Wednesday 14 August 2013

Across the Universe Podcast: Episode 7

Episode 7: The Before Trilogy

After having watched Before Midnight, I begged my fellow chicks with accents, Mette and Sofia, to do an episode on it and the first two "Before" movies, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, as soon as possible. And voila! They have it and all of us have a lot to say. Listen to our nearly unedited conversation about Celine and Jesse and the time we spent with them.

Also, *in a River Song voice* "SPOILERS!"

00:35- Chick Chatter
02:46- Trailer
03:09- Interesting Movie of the Fortnight
18:46- The chicks discuss the Before Trilogy
1:06:25- Plugs and Goodbyes

Nina Simone "Just In Time"
Julie Delpy "A Waltz For A Night"
Cilla Black "Across the Universe"

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  1. Great segment. I was curious what you had to say about Before Midnight, given your post a few weeks ago. Made for a fun listen. Glad you gals have stuck with this podcast!