Wednesday 19 February 2014

This is a Poster-Appreciation Life- 2013 edition

Who doesn't love a good poster? 2013 movies had some pretty remarkable poster though I am really starting to feel that official posters aren't half as fun or creative as the teaser ones. You'll see.

First, let's start with the boring stuff-
At least August: Osage County's one sheet is somewhat funny but there really isn't any imagination put in either of these posters. Just stills from the movie. Even the fonts are dull.

In contrast, these three just hit the nail on their USPs without getting boring. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is about Ron Burgundy and the mustache *is* kind of a big deal when it comes to him.
In case of the one sheet of The Kings of Summer, though the tagline is larger than the name of the film, it shows that this film is about a bunch of boys having fun in the nature and it really captures that spirit, which was what made the film so enjoyable.
And All is Lost is simply put 'Robert Redford stranded on a boat' and again, the poster is really showing that.

Somebody at Marvel got stingy-
I actually liked the Iron Man 3 poster when it came out but COME ON! More imagination, please?

Character posters galore-
Every film nowadays has a character poster set. While I do think it was necessary for something like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2 as it was the end of a major franchise that had so many people in it, I think in most other cases, they're just kind of bleh.
The Great Gatsby character posters, for those literary nerds who *really* wanted a Myrtle Wilson poster. I won't be too mean about it though because the poster with Isla Fisher's Myrtle is my favourite among these.

And American Hustle of course. LOOK! SPARKLE, HAIR AND CLEAVAGE! TA DAAAA!!! Again, I happen to love the ones with the ladies and I actually feel that this film probably only needed character posters and not a normal movie one.

Posters I really like because of their colour-
This too uses an image from the movie itself but the shades make it romantic and wistful. 

Xavier Dolan is some insane prodigy when it comes to colour. The film was gorgeous and so is this poster. 

It's the most elusive one sheet of the year, but it's just so captivating! Something about the blue-grayness of the eyes against that shirt and the background. And of course, Joaquin Phoenix's face is magical.

I could have never guessed what the movie was about if I had just seen this poster, but it's alluring. And I like that it has colour. And Frances is dancing :)

There were a number of posters for Blue is the Warmest Colour but this one is my favourite. Mostly because of the blue, on both the background and in Lea Seydoux's hair. It's straightforward and eye-catching.

And the (almost) monochrome beauties-
I just really like the simplicity and the starkness of these two.

A thousand silhouettes...
Though both these films ended up being meh, I like how the posters capture the iconographies of their respective franchises. Superman's speed, his cape, and the way both of them sort of merge make a rather striking one sheet for our man of steel. And while the movie kind of wasted Benedict Cumberbatch's Khan (spoilers?), this Star Trek Into Darkness poster emphasizes on his destructiveness well and of course there is the cool Starfleet sign amidst all that.

Tease away: Why weren't these the official posters again?
A lot of people complain about the shallowness of the character of The Bling Ring but Sofia Coppola had warned us from the beginning. You don't even need to see their faces. Their designer shades tell all.

This poster is hilarious. Yes, it kinda sorta encapsulates the father-son theme of the movie, but I almost wish the movie was about biker Ryan Gosling taking care of a baby. That would've been fun.

My favourite thing about The Wolverine was how comparatively small scale it was and how that helped focus most of the story on Hugh Jackman's legendary mutant. I like the simplistic yet powerful approach on this teaser poster too.

Much like the Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness posters above, both these posters evoke the spirit of Disney, though in very different ways. I think the Saving Mr. Banks one sheet is adorable. Some of my most favourite moments in the movie was whenever it referenced Mary Poppins and this poster shows that. And the Escape from Tomorrow one is plain cool. I want it on my wall even though I have little-to-no interest in watching the movie.

Disappointing movies with great posters-
By far the most disappointing movie of last year, and I *do* blame the posters partly for my raised expectations.
(PS. this isn't the last mention of Only God Forgives in this list)

This is such a crazy one sheet but it's awesome too. Unfortunately, the film only got the first part right.

Coming to my absolute favourites of the year...
Again, the teaser posters rule. The actual Catching Fire posters, character or otherwise, are very generic and blah, but these two teaser posters are stunning. I love the colours in the first and the details in the second. Shame the studios don't run with the more artistic one sheets.

Spring Breakers had a plethora of posters. My favourite is yet to come but these two beauties came close too. I like how different both these posters are in a way, from the font to the feel, and how both apply to the movie. Spring Breakers is a movie that defies definition, hence giving so many options for various kinds of posters.

And now, my top 3-
I still love this poster, no matter what my feelings towards the movie are. It's got the Gos; it's bloody, weird and straight up unforgettable. The movie is *kind of* like that but in a bad way. Ah well.

I can't choose between these two. I absolutely adore both of them. The Spring Breakers one is cheeky, colourful and totally amazeballs in its girly violent spirit, much like the movie. And just the intricacies and attention to detail in the Stoker poster are astounding. I love the thought put into both of them. Brilliant!

And that's it. What did you think? Which 2013 poster was your favourite?


  1. Love your top 2 choices! I think I'd pick Stoker as my favorite too, though that neon Only God Forgives poster is amazing.

    1. Thanks! The OGF one *is* stunning. That film though :/

  2. The neon Only God Forgives and the shades Bling Ring are my favorites of the year, followed by Sandra Bullock floating off into space. Great post though! There were some exceptional posters this year (Ain't Them Bodies Saints would also make my top five), but you are so right about teaser posters being SO MUCH BETTER than the actual ones.

    1. Glad you liked the post! Teaser posters are so much cooler and innovative.

  3. My favourites are Only God Forgives (they made neon look stylish!), the Bling Ring one with all the clothes and accessories laid out, the Gravity poster, Man of Steel (I freaked out - or more like geeked out - when I first saw it) and Her, which has the most beautiful shade of pink, and those eyes...!! It's unforgettable. Oh and Stoker too, yeesss, it's pure art!

    1. They DID make neon look stylish.
      Her and Stoker are too pretty.

  4. I love your top 2-s!! And the monochrome ones are beauties indeed -- I really like Blue's poster and Frances Ha, too. Awesome post, Nikhat!

  5. Wow, I never saw that Stoker poster, it's so damn pretty! Love the Man of Steel one and the second Catching Fire (never saw it anywhere either). I really want to see Laurence Anyway now.

    1. It was the first teaser poster, I think.
      I think you will really like Laurence Anyways and all of Dolan's other films too.

  6. Many great options but I'm especially glad to see THE KINGS OF SUMMER here, I really really liked the movie and the poster is really on point.

    The AIN'T THEM BODIES SAINTS one is my 2013 poster gem, though, I don't even usually focus on them but I had to talk about it in my review. So romantic in its tone until you look closer and realise they're being arrested. That's ingenuity.

    1. The poster makes me happy, just like the film did. I *just* noticed the way it looks as though the boys are jumping through the tagline.

      Agreed on the Ain't Them Bodies Saints one. It's very layered.

  7. Great work! I love the posters you chose because of their color. Also, the Spring Breakers, Trance, Only God Forgives, Stoker and Nebraska ones are fantastic!

    1. Thank you! Those posters are so pretty. I want them.