Thursday 17 November 2011


I have so many thoughts, I know I will forget some. But moving on:

1) WTF of the Week- Did people know this? Saoirse Ronan will be starring as lead in Stephenie Meyer's The Host, AKA Non-Twilight book somewhat. What? Why? I mean I was depressed when I found out that Max Irons, who is Jeremy Irons's son, will be there as he will be subjected to all the madness like Robert Pattinson and never be taken seriously. But Saoirse- how can she do this?! She has worked with Joe Wright and Peter Jackson and has an Oscar nomination...she stands to lose all the respect she has gained over the years. I mean all publicity cannot be good publicity when it comes to adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's books! Look at Kristen Stewart...I think she's a good actress (not as good as Saoirse, but still) and people are just sick of her. Meyer is like a curse to all that could have been more brilliant.

2) Harry Potter-director David Yates is going to make a Doctor Who movie. Without Steven Moffat and Matt Smith. Again, why?! I sort of understand if he wants a new Doctor, but I just love Matt Smith's portrayal and look of the Doctor. There is something so poetic and sad about a 900+ year old man who looks so young. And Smith is just so naturally funny and proper and brilliant. But not more than Moffat. Moffat is my new bonafide genius, and I love the way he writes. What is Yates to do without him? I do want to see it, but I don't want to lose this new found-love of the beloved and geeky series. Also, I don't really want Smith to get into the main Hollywood industry, where he might be made to star in crappy stuff. His look is so unique, he should stick with the British industry, or do plays and stuff.

3) J. Edgar sucks it seems... I think only Roger Ebert liked it. But then again, he is a very old man, no matter how hip he usually is. Poor Leo, though I still think the AMPAs will shower him with love and affection. I was going to watch Moneyball this week, but couldn't due to random problems. In the year thus far, I don't think I have seen a truly brilliant performance by an actor. Um, I liked Ryan Gosling in Drive, Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris and Joel Courtney in Super 8- none of which will, most probably, get any Oscar love. Supporting actor-wise, Brad Pitt and Hunter McCracken (he's more of a lead, but I don't know) in Tree of Life were good, as was Albert Brooks in Drive.  Kirsten Dunst is a clear shot for Best Actress nomination for her role in Melancholia, and maybe Viola Davis for The Help. Speaking of which, why is The Help getting so much Oscar buzz? I do not understand. It was not that good. I really liked Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids, but that also seems very improbable for a Supporting actress. Finally, there is always Andy Serkis for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but that seems too avant-garde for the AMPAs to nominate him for anything. I don't remember what else I have seen.

4) many trailers!!!!!! Okay so first, The Iron Lady, in which Meryl Streep plays Margaret Thatcher. It does not do much for me, this trailer. I love Meryl, forever and always, but I just have such little interest in this film. All I like are her Tardis-blue clothes and the pearls. The first proper trailer to The Hunger Games has come out. This is the next big franchise after Harry Potter (Twilight is bull crap and I do not consider it as anything, except crap). I love Jennifer Lawrence in the trailer, and the whole mood has been set for what seems to be an excellent film. Also, it is directed by Gary Ross, who made my beloved Pleasantville, so yes, I am quite excited for this. Pixar's Brave has a trailer out. I don't know about this trailer. It didn't fill me up with bubbling excitement the way I expected it to, but I cannot get over how brilliant Princess Merida looks. She's voiced by my Boardwalk Empire-darling, Kelly McDonald, and I like the Dreamworks-esque look, though as this is Pixar, it will have something much more heart-warming in store for us. I will overlook the trailer and wait anxiously for the film. Mirror Mirror, which is the mad, colourful and slightly terrible alternative to last week's Snow White and the Huntsman, has released a trailer. I hate it, but it seems like fun. And Evil Queen, Julia Roberts this time, is still the best part. Well almost as Armie Hammer as the prince is one great piece of inspired casting. Finally, Titanic 3D has a trailer out to the same film as the one released 14 years back. It got James Cameron his Oscar and the first couple of billions, even though he thinks blue people from Pandora got him more acclaim. Also, that song. I don't know what my emotions are telling me about this film.

5) I absolutely adore them, but it's just not fair how gorgeous the Fanning sisters are. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
This just makes me think about all the inequality and injustice in the world.

I'm still furious. And bye.


  1. Finally, someone who agrees with me when I say that Armie Hammer as the prince in Mirror, Mirror is perfect casting! Seriously, that guy is perfect. Well, he's a little tall...but I swear he's created by angels or something.

    I think I might start up an Oscar prediction page, just so I can get them all on paper. I have a fair idea of who should be nominated, but I don't know if everyone will fit in. The Best Actor race has so many contenders, I'm getting a bit nervous. I'll try put it up this weekend!

    No love for The Help? I loved that movie. But mind you, I was a little biased because I had read the book, and I loved that too. Plus, Jessica Chastain is amazing in that movie. I love her.

    Gosh, the Fanning sisters are so beautiful! Life is so unfair :(

  2. He is too tall, but he's pretty perfect.

    I need to watch these films before predicting things. Ugh. I so hate India sometimes. Then again my predictions will not equal to the actual thing. Ugh ugh.

    The Help was nice, but not Best Picture worthy, come on! If that gets nominated and not Harry Potter, it will be gross injustice. I loved Jessica Chastain too.

    Fannin sisters are beautiful and talented. Life sucks.

  3. I love that picture of Elle and Dakota, Elle was especially impressive in Super 8 - she was the best thing about the movie.
    I'm pissed about these news about Saoirse too - she and Kristen are both too good for such material.

  4. 1. I am kinda of afraid for this movie, I hope it doesn't go the Twilight route. Also, I don't know if you read the book, but they totally mixed the 2 guys. Jake Abel is totally Jared and Max is Ian, but they were cast the other way around.
    2.Not a Doctor Who fan!
    3. A lot of negativity for J.Edgar, but I still want to give it a try!
    4. Trailer week has been interesting: The Iron Lady looks boring, Mirror Mirror is crazy, but funny at times and I will see it, Hunger Games looks good to me and I have read the books!
    5. The Fanning sisters are great! I like Elle more!

  5. @Sati- I quite loved Joel Courtney too, but she was amazing. Elle and Dakota are both incredible, but I love Elle more.
    SO PISSED RIGHT?!! I know. And the thing is that she's seen what has happened to Kristen. Why would she subject herself to that?

    @Aziza- 1) So afraid for the movie! I have not. I read Twilight after watching the first one and that was before the hype, so it was somewhat bearable. Then I read Eclipse and wanted to kill myself for having wasted so many hours on it. We'll see. Max Irons is smoking though.
    2) Haha. I don't think many people who follow this blog are. I wasn't one myself like a month back. But it's great :)
    3) I think so will I, and I have this feeling that I might even end up liking it.
    4) I have not read The Hunger Games books, but with Lawrence and Ross onboard, I am excited.
    5) I love Elle. If The Princess Bride was made now, she would play Buttercup. But yes, they are both great.