Saturday 28 July 2012


Thoughts for this week-

1) Someone please, please take me to Canada, so that I can attend the Toronto International Film Festival! The whole list of screenings can be found at The Matinee. There are soooo many films I want to see from there- the epic Cloud Atlas (trailer below), Ben Affleck's third feature Argo, my Ryan Gosling-starrer The Place Beyond Pines, Mike Newell's Great Expectations, JGL being Bruce Willis movie Looper, David O. Russel's next, The Silver Linings Playbook, Joe Wright's and Keira Knightley's Anna Karenina, Kristen Wiig's Imogene, teen drama The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing, Dustin Hoffman's directorial debut Quartet, Terrence Malick's next, To the Wonder and the one I am most curious about, Deepa Mehta's adaptation of Salman Rushdie's Booker prize-winning book Midnight's Children. I didn't even know it was happening, which is shameful seeing how much I loved the book when I read it. I just want to watch so many movies :'( There will be a Kolkata Film Festival later on this year; hopefully it will screen some of these films.

2) I had intended on making August a sort of celebratory month on this blog because that's when my birthday is (less than a month away :S). There were a few things I had thought of and even asked people's opinions about them. But, as it turns out now, I am going to be extremely busy for most of the month. Why that is is something I will post about eventually. Just that it is a pretty big deal and I will be occupied with it. Also I have college where I need to read 500 books everyday and films to watch. Blogging happens to be much lower on the priority ladder it seems, and I really don't know how much I will be able to do of it. It's not a hiatus, it is just a let's-see-where-this-goes-tus. Please do bear with me.

3) So there is talk going around about a Catwoman spin-off movie with Anne Hathaway, though she doesn't want to do one without Christopher Nolan. That is damn near impossible I would say, but I really really want to see Hathaway play Selina Kyle again. Apparently they tried to make a Michelle Pfeiffer-Catwoman movie but she too only wanted to work with Tim Burton, and this is back when spin-offs and sequels and remakes and reboots and whatnot were not the norm. Imagine how brilliant that would've been! Please let this Catwoman film happen, and then we can all happily erase the memory of the other Catwoman film (so, so awful).

4) Hey Kristen Stewart- LOL! Also I just tried to put M.C. Hammer's classic "U Can't Touch This" on the playlist at the bottom but failed. <--- Only two of these statements are true.

5) Trailers- This promo of Somebody Up There Likes Me is pure gold. It stars Parks and Recreations's god Nick Offerman, his wife Megan Mullally and Community's Alison Brie. What I would give to smoke bongs with them... Ang Lee's next Life of Pi has a gorgeous trailer out. I have not read the book, but gosh I love the tiger. Finally, the Wachowski brothers and Tom Tykwer's adaptation of Cloud Atlas has an epic 5 minute trailer out. I really like the cast and how majestic it looks. V. excited.

6) Finally, the London Olympics are literally just about to start. This seems apt, sorta-
How long has Professor X been running?

Good bye! Have fun :D


  1. FIVE minutes? talk about spoilers! I hope it means Hugh Grant is back, I've missed him on the big screen.

    I thought Somebody Up There Likes Me was a remake. Then Ron Swanson was all over my screen and... clearly, it's not.

    Busy is good, enjoy!

    1. Well it's a 3 hour movie, and the trailer is most surprisingly trailer free. I have missed Grant too!

      SO DID I!

      Thanks :)

  2. I'd love to see Catwoman centric movie but I don't think it's going to happen. I would like to see Nolan play around in Gotham a bit more, though.

    1. Never doubt the studios ;-)
      Yeah I would like to see more of Nolan's Gotham too.

  3. All those festivals make me depressed. But I'm happy for those who attend them. Ryan did a nice coverage last year.

    Catwoman spinoff. It'd be awesome with Anne, but it woudn't be that much without Nolan. We'd just get another action flick. However, it's true I don't see Nolan coming back to Batman universe. I still think that the spinoff with Hathaway is likely to happen though.

    The Life of Pi trailer is fantastic. The tiger is, too.

    1. Me too :'( Yes he did.

      Even I think that a Hathaway-Catwoman film will happen, w/o Nolan but hopefully with his vision.

  4. I'd love to go to TIFF too. :( A Catwoman spin-off could be awesome with the right director, but I don't see Nolan doing it.

    1. Hi5!
      Me neither. There ought to be some good directors out there, yes?