Thursday 22 September 2011


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has a proper trailer now. And Oh My Dumbledore it is amazing!! Other things about it-

1) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rooney Mara as Lisbeth. Her hair keeps changing though...
2) Daniel Craig looks faaiiinnee with that stubble.
3) There is a somewhat thick Swedish accent among the people. It was difficult to understand at first, but then it was fine.
4) The music. The bloody awesome music!! Reznor-Ross, I salute you.
5) I know this will be better than the Swedish version.
6) Christopher Plummer still has those Captain Von Trapp blueee eyes.
7) I'm excited to see what Stellan Skarsgård will do with the character of Martin.
8) I liked Erica in the books, and Robin Wright Penn is lovely.
9) I don't know why only one of those Biblical lines were said though, but who cares?!
10) David Fincher is a wonderful, wonderful man.

I think I am going to cry with excitement. Guess what just became the number one candidate of "The Social Network" film of this year?


  1. Funny thing:

    When I started seeing posts about the 4 minute GWTDT trailer this morning, my knee-jerk reaction was to dial it up.

    Then I thought "Hold on - What am I doing?"

    It dawned on me that between seeing the Swedish film and reading the book, I already know everything about this property backwards and forwards.

    So I decided, in this instance, having seen the teaser trailer Sony dropped on us back in May, that I will start ducking publicity for this movie so that I can just let it play.

    Not exactly like going in blind...but at least going in blind-er

  2. I was just thinking the same thing. Well sort of...I was thinking how much more amazing it could have been going into this not knowing anything. But then I thought about what a rare thing it would be to watch an actual good adaptation of a book. And it might even surpass it sooo.
    But yes, I really really really hope and pray they don't keep releasing clips of this. I will definitely duck those.

  3. This is definitely my Inception for this year. Here's hoping that it isn't an R18 (which, by the sounds of it and the rating of the original, it will be).

    As I have read the book and seen the original twice, I guess the only surprise for me will be which direction Fincher decides to take it. But if they release any more clips and stuff, I'll dodge those. I mean, come on, this trailer was nearly four minutes long, that's enough.

    And here are the things I loved about this trailer:
    1) It gets so intense at the end. And when everything just stops for David Fincher's name, that is so badass.
    2) Rooney Mara's Swedish accent is something amazing. I actually think she might get a run in the Best Actress category this year.
    3) I just got reminded of why I had a huge crush on Daniel Craig back in 2007. Damn, he's fiiiiiiine.
    4) Stellan Skarsgard.
    5) The music. One of the reasons why I am most looking forward to this is that I'll be able to get some more Reznor/Ross magic on my iPod.
    6) Robin Wright looks so pretty.
    7) Come on, it's another David Fincher movie.
    8) And it happens to be written by the same guy who wrote my second favourite movie.
    9) It's set in Sweden, still, which happens to be the one country I most wanna go to (I don't know why).
    10) The trailer is just badass.


  4. Haha ME NEITHER!!

    I know I love how intense it gets towards the end. And the music!! And the badass-ness!!

    One thing I noticed in the trailer is the number of shots shown of Mara from the back of her head, especially at the end with her riding the bike. I think this goes with the concept of them giving more importance to Lisbeth. It's through her perspective. I love that!

  5. It looks amazing, I can't wait to see it! The trailer was so well edited,in a such a fast pace, that I was hooked for 2 minutes, I'm sure the movie will have the same effect!

  6. Fincher and brilliant editing go hand-in-hand. I'm pretty sure the film will have the same effect too. Thanks for commenting :)