Thursday 17 April 2014

Across the Universe Podcast: Episode 24

Episode 24: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

In this episode, Mette, Sofia and I talk about the newest Marvel offering, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It's a super fun episode as we introduce a new feature, the uber-sophisticated game of "Fuck, Marry, Kill". As you can guess, we giggle the hell out of this episode but it's a fun one. We hope you enjoy it :)

00:43: Chick-chatter
03:24: Trailer
03:55: Interesting Movie of the Fortnight
17:03: Main discussion on Captain America: The Winter Soldier
55:40: Fuck, Marry, Kill: Superhero edition
1:10:35: Plugs and Goodbyes

David Zippel and Alan Menken "Star Spangled Man"
Marvin Gaye "Trouble Man"
Rufus Wainwright "Across The Universe"

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