love Blow Dry. Used to watch it non-stop during my Josh Hartnett-phase, but it's so much fun.

    Thank you :) and thanks for commenting :D