Thursday 21 March 2013

Thoughts and FYCs

1) The LAMMYs are here, folks! Here is my banner-
If you would like, please do vote for me in these categories. You can see my blog's design and this is a Weekly Thoughts post. As for Funniest Writer- Q: What is red and smells like blue paint? A: Red paint. *drops the mic and walks away*

The entire Eligibility List is out and I would be checking them out soon. However, I already know that two blogs that I will be voting for a lot are And So It Begins... and Cinematic Corner. Alex Withrow is a shoo-in for the Most Knowledgeable Writer. Dude has watched every movie ever, seriously! And though Being Norma Jeane is in the Best Design category too, Sati's site is, and this is probably the highest praise I can give to anything, the Ryan Gosling of blogs. It's gorgeous! Also, I am conflicted between Alex's "In Character" thingies and Sati's "Visual Parallels" for Best Running Feature.

2) Anyways, getting back to film world, Steven Spielberg was in India recently and is thinking about making a film about the India-Pakistan-Kashmir conflict. Woah! A part of me thinks it will be brilliant and a part of me, i.e. the part that remembers Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom only far too well, is scared. That was one ridiculously inaccurate and racist film and was saved only because Harrison Ford is a god. One of the names being thrown about for the Bollywood cast of the Kashmir film is that of Anushka Sharma, which is awesome because she is a wonderfully charismatic and beautiful actress who can actually act- a rarity in Bollywood. I guess I do want this to happen. Also if Spielberg comes to Calcutta, I'm sooooooooo stalking him.

3) Jane's Got a Gun. I don't really have anything funny to say about that. I don't need to. *drops the mic and walks away*

4) Ryan Gosling is apparently taking a break from acting. RUBBISH, I TELL YA'! Yes, him directing How to Catch a Monster is the single-most awaited event of my life right now, but still. He's an amazing actor! He can't talk all this crap. In the meantime, some stills from his upcoming potential epic, Only God Forgives have been released.

5) Speaking of, my ovaries explode and go to heaven at 7:32 in this video-
This film will be the death of me. It's going to be really experimental though, so I am a tiny bit scared too.

6) TV talk- Season 3 of American Horror Story will be called American Horror Story: Coven. So witches it is, and glamorous ones at that. Can't wait! Bates Motel started this week and it wasn't half bad. Freddie Highmore's face is really weird and distracting, though not in a good way, but he was pretty creepy as Norman Bates. I thought Vera Farmiga's Mrs. Norma Bates was exactly like how I had imagined her to be, except she's obviously much prettier. Girls, thankfully, had a pretty great season finale. Was anyone else reminded of Manhattan's Isaac Davis when Adam ran across Brooklyn streets to Hannah? They are both completely insane romantic gestures if you think about it.

7) TrailersDespicable Me 2 looks fun enough. You know, I would really like to have some minions. THE BEST STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS TRAILER YET! As much as I love Kirk and Spock, I am definitely going to end up siding with Benedict Cumberbatch's villain. I know it.

8) Oh and have you guys been listening to Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. It's absolutely fantastic. Everyone in it is doing a great job, with special props to Scottish king, James McAvoy and the angel of voices, Benedict Cumberbatch (yes, I did just write that. It's allowed because it's true).

9) New header and sidebar pictures. YAAY!

10) Finally, Matt Smith wants to be a Bond villain. I don't know if he's menacing enough to be a main villain, but he can be like a side-villain and fight Q. I would really, really, really like that. So would, it seems, Sir Ian McKellen-
Would not mind sharing Matt Smith with him one bit. Nope.

Please vote and adieu!


  1. "the Ryan Gosling of blogs"!!!! Oh my God, thank you so much!!

    I didn't even know about this AHS news, awesome about the witches, can't wait.

    Jonathan Ross's show was so funny, loved all the cock talk with Dance and McKellen reaction backstage :)

    1. You are most welcome.

      I knew you would be happy :)

  2. Hey, I'm up in the running for Best Running Features and Most Knowledgable Blogger as well! Can I get a shout-out?

    BTW, I'm baffled by all of the stuff that's happening on Jane's Got a Gun. I'm not going to judge anything as I want to know why Lynne Ramsay left the production from her words? I just hope I don't wait another 9 years for a new film from her.

    1. Oh I haven't checked out all the categories yet. I will give a shout-out next week :)

      I've only seen We Need to Talk About Kevin from her, but I thought it was excellent. I don't know what's going on either.

  3. 3.) (sigh) Yes, exactly.


    1. 9) Thanks. That's seriously one of the best scenes ever.

    2. Holy crap, I just saw what you said about my blog... THANK YOU! That's really very kind of you, Nikhat :)

    3. You are welcome. It's true :)

  4. love the header. I'm completely OBSESSED with American Psycho!

    Congrats on the submissions Nikhat, and best of luck for noms!

  5. Well, McKellan makes for a great villain, really - just watch the first two X-Men movies. I know that he's not exactly young and spritely, but Donald Pleasance didn't look like a match for a young Sean Connery, either...

    Sorry about Temple of Doom. When you've grown up in America, you don't learn much about modern-day foreign cultures or countries until late high school (if at all). As such, I enjoyed ToD as a pure popcorn ride entertainment. Being a little older, I still don't know too much about India, Pakistan, or Kashmir over the last several hundred years, but I am more aware of how unpleasant it can be to have your own country portrayed in a way that seems overwhelmed by stereotypes. I guess those poor villagers that send Indy off are the only people treated with some respect by the picture...

    1. Oh yep, completely. I love Ian McKellen. Even more now, what will all the Matt Smith love and him marrying off Patrick Stewart.

      It wasn't even stereotypical. It was just so odd. Who eats monkey brains?

  6. Good luck at the LAMMYs! Don't worry, I voted for you! ;)

    Yeah, the whole Jane's Got a Gun situation is a mess, but I'm curious to see how it turns out.

    Can't wait for Gosling's upcoming projects!

    1. Thanks! I voted for you too :)

      Me too.

      Oh Gosling <3