Monday 25 March 2013

5 Days to Doctor Who- Neil Gaiman

As I said yesterday, one of the best new Doctor Who episodes has been "The Doctor's Wife" which was written by the renowned sci-fi fantasy writer, Neil Gaiman. I have actually read quite a few "Best of Eleven" lists with this episode topping them because it brought the Doctor in contact with his 'Sexy' TARDIS for the first time ever. The episode was beautifully funny, spooky and touching.

This is why when it was announced that Gaiman would be writing the penultimate episode of series 7 called "The Last Cyberman" "Nightmare in Silver", I got v.v. excited. Steven Moffat has told him to make the Cybermen "scary again" which makes sense because I find Cybermen super dull. Gaiman is going back to Classic Who for this and apparently incorporating everything of and about these aliens since the 1960s. We will also see inside them. Warwick Davis to star.

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