Monday 5 August 2013

New Doctor Time

If the various incarnations of the Doctor were like lovers from one's past, Matt Smith's Eleven will always be my one and only. Having said that, I'm totally on board with his successor because HELLO! sexy older man time. So with that super weird intro, here's the brand spankin' new Doctor-

Now, as my gloating best friend is happily reminding me, I am not very familiar with his work. I've only seen him in Skins, "Fires of Pompeii" and gifs of The Thick of It. But having said that, I am very happy with this choice because I really wanted someone older playing the Doctor. Also the fact that I am quite sure the Twelfth Doctor will be very different from my darling Eleven, which is good thing in this case because I will compare less.

And he's pretty awesome already.

So yaay! New Doctor!! And I love that he's a fan.


  1. Capaldi is GOD. Seriously. I don't wathc the show, but man what an awesome news for you guys, check out The Thick of It - one of the greatest TV performances right there.

    1. Absolutely agree. Super duper excited!

  2. I'm still watching the David Tennant years (curse my real life) but I'm really excited for Peter. :D

  3. I'm very very pleased they went with someone older than Matt Smith - I'm hoping for perhaps a return to the Christopher Eccleston era of Who :) Can't wait to see what Capaldi does with the role, I think he'll be fantastic!

  4. I've only seen a couple of episodes of The Thick of It, but he sounds hilarious and very talented. He *is* rather attractive... in an old way, but nice.