Friday 6 July 2012


Hellooo all my lovely blogger pals! How have you been? If anyone is interested, my "turning 20 denial" phase has reached new heights of paranoia and fear. Anyhoo, these are my thoughts for this week-

1) Most annoying casting revelation of the week- Freida Pinto is in one of the many new Terrence Malick films, Knight of Cups. UGH I HATE HER! I have never understood the world's obsession with her after Slumdog Millionaire. She was in that film for five minutes. And now she's in a friggin' Malick film, along withn Christian Fuckin' Bale and Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett! She's not even a good actress. Ugh ugh ugh.

2) Speaking of Slumdog Millionaire, Dev Patel is one of the stars of HBO's The Newsroom. I really like it, but that's mostly because I love the Aaron Sorkin dialogue. Yes, I know it can be contrived and too idealistic and all that, but it's fun. I lurve Allison Pill and Emily Mortimer in it. I am hooked! Also I finished all of HBO's Girls yesterday. I love Lena Dunham. I am adding her to my list of fake-bffs. I really enjoyed the show, apart from the first episode. But then it sort of didn't go very well with my current phase. Still, can't wait for the second season!

3) Okay I was thinking this after watching the first episode of The Newsroom, which was directed by Greg Mottola, who isn't the first name I associate with an Aaron Sorkin script, but then neither was David Fincher- Has there ever been a show in which different prominent filmmakers direct one episode each, bringing in all their characteristic styles to it? Like the same story but each episode is like the tag-story games we played as children where each director does his/her own thing in his/her episode. No, right? I wish they would. It would be brilliant, although I don't think normal, non-cinephile people will be too jazzed about it.

4) Lesya at Eternity of Dream has brought together for us- Paris in Genres. Do go read it!

5) So people are starting to put up their Oscar Prediction Charts already. I have watched like ten movies of this year, so that is a long way off for now. But I was looking at the Best Costumes category for many of them, and everyone keeps putting Colleen Atwood for Snow White and the Huntsman, and though that is nice, I must reiterate my love for the late Eiko Ishioka's costumes in Mirror Mirror. Honestly, they are exactly like what I would imagine Capitol citizens wearing.

6) A couple of weeks back, I rewatched Before Sunrise. I did write this random post on it, overcome with my love for the mysterious poet. Anyways, the third part to this movie is being written, which will be set nine years after the events shown in the flawless and excellent Before Sunset. That is a gap of about eighteen years since Jesse's and Celine's first meeting. Now at the beginning of Before Sunrise, when Jesse asks Celine to get off the train at Vienna with him, he tells her to imagine herself in about ten-twenty years and how she will be married with kids and all, and she will be a bit dissatisfied with her life about then and try to think back at all the guys she could have been with and by taking this little trip with him, she will be assured that all the guys, including him, would have turned out boring, and so she will be happy in her life. This third film will be set around this time. Like when this part came, I nearly died out of excitement- can you imagine if they had planned this all along? Or if probably not, this has the potential of being one of the greatest throwaways in cinematic history!! I mean I can't imagine the third part outdoing Before Sunset, but if it as good as Before Sunrise at least, this will very well be one of the best trilogies ever. Not about gangsters or superheroes or Jedi knights or hobbits or talking toys (not that those aren't great), but just about a man and a woman and their bond. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it! Come fast, o third part (I cannot, for the life of me, fathom what it can be called! Sunrise, sunset, and then??).

7) Trailers- David O. Russel's Silver Linings Playbook which has Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. It looks interesting, and I love Lawrence and am excited to see her do something outside of survivor-land. The new Jesse Eisenberg-Melissa Leo-Tracy Morgan movie Why Stop Now has a very random trailer out. I have no idea what is going on, but I like the people involved, and so I will watch it. Then there is Jack Reacher, which stars the now 50 and Holmes-less (one gibe is allowed, alright!) Tom Cruise. I like it when he does an action film, and yeah... Frankenweenie looks great actually. I hate that they say "the director of Alice in Wonderland" because Tim Burton has made so many better films, but still- actually excited for this one. Looper has a second trailer out too. Man, Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks too weird. Other than that, this looks like an good flick with a very cool concept. Lastly, Django Unchained's TV spot which has Samuel L. Jackson, and Leo Di Caprio screaming in a super-scary super-awesome way *applause*.

8) Finally, I have been obsessing over this the entire week. I present to you, James McAvoy's blueeeee gems-
What are his eyes? 

Good baa.


  1. 1. I didn't know that you disliked Pinto. Not that I like her (I think she's okay), but I don't get the obsession with her either. I think the main reason is that she's pretty. But I haven't seen anything outstanding in her acting. Yet again, in my view she's okay :)

    4. Aww, thanks for the plug!

    5. I guess the nominations that I can predict now are visuals and maybe art direction and costumes because I saw only a few films of this year, too.

    6. I'm also very excited about the third part! But I sincerely hoped that the two were together after Before Sunset.

    8. Magnificent!..

    1. 1. I do. She is pretty, but not *that* pretty. I don't get it.
      4. No problemo :)
      5. Yep. God can't wait for the second-half and all the awesomeness.
      6. I did too. It will be interesting to see what happened.
      8. I knowww!

  2. Why are you scared of 20? why paranoia? 20 is a nice age
    I also love the Aaron Sorkin dialogue, it's so snappy and witty
    I would happily buy the Before Sunrise trilogy DVDs, I can't wait to see part 3!
    What are his eyes? good question, they are dreamy

    1. 'Cuz I don't wanna grow up :P Nevermind me, I am a crazy person.
      I know right. God I wish I could speak and write like that.
      I would too! I am actually looking forward t part 3 now.
      I would die looking at his eyes. *Sigh*

  3. Aww 20 is a pretty cool age, and 21 is epic. Don’t be scared, jump right in!

    So glad you liked Girls, that show rocks. Newsroom is groovy too, but I’m hoping it calms down just a tad. A little too clean right now, if that makes sense.

    And yeah, those are some baby blues right there. I mean, damn.

    1. I guess. I'm just holding on desperately to my childhood, like a weirdo.

      It does rock! It does make sense. I am excited to see what will happen next.


  4. Well, obviously James and Elijah Woods are both people from Dune, and they've drunk the water of life. Their names are weirding words...

    I can't be more excited about Looper. I love this team, and I love even more that they have the Primer creator behind it.

    PS, to take from another entry, Garfield's hair in Spiderman is awful because it's not right for uber-nerd Peter Parker; maybe by the 3rd or 4th movie, tho... =p

    1. Okay Elijah Wood is just creepy. Will he ever age?

      I am pretty excited about Looper, and it does have a great team, even though JGL looks insane.

      He was so not uber-nerd Parker. That was one of my biggest reservations about the movie- no one that good-looking can be an unpopular geek. I still love the hair though :P

  5. I did read some news this week that Delpy said the sequel is not going to happen :/ I'm very confused as I thought it was announced.

    As for the series with different directors - "Masters of Horror" did that and each episode had unique style, but it's quite heavy series and mostly for horror buffs.

    I can't stand Freida Peinto or whatever too. She is so horribly bland.

    1. Nooooo! Why? Crap!!

      Ooh cool. I'm not much of a horror buff, but maybe I will check it at some point.

      She totally is.