Friday 30 August 2013

"And like all lovers, I am a poet."

Helloo people! After being buried in my books for about a month, I have resurfaced albeit momentarily, although the days of freedom are not far behind. The only reason I am writing this post is because I cannot stop watching the Kill Your Darlings trailer and I'm wasting time on it anyways so it kind of makes sense.

I am really excited for this movie. Earlier it was mostly because of my undying love for Daniel Radcliffe, then for the cool and talented cast of up-and-coming actors, but after watching the trailer, my interest has properly been piqued because the film looks fun and interesting and dark. I think it is a really good trailer that does not give much away and gives a proper little taste of the kind of film Kill Your Darlings may be. Of course I am a little apprehensive after last year's On the Road (which wasn't bad but just disappointing), but I am going to hope for the best.

Things I loved in the trailer-

DanRad and his curly hair.
I don't think I've ever been more attracted to him which is weird because I've wanted to marry the guy since I was 9. Also, I think he's going to kill it as Ginsberg so yaay!

The rest of the cast.
Doesn't Dane DeHaan look particularly shiny? I love this cast.

Dan and Dane.
I'm like puking rainbows looking at them. So cute.

This shot.
I see a future banner.

And all of these.
I think the settings and costumes look gorgeous.

Watch the trailer here.


  1. Love Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan! Hope the movie is as good as the trailer makes it to be!

  2. Looking up the trailer this second!

  3. love the trailer.. I literaly cannot stop watching over and over again trying to find some hidden clues there. Dan's gonna kill it!

    1. Me too. I think if you sort of know the story, you can figure out small clues. Dan looks awesome :D

  4. This looks terrific! I'd love to see Radcliffe get some awards attention.

    1. Oh god, me too. I'll pretend it's for Harry Potter :P