Friday 13 July 2012


1) Yes so, as expected, I am incapable of coming up with something special for next month. For your information, next month, August 2012, is the month when my teens end FOREVER! Technically that is. I have decided to be a teenager till I'm 25. But still, for all legal reasons, this is the end people. And I wanted to celebrate/ mourn/ whatever about it on this blog. But my brains fail me, yet again. Dare I ask it... Er, help?

2) The Hunger Games news- Philip Seymour Hoffman will be starring as Plutarch Heavensbee in Catching Fire, so nicely done casting people. But then, they have decided to divide the last book, Mockingjay, into two movies. Ugh Hollywood, why? This is the latest in the line of desperate attempts by Hollywood to eke out every last penny from the viewers. I am sorry but when Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows was split into two films, it was for story purposes more than anything. But unfortunately, it has given birth to this ugly new trend. Gah.

3) Important links- Lesya from Eternity of Dream has two blogathons coming up: New York in Genres on August 2nd and Speechless Blogathon on August 16-18. Then there is Alex Withrow's short film Earrings, whose trailer is out and the full short can be seen on July 28th.

4) The whole blogosphere is abuzz with the the news of Michael Fassbender starring in and co-producing the Assassin's Creed movie adaptation. I am like the least video game-y person in the world, but even I know this game. I think he will be brilliant for such a role, and he can bring his Fassy spin onto it and make it a very memorable character. I am still waiting for him to become the next James Bond though.

5) Speaking of, Ben Whishaw will be playing a very very very young Q in Skyfall. I love the way he looks. Makes me think of a very meme-esque tagline, that is "Nerding- he's doing it correctly". I think in taglines by the way. All the people calling him Peter Park-y, stop.

6) Hey, is it me or is The Amazing Spider-Man as divisive as The Tree of Life last year? Maybe I think so because this time I am on the side of the haters. Still, I almost nearly forgive this film for bringing the perfection that is Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield together. Just look at this video! I want to marry both of them as a couple.

7) Trailers- The Comic Con teaser to Oz, the Great and Powerful just released. I think it looks awesome, albeit a little too reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Also I like James Franco, so I am fine with him, but I am most excited to see what Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis bring to the Technicolor table. The other trailers are all Bollywood for a change- the first is of Anurag Basu's Barfi!, which has been inspired by Amélie. It does look and sound brilliant, save that fart joke at the end (why?) and I actually quite like Ranbir Kapoor as an actor. Oh see this excellent teaser of English Vinglish, which shows Sri Devi trying to read the film certificate in English, since the film revolves around her learning the language. I love clever trailers, and this is definitely one of them. The last trailer is of Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Pari, which starts at the 0:55 part, and everything before that is the super-long and showy Sanjay Leela Bhansali films logo. Okay it looks dumb, I agree. But this film has Boman Irani, who I adore, and is quite progressive in the sense that it isn't about forty year-old macho men falling in love with twenty year-old slutty girls in expensive foreign locations, which is the norm now.

8) Finally, I think my favourite meme of all time is the Leo Strut one. This is Leo Strut: The History Edition-

One does not simply walk into history...



  1. Oh Leo. You should get an Oscar for your strut.

    And re: Mockingjay - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    1. He really should. It's all-surpassing. Absolute best ever!


  2. 1) I really don't know how to help. Except for: don't mourn please! :)

    2) Yeah, splitting a book into two halves is one of the ugliest trends now. It's even worse than 3D!

    3) I can't thank you enough.

    4) Some people said he's gonna ruin his career. I don't know. Rather an unfounded statement. I thinm it's possible to make even a good transformers movie with right people, so... And I didnt know that game, so I win as the least video game-y person :D

    7) Oz! I've just tweeted that I don't care that it looks like Alice. I love Franco. I love Williams. I begin to like Kunis. And I love quality-looking fantasy (meaning fantasy that almost doesn't exist).

    Leo meme is hilarious.

    1. 1) Aww it's okay. I won't, hopefully.
      2) It is worse than 3D!
      3) You are welcome :)
      4) Haha yes you are. I think he'll do alright. Too much talent to get wasted.
      7) I see what you mean. I quite like it too. Love the change from black and white to colour!

      Leo meme is awesomee.

  3. I love Fass, but I gotta say... never imagined him as Desmond (the assassin, I actually played that game for some time!). But he always manages to surprise us, so I guess it will be fine. Same goes for Franco in Oz, it's really awkward to seem him in that role - but it's good that he's expanding (even more). It does look so much like Alice (also reminds me of Parnassus), and I'm not a fan of that style... but okay, whatever, I hope it's awesome.

    I'm sorry you didn't like The Amazing Spider-Man! But you're right, it seems most people either hate it or love it. Oh and Leo, I love that meme, it's amazing how well he fits there haha (took me a couple of secs to realize he was in the first pic!).

    Anyway, congrats on leaving your teenage years behind next month, perhaps do a post about the best films where the main character reaches adulthood, or your favorite teen movies, or some thing like that - I don't know, I'm not good at these things! Whatever you come up with I'm sure it will be good.

    1. I think Assassin's Creed movie will be fine too. And I have hopes for Oz as well.

      Yeah people do love or hate Spidey. Hahaha, Leo totes fades in with Hitler.

      Thanks for the suggestions. I shall see what I can do. Thanks :)

  4. 1. End of teens- tragedy, indeed! I wish I was a teen now
    2. Yey for PSH, Noo for 2 films/mockinjay
    5. Love me some Ben Whishaw, he is adorable
    7. Oz-intriguing, although I am not convinced with Franco. it sure does look pretty
    8.Leo strut- hilarious! thank you!

    1. 1. Yes! I know right :(
      2. Yayy and nayy.
      4. He is adorable.
      7. I like Franco. Yes v.pretty.
      8. You are welcome :P

    2. Thank you both so much! You are too too kind.

    3. No problemo, Alex. We're very excited :D

  5. That Leo thing is hilarious! I'm not that fond of Oz trailer, looks too cartoonish for me. But I do love Whishaw as Q, he looks cool and I bet he'll be fun to watch.

    1. Leo's too brilliant.
      Hopefully the film will focus more on the characters. It is a bit cartoonish.
      I bet he'll be fun to watch too.