Thursday 26 April 2012


Another week people. It rained here the other day and it was amazing. But then, the bugs came. Ugh Indian monsoon -.-

1) I have no one to watch The Avengers with. I hate this world. Team Loki forever! Also, speaking of other blockbusters and teams, Josh "Peeta" Hutcherson adopted a special needs puppy and named it Driver, after Ryan Gosling's mysterious character in the awesome Drive. So obviously, I am with the bakers now!

2) Okay am I the only one who hates studios revealing information on sequels before the first part has even been released? I mean as evident as it is that nothing will happen to Ironman and Black Widow in The Avengers, they can shut up about how RDJ and Scarlett Johannson are returning in Ironman 3 for a second. Especially considering The Avengers is what all the other Marvel films have been building up to. Having said that, I am beyond pumped about the other cast members joining Ironman 3- Sir Ben Kingsley as the villain, the always brilliant Guy Pearce and maybe even La Chastain, in some sexy scientist role. Also, it seems that The Amazing Spiderman 2 is already getting written by the Star Trek writers. The first part hasn't even released yet. It is okay to plan ahead, just release the news afterwards.

3) Best Film News of the Week- The World's End, which is said to be the last part in the Blood and Ice Cream/ Three Cornetto Flavours Trilogy, all directed by Edgar Wright and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, aka Best Onscreen Couple EVER, is being written. Or rather has already been written by Wright and Pegg and its second draft is ready. OMGOMGOMG! I live for the day it gets made, and I am seriously not exaggerating. Let the world literally end after that and I would not care at all.

4) And now for some bad news, at least for me- the much awaited Darren Aronofsky "Noah" movie has found its savior, in the form of Russel Crowe. Ai yai yai... I really do not like Crowe. He's my anti-Depp and I find it very difficult to sit through his films. Gladiator was good but I did fall sick after watching it. And I like L.A. Confidential because it is a great film and has Guy Pearce and Kevin Spacey in it. I have only been looking forward to his next film Les Miserables because it will have the wonderful Hugh Jackman singing in it. I was quite excited and intrigued about the "Noah" film... I don't know how much I want to see it anymore.

5) Trailers- The trailer to Oliver Stone's Savages was released a few weeks back but I forgot to post it. It's a bit crazy, but I guess we expect that from a Stone movie. However, the block of stone that is Blake Lively telling us at the beginning of the trailer that she may die at the end of the story is a humongous faux pas. It just makes the film extremely predictable no matter how it ends unless she is somehow strapped onto a cow-shaped Death Star and oh I don't know... it's all bad!! I do like the fact that it has Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro though. Hope Springs, which has Queen Meryl reuniting with The Devil Wears Prada director, David Frankel. It looks sweet and also stars Tommy Lee Jones, who is always a delight in lighter roles like this one, and Steve Carell. The *hopefully* final trailer to Pixar's Brave has been released. I can't wait for this film and Merida's hair enough. Lawless has a friggin' awesome trailer out. Firstly it has an absolute dream cast- Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Mia Wasikowska, Gary Oldman, Guy Pearce and oh so sexy Jessica Chastain. Secondly, I love Prohibition-era stuff, especially those big-ass tommy guns. Finally, the trailer of the week comes in the form of the lovely Ruby Sparks. I love Paul Dano! It is made by the wonderful people who made Little Miss Sunshine and I completely adore the premise of the story. I can see myself becoming obsessed with this film and hating reality even more after that. It also stars the likes of Annette Benning, Antonio Banderas and Steve Coogan.

6) Finally, I'm in love with this song and video-

Adieu mon chérie.


  1. I haven't been to the cinema in ages, and especially alone as well. (Which is what I used to do all the time when seeing films.)

    If you have no one to go with, just go by yourself - you'd be surprised how much of a good time that you can have doing things on your own!

    And I definitely agree with you about Russel Crowe. Never was a fan.

    1. I'm sort of not allowed to go alone though my family may be turning a corner due to my regular feminist outbursts :P

      Ugh Russel Crowe.

  2. I hear Saoirse Ronan is also joining Noah :) I don't like Crowe, but on the other hand I didn't like Portman either, so maybe it will be good. I have no one to see The avengers with too, I'm probably going to see this alone :) All my friends are waiting for Snow White and the Huntsman for different reasons - mostly for Charlize, though :)

    1. See now Ronan joining Noah changes things. I really hate Crowe though.
      Can't blame your friends- Charlize looks ahmazing!

  3. If you don't have anyone to go see Avengers with, just go alone, there's no shame- it might be even better! also, Team Loki forever!
    I really liked the Ruby Sparks trailer, I want to see the movie, I love me some Paul Dano and imaginary girlfriends!

    1. Na I threw a fit and got someone :P Totally worth it to act like a spoilt brat sometimes.

      I love me some Paul Dano and imaginary girlfriends too :D

    2. *someone to go with. Just 'got someone' sounds really odd.

  4. I think I'm going to see The Avengers with my father. Fun. Otherwise, I'll loner it, because I always go to the cinemas alone!

    And hey, Josh Hutcherson named his dog Driver? Respect. He is the coolest person alive right now.

    Lawless looks great, and so does Ruby Sparks - I think it's cool that Zoe Kazan wrote it, I'm such a big fan of hers!

    1. I think I will 'loner' films from now on.

      I know right! And I don't even like dogs, or Josh Hutcherson!

      I haven seen only one Zoe Kazan film- It's Complicated :/
      But she looks amazing and the trailer to Ruby Sparks does too!!

  5. There are so many curses I used when I read #3; we're really creative with those here. I love frost and pegg and wright. I still remember taking a date to hot fuzz and immediately knowing I had to take my brother too; like 10 mins into it.

    Love #4! Crowe doesn't work for me as well as most everyone else. Sounds worse for you, tho. Gladiator was not so enjoyable for me, but the thought of Hugh Jackman does lm is very heartening.

    And, yes! Sequel news is arrogant and annoying. I wrote an article on trailers and how I feel about them No one should release a trailer a year before the film comes out, and it's the same issue.

    1. We're really creative with curses here too ;-)
      Yes I've been educating my 11 year old brother on Edgar Wright stuff :)

      I don't know why I hate Crowe- I just do :s Jackman in Les Mis will be awesome!!

      Sequel news IS arrogant and annoying. Also, totally with you there regarding trailers.