Wednesday 14 September 2011

Is it weird...

that I am a girl and I still want to be him-

Ah well, I'm just happy being her then- 


  1. Nothing wrong with that at all! Everyone wants to be Indi!

    In the Star Wars universe, I always wanted to be Yoda, Han Solo or Chewbacca.

    In LOTR, though I love Arwen and Eowyn does kick some serious ass in Return of the King, I always wanted to be Gandalf (he was, and still is, the coolest LOTR character to me.)

  2. Nah, it's pretty damn too awesome for any weirdness to linger ;)

  3. There is a new page on Facebook "Pushing open double doors and feeling like Aragorn"
    Immediately made me want to be Aragorn, just so I can do that, and his amazing speech before charging into battle in ROTK.

  4. I love how people have commented on my random-est post ever. Such is the power of Indy!

    @Cherokee- Everyone does, don't they? And those who don't are just lame.
    I have not seen Star Wars so I HP world, I want to be Luna Lovegood, or McGonagall.
    OOOH LOTR- I love everyone in that except Frodo and Saruman. But Eowyn kicks ass like none other, and Legolas is so coooool. Thanks for commenting.

    @Castor- Agreed!

    @Ruth- Oh My Dumbledore, I must go and like that page now! Aragorn is pretty damn awesome. I love it when he charges with the ghosts and his sword. Actually any shot that he is with a sword is brilliance. Thanks for commenting.