Monday 3 November 2014

The Month that was- October

       October was vacation month and I mostly just lazed around doing nothing. Good times. I also saw 23 movies. I had intended to watch lots of horror movies but that kind of failed. I also started Twin Peaks but then realized that I need to reduce TV watching until probably after I get accepted somewhere for masters. And I read some books for college for once. Yeah, my life is a real ball of fun at the moment. Anyways, here's everything I saw and read.


1) Haider- I really liked it. It's a bold, ambitious, gorgeous film. There are things in this film I had never expected a Bollywood film to have. And seriously guys, watch it for Tabu's performance!
2) Horns- Utter crap. Even DanRad's complete devotion to his performance could not save it.
3) Gone Girl- I loved it though not as much as the book but OH MY GOD ROSAMUND PIKE IS EVERYTHING!!!
4) The Innocents- What a creeptastic film! Stunning, disturbing and it gets under your skin.
5) Teeth- Went into it thinking I'd hate it but it's kind of one of my favourite first watches of the year. Hilarious, crazy, brave, clever and brilliant! I loved it.
6) White Bird in a Blizzard- It's been a while since I saw a film completely ruined by its ending. I like it more in retrospect but gosh, was that ending trashy or was that ending trashy?! Eva Green is a goddess though and the soundtrack is amazing too.
7) Stranger By the Lake- This was a cool, sexy, creepy film. I really liked it. Also, penises everywhere! 
8) The First Time- Aww this was cute. My sexual orientation continues to be Dylan O'Brien's arms.
9) Listen Up Philip- This film gave me a headache. I thought the performances were excellent but I really found the film tedious, bordering on insufferable. Not my thing.
10) Gloria- Oh this was lovely. Made me really happy.
11) The Boxtrolls- It was very sweet and funny. Laika's efforts are inspiring.
12) Show Me Love- It was a bit like Blue is the Warmest Colour: The Early Years. I thought it was cute.
13) The Babadook- My Halloween night film. I thought it was excellent. I love horror movies that are grounded in something real and one in which we care about the characters. The performances were great too and Babadook's voice is still ringing in my ears. *shudders*


1) The Game- For the Fincher episode. It's a good thriller but I found it kind of pointless and full of #RichPeopleProblems this time.
2) Panic Room- Podcast. I still find the premise terrifying.
3) Zodiac- Podcast. Best. Casting. Ever.
4) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- Podcast. Rewatched it for the first time ever and I still don't understand why Fincher made this. It's so cheesy! At least it looks pretty.
5) The Social Network- Podcast. Still fucking perfect.
6) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- Podcast. Give us the sequels, please!!!!! I love this film.
7) Gone Girl- Yeah I saw it again even though it was censored but OH MY GOD ROSAMUND PIKE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!
8) Withnail and I- I don't think I appreciated it enough the first time I saw it. It's fantastic.
9) Guardians of the Galaxy- My in-flight film. Still my #2 film of the year.
10) We Are the Best!- Still my #1 film of the year. It's so cute :D


1) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain- I feel like I'm about a decade too old to enjoy this. How did Tom not get killed?
2) The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway- Eugh! It was so boring.
3) The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy- It was good albeit a bit too contrived at times.
4) Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell- To balance out all the smart shit I had been reading. It was cute although the novel in this reads like bad fanfiction of Harry Potter and that was really annoying.

Final tally:
                                    Firsts: 173                                                 Rewatched: 56
                                                                    Total- 229

Um, yeah. I guess there is a Doctor Who post coming and *maybe* some reviews. HOW THE FUCK IS IT NOVEMBER ALREADY??!!! 


  1. "Bad fanfiction of HP", I was not expecting that...! I'm gonna read it anyway, this kind of book is always fun. Oh I really want to see Guardians of the Galaxy!

    1. I'm not saying that the whole book is bad- just the book within the book is. You'll see.
      YOU MUST!!

  2. Ahh I hate reading bad things about Horns! I still haven't seen it. lol

    At least I'll be prepared.

    I keep going back and forth about renting White Bird in a Blizzard off of iTunes, but I'm starting to think I should just wait until Netflix.

    1. It's really bad. I was hoping desperately that it will be good but nope :/

      You could do either. It's not a must-see imo unless you are a huge Eva Green fan.

  3. I was going to see Babadook but went with Begin Again for obvious reasons, will try to see the movie soon,it looks so good!

    1. It's really, really, really good! Don't begrudge you for watching Begin Again over it though :P

  4. Overall, you had a great month. I always enjoy reading your thoughts. They're written in a fun way.

    I agree, The Babadook was so good. I was blown away by the lead actress' performance. And the monster was pretty scary. I wasn't left traumatized by it, but I did get creeped out by it.

    And the White Bird in a Blizzard soundtrack is really great. As soon as the film ended I looked after the opening song.

    1. Thank you so much! I try :)

      Yess! I thought both her and the kid were brilliant!

      Hi5! SO good!!

  5. OMG Aye Ajnabi is in your playlist :O :O I was going to re-watch it tonight <3

    Humm I was going to (and am still probably going to) read Fangirl but at least now my expectations are lowered a bit.

    1. SUCH a good song!

      It's cute and silly.

  6. The Babadook and The Innocents - nice horror choices! I hated Listen Up Philip, so you're not alone. :) So glad you liked Withnail & I more on a second watch. That movie is brilliant!

    1. Yes! I saw only like 2 horror films (and Teeth if you count it as horror) and all of them were soooo good!!
      YES someone else who hated Listen Up Philip. I can't understand how people liked it.
      Soooo brilliant!