Thursday 10 January 2013

Oscar Nominations are Out!

     Poor Leo. Some day, it will be his time to shine. Not today though, soz.

      So we got nine Best Picture nominees again, though I had a feeling it will be less this time. The big winners of the 85th Academy Award nominations are Beasts of the Southern Wild, Amour and Silver Linings Playbook. Yes, Lincoln and Life of Pi got loads of nominations, but that was expected.

      Emmanuel Riva became the oldest best actress nominee at 85 and my favourite, Quvenzhané Wallis   became the youngest at 9 (what am I doing with my life?). "Skyfall" was nominated for Best Song. The Avengers got one nomination for Best Visual Effects. Hugh Jackman is an Oscar nominee now! Yaay!

        My Expectations vs Reality.

Best Film: 9 out of 9 - Not much from my wishlist, but then again I knew that.

Best Director: 3 out of 5- Who saw Benh Zeitlin being nominated? Who saw Ben Affleck and Kathryn Bigelow not being nominated?! I somehow forgot to mention David O. Russel in my list. Anyways, cool to see Ang Lee and Michael Haneke make it in.

Best Actress: 5 out of 5- Eeep! Oldest and youngest nominees ever, competing against each other.

Best Actor: 5 out of 5- Psyched about the Jackman nomination, even though I haven't watched Les Mis yet.

Best Supporting Actress: 4 out of 5- Jackie Weaver was unexpected. Silver Linings Playbook is the first movie to have nominations in all four acting categories since Reds, and that was 31 years. Woah!

Best Supporting Actor: 5 out of 5- Ugh Arkin. And as much I loved Christoph Waltz in Django Unchained, I was really hoping for Leonardo DiCaprio to be nominated instead :(

Best Original Screenplay: 4 out of 5- I'm sort of proud of this category. Yaay for the Moonrise Kingdom nomination!

Best Adapted Screenplay: 5 out of 5- Perks :( 

       Other stuff-
1) Love the visual and costume nominations for Anna Karenina
2) Love all the nominations for Skyfall.
3) No love for Cloud Atlas or The Dark Knight Rises :(
4) No love for Matthew McConaughey :'(
5) I adore Emma Stone.
6) Seth MacFarlane is an Oscar nominee. He already made a Nazi joke :X
7) Poor Leo.

       Anyways, congrats to all the nominees. I imagine all of them are like this at present-


  1. The "sons of bitches" gif is really making rounds today :P I really hope he wins for Gatsby next year, even if the film sucks. This is madness.

    I also thinks Miramax screwed up - they should have just campaigned Waltz for lead and the votes wouldn't split.

  2. Love the Haneke, Phoenix, Les Mis, and Skyfall nods. Also bummed about TDKR and Cloud Atlas. :(

    Hope DiCaprio gets one some day, but first he has to get nominated again. What's he have to do?!

    1. Yes me too.
      I don't know. Poor bloke.