Friday 16 September 2011


1) I just read this at The Film Experience and honestly I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now- remember how I said this year was the Year of the Goz. Well, it might just not be that and be Year of the Fass instead. How does one choose between Ryan Gosling and Michael Fassbender? Both of these men are obviously brilliant actors (even though I haven't seen the "Oscar-buzz" films of this year yet, but you know what I mean). And they are mind-numbingly sexy. And they are effortless in everything they do. I think only after seeing Drive and Shame can I truly decide whose Year it is for me (The Ides of March is still getting lukewarm response and A Dangerous Method is more of a Keira Knightley thing it seems), but it will break my heart.

2) So I haven't seen any films since I don't know when. I have been watching all the True Blood episodes. How amazing is that show? I think, in my adequate vampire-entertainment-related knowledge, it might just be the best vampire thing ever. Followed by Let The Right One In. And then today The Vampire Diaries starts again. And and, tomorrow on the telly, they will show the Movie of the Month- *cue drum roll* Eclipse! And New Moon before that! YESSS!! Surely you must realise that sitting in front of the telly and laughing my ass off at sparkly vampires, poverty-stricken werewolves who cannot afford shirts, and mopey annoying girls right before my exams, is what I do best. Don't you love how I am breaking my movie-watching hiatus with these two films?! Coming back to True Blood, I am so in love with Alexander Skarsgård. I need to see a film in which Skarsgård, Gosling and Fassy play brothers. Or kinsmen. Or soldiers in an army. Or bar-hopping friends. I don't care- I NEED IT!! (Deluded hormone-driven teenage girl fantasies). 

3) I think the big trailer of this week is Cameron Crowe's We Bought A Zoo. It's so lame. I was actually looking forward to it, and then when the trailer came out I realised an important thing in it which I don't like- animals. I am not the biggest animal-movie fan, in the live-action sense. And the film looks terribly sappy. I love Say Anything and Almost Famous, and respect Jerry Maguire, and so I kind of had hope for it, but I dunno. I highly doubt I will watch it. But I am a huge Elle Fanning fan now, and maybe a sudden surge of love for Crowe might make me.

4) Okay one more thing which I was reminded of from the The Film Experience post- I need Alexandre Desplat to get nominated for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. That score is amazing!! I can live and die listening to 'Lily's Theme', I do not kid you. I did download the Tree of Life score by him too, but I dunno. I'll give it another go sometime later. Desplat is also doing the scores of The Ides of March and Carnage. That being said, I am super duper excited for the Trent Reznor-Atticus Ross score in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It seems the 8-minute footage that have been shown in selected cinemas in the US has been well-received. YAAAYY FOR THAT!! I recently finished reading the book, and I can tell you that the Swedish film did no justice to it.

5) I did a really random post on Indiana Jones this week, spurred by Raiders of the Lost Ark coming on the telly, which I could not watch because it was my grandmother's Hindi soap opera-time. These two pictures are just a continuation of that...hipster style!

Thoughts over.

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