Thursday 19 April 2012


         I'm back in India. I've seen only 3 films yet and the damn heat is killing me and I want to live in a fridge! Okay then... moving on.

1) The 2012 Cannes Film Festival's line-up has been released. It is pretty amazing and I really wish I could go there and watch the films. It starts with one of my most anticipated films of this year, Moonrise Kingdom. The other films include Cosmopolis, On the Road, Rust and Bone, Lawless, Paperboy, Amour, Like Someone in Love, Killing Them Softly and so on. Some of these will most certainly go down as the best of the year (see: The Tree of Life, The Artist and Drive from last year).

2) Speaking of On the Road, the promoters have been releasing character posters for a while now. They were being released in sort of an ascending order of importance, or well presence of the characters in the book. Until they decided to release the poster of Kristen Stewart as Marylou last. That is really odd. Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty, played by Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund respectively, are the true leads of the novel and I don't get why that is being overlooked because Stewart is the "bigger star". This film has an impressive cast with the likes of Oscar nominees Viggo Mortensen and Amy Adams. Sigh... I'll never truly get marketing. My favourite poster is that of Kirsten Dunst's as Camille. It is absolutely transplendent.

3) Well even though I don't understand marketing, I know that the Prometheus team are true masters of it. I'm sure everyone has seen the viral of Fassy as David, the gently creepy android. All the websites posted about it at once, though my favourite is the one by Sati at Cinematic Corner. She was also the first one to voice out the fact that this implies robotic Fassys for everyone! I voiced it aloud to myself... that doesn't count, does it? Another post this week I really loved, and well contributed a teensy bit towards, was Stevee a.k.a. Christopher's Conversation with Mean Girls. I love everything Mean Girls. Even if it punches me in the face, it will be AWESOME.

4) I've spent the majority of this week watching John Green videos on his VlogBrothers Youtube channel. I know that I am very very late to this party, but man oh man, so glad I came! I love him even more now. Also his kid is the cutest thing in the world, and I don't even like babies! All hail Henry Green.

5) Trailers- Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike has a trailer out. This was being called the male stripper movie, and I thought it will be the objectification of men in all its splendour, but it is yet another romantic-y film with Channing " Human Blowfish" Tatum in it. Gahhhhh! With custom furniture, no less. The trailer of Pitch Black Heist, a short film starring Fassy and Liam Cunningham has a gorgeous black and white trailer out. The trailer to Here which stars Ben Foster, looks simple and beautiful. It has a gorgeous poster too, though I can't find a link presently. Finally there is Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, which is one of the films being shown at Cannes this year. It looks mental, but I am intrigued enough to give The Fly a try (that rhymed!) asap. Also, I think Robert Pattinson looks really goooood...  he doesn't need to sparkle anymore, thank god.

6) Finally, with everyone going gaga either for or against Titanic 3D (I have no opinion because the bloody IMAX here isn't showing it!!), this seems relevant-

Ways Titanic could have ended-
Bloody James Cameron and suicidal Leo!! My Jack :'(

Sorry for spoiling the ending for the two people who haven't seen Titanic yet. The ship sinks too :(



  1. Have you seen the Fassy as David gif? It's pretty funny/creepy/awesome!

    1. Which one? They're all pretty funny/creepy/awesome :P

  2. Every single thought was great :)
    Can't wait for Cannes and On The Road- that's my most anticipated film. Also, did you know Dunst is dating Garrett Hedlund? they are adorable together.
    Fassbender is so good in that viral video, and yes, the marketing for Prometheus has been fantastic so far!
    Didn't see the Titanic photos until now- fair point, I love it!

    1. Thanks :D
      I knew they were dating, yes. Hedlund has to really convince me in On the Road... I'm still not on board yet completely.
      Fassy is crazy good.
      I wish Cameron would've seen them :(

  3. every time i think of titanic, i say, ''he died because couldn't move a bit!? then she buries him at see. then she tosses the necklace bc ''f poor people,'' i guess.

    1. I know right! He could've survived (or at least that's what I keep telling myself).

  4. Thank you for the link! I dare say if they actually made those androids and sold them, they would get more money than from the ticket sales for the film itself :) I really love those On the Road posters, the one you mentioned with Dunst is great, but I think the ones with Stewart and Adams are my favorites.

    1. You are welcome. Oh my god, they'll make more money than any film ever made. I will buy one of those firsts then maybe a car or something.
      Yeah Stewart's and Adams's posters are nice too. I like Elisabeth Moss's as well.