Friday 27 September 2013

Across the Universe Podcast: Episode 10

Episode 10: I Want Candy

Hi guys! We apologise for being slightly late with our newest episode, but heyyy look! It's our 10th episode!! How quickly does time fly etc.? I'm kidding of course. This little podcast has taken a lot of effort and scheduling and whatnot but my fellow chicks with accents, Mette and Sofia, and all the support from the blogging community have made it an immensely fun and rewarding ride so far.

To celebrate, we discuss the career of one of our most favourite directors, the gorgeous Sofia Coppola. It's a bit long and messy, but it won't be Across the Universe Podcast without it! Enjoy!

00:27- Chick Chatter
02:45- Trailer
03:19- Interesting Movie of the Fortnight
21:37- Coppola Time
1:16:27- Plus and Goodbyes

Bow Wow Wow "I Want Candy"
Azealia Banks feat. Lazy Jay "212"
Cilla Black "Across The Universe"

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  1. I heard your podcast episode yesterday and I thought you ladies did a real good job and thank you for mentioning my blog as well as my recent piece on LiT.

    1. You are very welcome and thanks for listening!