Tuesday 3 September 2013

The Month that was- August

        Hellooooo everyone! My exams are finally over!! I can feel life rushing back. And I can blog now! About what I don't know yet, but I'll come up with something. Don't you worry. I managed 20 movies in August so I'm happy about that.

1) In the Loop- After the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, I had to see him action. The movie was good and he was awesome!
2) The Paperboy- Not half-bad. Kidman was on fire and I appreciated all the objectification of Zac Efron.
3) Chennai Express- Bollywood excrement. How could you, Shahrukh?!
4) The Heat- I thought it was really funny and both Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock rocked!
5) Byzantium- Some really interesting ideas in place and occasionally breathtaking visuals.
6) 40 Year Old Virgin- It was fun but I think it's a little over-hyped.
7) The Conjuring- Good, simple, effective horror film with characters one could care about.
8) The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl- The extent to which I can procrastinate is mind-blowing. So bad. So, so, soooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaad.
9) Now You See Me- Enjoyable and incredibly dumb. I wish someone would make a proper good film starring Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg and the lovely Melanie Laurent instead.
10) We are the Millers- Harmless fun.
11) Madras Cafe- Pretty good although the acting left much to be desired and the ending was terrible.
12) Prince Avalanche- Really liked it and Paul Rudd is amazing.
13) Mud- Loved it. The story, the themes, the look, the acting, especially that of Tye Sheridan. A really good movie.
14) Amores Perros- It had been on my watchlist since forever. I liked it a lot but I could not look at a dog for the next two days. And I don't even like dogs.
15) Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan- Really awesome and awful at the same time. I dug it.
16) Stories We Tell- I have decided to consider this a 2013 movie and good luck to any other films this year who think they're going to replace it as my number 1 of the year. It was just *that* fantastic. Blown away completely.

1) Beautiful Creatures- What can I say? I really enjoyed this film.
2) Ghost World- I had not watched it in AGES. Enid Coleslaw is such a role model and I love Seymour always.
3) Legally Blonde- I needed inspiration to keep studying. Elle Woods provided it to me. On this watch I discovered that a Coppola directed her Harvard admissions video. Like, wow.
4) Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day- I'm just a masochist. How else would you explain watching the British Lee Pace scenes over and over again?

TV shows:
1) True Blood, season 6- This show is so stupid but I just can't let go. I mean people get their blood vacuumed out of their bodies and there is fairy vagina-light sex and Alexander Skarsgard just sunbathing naked on top of snowclad mountains and so on. This season was actually a vast improvement from the last one but then it all had to go to shit in the finale. I *did* skip all the werewolf and Sam parts though so there may be something to that. I really hope season 7 is the last one. a) Favourite episodes- It will have to be between "At Last" and "Fuck the Pain Away" because Eric, Jason and Sarah Newlin were all in top form and it felt like old True Blood again. b) MVP- I'm going to go with Anna Camp's Sarah Newlin who had some of the greatest lines and scenes of the series. c) Favourite death- I figured True Blood too needs this category. Season 5's 'Death By Fly' and season 3's Russel Edgington's "We will eat you after we eat your children." are my absolute favourites. This season though, Sarah Newlin killing the Tru Blood lady with her own fancy stilettos takes the cake. And the fact that she prays after that is the awesome icing. 4) Favourite quotes-
Eric: "When you dream of me, dream of nice things."

Sarah Newlin: "I truly believe God wants me to fuck you."

Willa: "Is this going to hurt?"
Eric: "Not the way I do it."

No need of explanations, really.

2) Teen Wolf, season 3- This show is fun, okay! There was a lot more action this time 'round but it still manages to get a lot of laughs. a) Favourite episode- "Alpha Pact". It was really action-packed plus Stiles and Lydia finally kissed so yaay! b) MVP- As much as I love Stiles, and I really really do, I think Holland Roden's Lydia rocked this season. She's kind of inspirational. Also, she's a banshee. c) Favourite quote- This entire exchange had me in stitches.

Stiles: "Missing and presumed dead, Scott, because he was probably a virgin. You know who else is a virgin? Me. I'm a virgin, okay? You know what that means? It means my lack of sexual experience is now literally a threat to my life, okay. I need to have sex. Like right now. Someone needs to have sex with me like today. Like someone needs to sex me right now!"
Danny: "Alright I'll do it."
Stiles: "Woah! What?"
Danny: "Come over to my place at 9. Plan on staying the night. I like to cuddle."
Stiles: "That is so sweet. Are you kidding?"
Danny: "Yes. I'm kidding."
Stiles: "You don't toy with a guys emotions like that, Danny. It's not attractive, alright?"

3) Luther, series 3- Oh it was sooooooooooo good. Creepy, exciting, emotional- just great. And this probably had my favourite series finale of the year, barring Doctor Who of course. Alice Morgan 4eva!
4) Thick of It, series 1 and 2- Really funny though I wish I cared about politics more. A lot of the things go over my head.
5) Southcliffe- It wad going really great but I felt that the last episode kind of fizzled out the intrigue and made it too dramatic.

Final tally:
                          Firsts- 123                            Rewatched- 51                        Shorts- 2
                                                                          Total- 176

        So my plans for September are to watch as many movies as I can. And maybe join zumba classes 'cuz I like the word "zumba". Also, Breaking Bad series finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOMG GUYS, I CANNOT WAIT!


  1. Stories We Tell surprised me as well. Such a beautiful documentary. You can check my review here: http://tothemoviesandback.blogspot.ro/2013/08/stories-we-tell-2012.html

    The Conjuring was indeed pretty entertaining for a contemporary horror film.

    Mud is a special film, I liked it too.
    I enjoyed the short season of Luther. I liked the ending, it was action packed. I stopped watching True Blood after season 4. Did I miss much?

    I am ashamed to say that the picture from Borat is from my country. I haven't seen the film yet, just bits of it. Want to say that just some parts of my country look like in the movie. Hope it didn't make us look like fools.

    1. Ooo thanks. I shall check it out asap.

      Yeah you missed much! You missed naked vampire gods and people's penises being torn off and fairy sex!

      I don't think they actually shot in Kazakhstan, if that's where you're from. He does make a lot of fun of the people there, but he is actually making small-minded people from America look like fools.

    2. Didn't he go to Romania too? That's where I'm from, not Kazakhstan. I remember I saw something on TV not long after the film was released. Plus that pic looks a lot like some parts of my country.
      If he didn't get in my country the better. I'm sure he would have made some awkward jokes. Keep up the good work.

    3. Oh yes, I see now that it was shot in a gypsy village in Romania. But again, I think it was more of a farce on America than anything else.

  2. In the Loop was very entertaining. I wanted to fire Simon Foster's aide!

    I enjoyed Now You See Me. I think it was just made to entertain. I found the cast to be random, although I don't know how to explain it.

    I have yet to see Mud and Prince Avalanche!

    1. I totally get what you mean. I think they were there just to have fun.

      See them!

  3. Chennai Express- Bollywood excrement. Rightly said...

    1. I call a spade a spade and all that :)

  4. I had a hard time watching the recent season of True Blood to the point that I became indifferent. Now that the next season will be its last, all I can say is thank God. I don't think I can handle anymore Sookie drama. I just want to see a naked Eric, Pam being funny, Jason being awesome, and hopefully a nude Sarah Newlin & a nude Jessica. I could care less about Bill and Alcide, especially the latter who is just a bore to watch.

    1. Pretty much agree with all of that. Oh I can't give two shits about Alcide.

  5. Amores Perros is brutal, but I love it. Glad you liked In the Loop. I really need to watch The Thick of It.

    1. It is very good. I'm going to try and watch Babel again.

      Yes you do! And I need to finish the rest of the series.

  6. Congratulations on being done! Cheers!

    I stopped watching Tru Blood after the first season, and I asked my roommate why he watches it still, even though he acknowledges that it's kind of stupid. He said the appeal was (a) tons of male nudity (he's gay) and (b) that it's so batshit insane that it's a lot of fun. But I fear I am too far removed now to ever join in the stupidity...

    1. Cheers!

      Maybe you are. But your roommate is right, which is why I continued. I think if you wanted to, you could watch till season 4. After that, it is the point of no return.

  7. Man, I really need to see Stories we Tell. Glad you liked Luther 3, that ending was so perfect!

    1. Yes you do.

      I was so amazed by HOW good it was.