Friday 9 September 2011


Okay so lots of thoughts:

1) I literally just read this- Amitabh Bachchan will be in Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of The Great Gatsby. WHAAAT?!! What is Baz Luhrmann doing? I keep getting less and less impressed with this film. First of all, and worst of all (oh I'm such a poet!), it is in 3D, which makes no friggin' sense whatsoever. Then there is Leonardo Di Caprio in the titular role. See I have nothing against Leo, but it is a fact that Luhrmann does wonders with a truly romantic looking actors. Leo was like that during Romeo+Juliet times, but not so much anymore. Also, this was the one of the big flaws of Australia *shudders*. After that there is Carey Mulligan. Now I love Carey Mulligan; how can I not? But, I just cannot see her as Daisy. I still think Kirsten Dunst would have been the best choice. Dunst has a dream-like thing about her, which is how Daisy was. Mulligan is amazing, but she, in my opinion, has a sadder face. I mean she's adorable, but in a non-Daisy way. Gah I cannot explain it! I think the best casting choice so far has been Tobey Maguire as Nick Carrow. I, for one, was hot for Nick throughout the book, and I can see Maguire being really effortless with it. I suppose it is all cute that bffs Leo and Tobey are working together, but I don't know. Bachchan actually, now that I am thinking about it, might be good, but we shall see.

2) Eddie Murphy is gonna host the Oscars. Honestly, I am fine with it. Just as long as he doesn't bore us and stand there like a stoned idiot with an I-Phone. *cough*Franco*cough* Or if he must, he shouldn't post a huge number of deceiving promo videos. Also, Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris should host the Oscars together already. Dunno what they're waiting for. NPH was in Beastly, and is totally legit.

3) So I have a new film that I am dying to see now. Shame by Steve McQueen, starring Michael Fass(y)bender. I just saw Hunger, which was McQueen's directorial debut with Fassy himself. What a disturbing, brutal, no-holds-barred film! Fassy has rocked me to my core now, and I have to seriously start rethinking my favourite performances by an actor list.  Shame promises to be great and everyone in Venice seems to love it, and it might just win the Golden Lion. YESS! Especially with all this non-lovey-dovey-ness towards The Ides of March (O.o) and from what I can understand, little doubts about Carnage, A Dangerous Method and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, I do need a proper "The Social Network" film of the year.

4) Okay good week of Hollywood in Calcutta this week! Well sort of. Contagion and Friends with Benefits has released, neither of which I am remotely stoked to see. But I will, because such an opportunity will not present itself to me very often. I actually think I have become immune to Steven Soderbergh, which is like sacrilegious. I mean I have had it with films about viral infections or whatever, and Haywire doesn't appeal to me except for a very hot Ewan McGregor. Even Fassy dies, so what's the point? Soderbergh, I need an Ocean's Fourteen, I think.

5) Posters!- The Rum Diary has a delightful poster. I come from a family of teetotalers and alcohol just has a strange attraction for me (I hope my mother isn't reading this). I especially like the "Mix Well" part on the poster...rather cheeky. And Johnny Depp + Rum should logically mean brilliance, so... Young Adult has another hilarious poster, which is definitely more unique. I have a feeling that Charlize Theron's character is this is going to become my future role model, along with the dahlin' old Bridget Jones. Jason Reitman is one of my favourite filmmakers, so I definitely excited for this one.

6) Finally..has anyone seen this?
Pretty awesome right? Who would you cast in Inception-of-the-50s? William Holden as Cobb, and then?

Hope I have any thoughts for next week left :P


  1. Ohmygoood - the idea of NPH and Hugh Jackman hosting the oscars together would be a dream!!!
    I have yet to read the Great Gatsby but I have been facepalming every time I am reminded that it is in 3D...for gods sake Baz, what are you doing?!?

  2. Interesting take on The Great Gatsby. DiCaprio hasn't really played a purely romantic lead in a long time but that doesn't mean he doesn't have it anymore. Shave that beard he's got and he is back! ;) I can see what you are talking about in regards of Daisy. Kirsten would probably have been a solid choice.

  3. @Ruth- Have you seen what NPH and Jackman did for the Tony's? THAT was brilliance! I facepalm myself too at the thought of a 3D Great Gatsby. I mean what's the point? The parties would look more real? :S

    @Castor- Maybe he still has it...he's a great actor, but it still does not fit in my head. If I had it my way (the right way :P) I would put Matthew Goode. And Leo should, for once in his life, do a fun role!
    I know...Kirsten would have been so good.