Thursday 29 September 2011


Okay so...

1) I saw Antichrist yesterday. I've actually watched a number of films in the last few days and hopefully I will be reviewing them all in my holidays which start next week, but Antichrist is not getting a review because I don't wanna think about it (I can hear Lars Von Trier in my head going "Fat Chance"). But seriously, what a disturbing film! I mean I knew it'll be weird, but THIS weird- nooooo, never even crossed my mind. And how could it? I thought it started out great...I quite liked the opening sequence, and it was going sort of fine till the last half hour or so. Then I sat watching, cringing in horror, silently screaming ('cuz I didn't wanna wake up my grandparents) "What the Fuck!" and holding on to my pillow for dear life. And can I just say that even though Charlotte Gainsbourg was really scary in the film, I love her voice so much!  Also I think I'm taking a break from Von Trier for sometime.

2) Have you heard this? Apparently for Elizabeth Bennet's role in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, they are now considering Blake Lively. Yuck! She's terrible! She's a block of stone...a super hot block of stone with very long legs, but a block of stone nonetheless. She was the worst thing about The Town, even though I despise Ben Affleck. I've read a bit of the book, and it's nothing amazing, but I do like the concept. Lizzie Bennet is an icon, and I can just imagine Lively butchering the British accent, and that's only the start. Ofcourse, being a girl who has read the original countless times, what I am personally really really looking forward to is the casting of Mr. Darcy. None of the onscreen Mr. Darcys, that I have seen, were what I would imagine him to be like exactly, though Colin Firth did come very close (however he was even better as Mark Darcy). I'm just going to say Matthew Goode, because I need him to do something like this. He already missed out on playing Jay Gatsby for which he, I thought and still do, would have been perfect. So he should be the Beast in Guillermo Del Toro's Beauty and the Beast or Mr. Darcy in this.

3) Trailers- New Year's Eve. Ugh, why Garry Marshall, why? Valentine's Day is easily one of the worst romantic comedies ever, and then he has to follow it with a similar, stupid theme, or day. Oh random fact: did you know in India there are different New Years celebrated for different parts of the country? Pretty cool yeah... I don't know why I wanted to write that. Guess it means that this film won't be remade into a worse Bollywood film. Hurrah for that! Anyways, I liked Abigail Breslin in the trailer, who definitely isn't little miss sunshine anymore (despite the colour of her bra- please see the trailer for that before judging me on that statement), and Sofia Vergara because I love her! Oscar-nominated Stephen Daldry's Extremely Loud and Incredible Close has the next trailer. It is based on a novel by Jonathan Safran Foer. I've been meaning to start reading his works for a while now but I have a faint idea about this story being about 9/11 and a boy and a key. The trailer shows that, and also that the boy isn't really a great actor and yeah. I will still watch it, not on Christmas though because that is probably going to be my The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo day. This is because I love The Hours and Billy Elliot and it might be a very nice film. Man on the Ledge's trailer came out last week, but I was thoughtless so I didn't post it. It has Sam Worthington as the lead and well, the man on the ledge. He plays a wrongly accused convict who is out to prove his innocence. I like the idea and the cast, but I hope it doesn't turn out to be something really stupid and generic.

4) Finally, what do you call this- Cloosling? Gooney?
I call it LOVE...

Over. Oh oh, I am hoping to dedicate October, that is just round the corner, to horror films for the whole Halloween thing, or maybe the second-half of it. I even have the perfect banner planned. Speaking of which, have you seen my superbly awesome banner? :P Now seriously over.



    Sorry, I'm just finding it hard to contain my jealousy. This is jealousy which I may have to contain for like, the next six months.

    Oh gosh, I really wanna see Antichrist. In fact, I'm all ready to see it, I just have to get my sister to get it out for me since I'm so underaged. But your's put me off! It's made me weak!

    I'll watch it, sometime.

    Just after seeing Dogville, I'm taking a break off Von Trier. Which reminds me, I have a copy of Manderlay which I should take back and get out at a later date.


  2. Bahahahaha..yes I have! :D And I will watch it again, and once more in Dubai! :D :D

    Man Antichrist. I thought I was mature enough to see it...clearly not. I will just say watch at your own risk; you may end up liking it more than I did.

    I wanted to watch Dogville and The Idiot, but yeah...not for a while now. I need to stay away from Von Trier films and watch light happy stuff.

  3. Yea Antichrist was the pinnacle of disturbingly weird. I wasn't too much of a fan of the movie...

    I find it hilarious that some people in Hollywood are trying to push Blake Lively as some kind of movie star. She is as bland and uninteresting a talent as it gets.

  4. She really is. I think she will succeed in the movie star thing though. Not because she can act, because SHE CAN'T and that's a universal fact, but because she's blond and pretty and has long legs. Maybe she'll be in the next Michael Bay epic.