Thursday 1 September 2011


Let's start with a video today:

Brilliance, ouie?

1) This reminded me of  the Pixar-related thought that I had to write about in last week's weekly thoughts but forgot to. Anyways apparently Pixar is working on a project regarding the human mind. Oh Fuck Yes!!!! It "explores a world that everyone knows, but no one has seen: inside the human mind" How insanely incredible will this be?! People at The Film Experience Blog have already compared it to Inception, but better. Now in case I have not made clear the extent of my love and admiration for Pixar, I must tell you about a certain dream of mine. I want to be a waitress in the cafes at Pixar Studios. So very bad. I have a theory that everyone should be a waiter once in their lives to get people skills and humility and hopefully, cute uniforms. Might sound silly, but I am convinced that waiters in Pixar Studios dress up as the various characters from the Pixar films. Can you imagine? I can be Mike Wazowski or Mrs. Incredible or Bo Peep! A friend of mine thinks that it sounds too much like a sexual fantasy though. Ah well, now you know everything about me. And that I LOVE Pixar!!

2) Trailers- I have really not cared all week. There is The Skin I Live In trailer. It just looks really random, but that's probably because I have never seen a Pedro Almodóvar film, who by the way looks like a really swell fellow in his IMDb picture. Anyways, I will be watching Women on the Verge of a Breakdown and All About My Mother soon, which will help me to form some sort of opinion on the director and this film. The next is the teaser for The Hunger Games. Now I know nothing about this film or tv show (?) or book. Everyone else seems really excited about it, and while it is being directed by Gary Ross who made Pleasantville and stars the awesome Jennifer Lawrence, I couldn't give a damn. A huge reason for this is the whole "it will be bigger than Harry Potter" bull. They said the same for The Chronicles of Narnia and for Twilight. Yeah, sure...

3) Today I saw this Bollywood film called Bodyguard. Be sure it was nothing like the English one, or so my father says (I've never seen it). This frustrates me so much! This is exactly the kind of crap that Bollywood is getting known for more and more. It was mindless and annoying and had such terrible albeit abundant effects. I sort of compare it to Transformers: Dark of the Moon because of the lack of story and the expansive amount of effects  put in it, though half of the effects was just the leading actor Salman Khan's face. And I am angry with myself for watching this and not the really good crop of smaller films that had recently released and only my dad saw. There was a film called I Am Kalam in which a poor kid who wants to be educated writes a letter to the former Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, and there was another one called Sahi Dhande Galat Bande (Right Job Wrong Guys)  which is about land-acquisition in Indian villages. Tomorrow there is this film called That Girl in Yellow Boots coming out which has my currently favourite Indian actress Kalki Koechlin, and an eternal favourite Naseeruddin Shah in it. Hopefully it will be good.

4) And, finally September has come, and I am really going to try and up my movie-watching. This will have problems- what without my trusty (or so I thought) hard disk, a wedding in the family and approaching exams. However I am particularly gifted at getting into "wasteful" things during important times. And so we hope.


  1. Hunger Games will never be as big as Harry Potter, but the books were really, really good (take my word for it, it will be better than Twilight!). Plus, everyone seems to love J. Lawrence right about now...

  2. I actually saw the books today. Let's see how the film turns out. As much as I love Lawrence, I keep comparing the little shooting-the-arrow part in the teaser to the Brave teaser, and princess Merida wins! :P